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How am I just now finding this
I found my people and it’s amazing!! Very cool podcast.
Super insightful!
Been listening for a few months now and really appreciate Jonathan's knowledge of Grateful Dead history and music in general. Keep it coming Jonathan! We're trying to spread the word down here in New Zealand!
Love this podcast
I love hearing the samplers of short stretches of different tours. Great song picks. Great mellow radio voice.
dave ncc1701 42
Show notes
Would love tighter show notes but it’s still a brilliant show from an immensely knowledgeable Head. He blends shows seamlessly and I’m utterly grateful. Love the themed shows and it’s a gorgeous course in Dead live history. Excellent work.
nelly pea
This podcast is like Christmas morning
The sound quality is stellar. I can hear the notes dancing in the cosmic space. Just pick a show put the AirPods in and enjoy. Thank you for spreading the love
Thank you
Been listening for a few months and each episode crushes. If I’m cooking up some grub for the tribe, on a walkabout, or needing some reset, this is my soundtrack. Perfect balance of killer jams and history. Feel like I’ll get my Dead PhD after all. Grateful.
Space Heron
Old Times
Listening while high on weed. Just like the 60’s & early 70’s
dr bob smith
Happy Place
This is an awesome podcast for the Dead aficionado and Dead newbie alike. Deep digs, hilarious anecdotes, and always good tunes. Enjoy!
Love is real (not fade away)
The Dead has such an amazing body of work it’s hard to digest it all. Letting a podcast like this one do the hard work in such an entertaining way makes the journey very enjoyable. #deadfreaksunite
In regards to episode 40
That first China/rider is so fun !! Thank you
Carrion Crow
Dead fans rejoice!
A great podcast for serous deadheads and casual listeners alike. Jonathan will turn you into a dead freak if you aren’t already. He knows the dead better than most and has a way of finding gems to bring every show. Additionally, you’ll learn about great, modern artists who were/are inspired by the dead. The show is incredibly well produced. Thanks Jonathan!
Hey, Deadhead...listen to this podcast.
If you love/like the Grateful Dead, and you’re not listening to this podcast, then you are doing yourself an immense disservice and need to remedy the situation right quick.
Better late than never...
Late getting on the bus with lots of catching up to do. This podcast is an excellent resource for aspiring riders
Dead to the core
Love this podcast so much I stuck a sticker on my car. What more can one say?
B-Rad in Iowa
Eyes into the World of the Dead!
What a great way to experience the world of the Dead! Jonathan’s NPR-esque tone gives the show a chill vibe that continues with the sweet sweet jams that he drops on the latter half of the eps! Excellent interviews and insight on the band and the culture surrounding it! Thanks and keep on truckin’! Be well J!
Great podcast!!
I am really digging this podcast. The curation of the music is just fantastic, Great stories and interviews!!! Keep it up!!
Favorite Dead podcast
This here Deadhead loves what you're doing. The news part and the interviews are great, including the interviews with historical Dead figures and modern psych artists. And the jams deliver. Favorite Dead podcast. Kudos, and thanks!
Best guests
Some of the most relevant guests in regards to the continuation of the spirit of the Dead. Fantastic interviews. The host listens to his guests and has meaningful conversation rather than talking over them. Easy to listen to voice as well.
Agave Party
A Great Dead Resource
I just listened to show #24 & really enjoyed it. There is always an interview or insight that add to the Dead experience. Great show!
Bruno Bleux
Lovin' these guys!
Great insights
leo is tired
Dope Jamz - great insight
So far so good. Dipped my toe in with the Jesse Jarnow and Jeff Conklin episodes. Great for the commute and walking the dog. Love the tidbits of trivia, shared experiences, and choice jams.
A Happy Place
This podcast takes me back... to a fantastic time of my life that I am now able to access WHENEVER THE HECK I WANT! Isn't that awesome?! AND Amazing! It's like... the podcast is its own PSA. Because the public needs this service! And that is sort of an announcement. Anyway... this podcast is glorious and if you haven't already listened: drop everything now to do so!
Daddy Unscripted Podcast
Awesome GD Pod
This is a fantastic GD pod that’s helped me uncover countless shows to go back and listen to. Jonathan is an excellent host that always steers us in the right direction.
Fantastic Dead podcast
A thought provoking podcast for every Grateful Dead fan out there. Keep it up!
Shawn B
I really enjoy the discussions between the host and guest. He breaks down the intricacies between different eras of the Dead, and highlights the subtle changes in the manner in which they played songs from just days before. I’ve listened to 4 episodes, and the host has chosen great versions of songs, most I hadn’t heard, but all were tremendous. Really happy to find this podcast. Great for those newly introduced to the Dead, and for old heads looking for a unique take.
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Fantastic overview and deep dive
Jonathan does a fantastic job of both providing an overview of different eras of the Dead and going deep on a theme or era. The two-part show with Jesse Jarnow was an interesting and illuminating deep dive on 1967. Installments like the americana and Jerry's Garcia's birthday show provide a good overview of songs and eras. Well-done all around.
Thank you for a real good time...
This show has some real “choice” cuts! Hearing these recordings, that may have gone unheard by the larger portion of Dead fans, is amazing. The shows he picks crackle with energy and are certainly alive. His encylopedic knowledge of the band is really cool to hear! Way to go bro!!!
The music never stops...
Really enjoying these! Your appreciation and knowledge is superb. Of course you’re working with the best material, but love the way you put it together. Thanks for what you do!
Love love
Relatively new to the Dead, appreciate Jonathan sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with us. I've been immersed in 1977 recordings for a couple of years - Episode 7 of this podcast has moved me to 1972, a phenomenal selection & some great banter between sets.
Good stuff!
One of my favorite aspects of the Grateful Dead is the fact that no how many years you dig through their catalog, their is ALWAYS something killer out there that you've never heard before. This podcast is a great example of that. Great selections, a lot that are under the radar. Thanks!
Juicy Cuts and Sexy Chatter
Becoming a big fan of this podcast quickly. Not only does it offer choice selections of classic Grateful Dead shows across all eras, the host Johnathan does an excellent job painting a broader picture of the Dead's career, with the context to help one understand where the Dead was during each show, down to granular details about their tours, their players, and their style over the years. Highly recommended for amateurs who want to learn and explore the grateful dead as well as more experienced listeneres who want an idiosyncratic take on the best rock and roll band ever. Except for Phish.
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Zachary Adam Cohen
Makes me smile smile smile
Love the musical choices and historical dead data and stories. Banter is great too
Great Dead Info
For people like myself who really like the Dead, but don't know the layers of the Dead, this podcast is a great way to focus on specific styles, themes, and eras of the bands history. Jonathan really does a fantastic job balancing the amount of knowledge he has of the dead, with the music you came for. Fantastic podcast!
Fantastic Grateful Dead podcast
An excellent listen for veteran deadheads and neophytes alike. Jonathan knows the Dead front and back, and his podcast is very well produced and quite entertaining.
Two smoking selections.
Glad to have you do so much for the love of sharing. Thank you.
Thanks Jonathan!
I love listening to the Helping Friendly Podcast and am so happy that Jonathan branched out into the Dead. Great listening for Deadheads, Phans, and people from all walks of life. Hop on the bus friends
More of this
My man knows his music and his GD! Thanks for doing this for us to enjoy, J!
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