Bringin' it Backwards
Bringin' it Backwards
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Interview with Matt Urmy
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Urmy over Zoom video!  The East Nashville-based singer/songwriter Matt Urmy muses on the duality of the human experience today with the release of his new concept album ‘South of the Sky.’ Inspired by Willie Nelson’s two-sided narrative album ‘Phases and Stages,’ Urmy’s ‘South of the Sky’ attempts to explore and celebrate the multi-dimensionality of human life.  Early praise for ‘South of the Sky’ has come from American Songwriter who said the music “boldly dives headfirst into the multi-dimensionality of human nature” and NPR Music, who featured early album singles “Raging Hearts” and "Blind" in their New Music Friday playlists.  Each song on the album has a mirror image of itself on the opposite side. While Side A single “Helpless Fool,” is a moment of self-introspection, “Family,” on the other end, examines outward interactions and how one's actions and relationships with others can help inspire and ignite change. Also an accomplished entrepreneur, father and author, Urmy was recently featured on The First Act podcast where he spoke about his company Artist Growth, a cloud-based software which helps streamline workflow for music industry professionals. In the episode, Urmy dove into his expertise and perspective on how indie artists can use social media to connect with and grow their audience. Urmy also recently released his first-ever children’s book, Go Ask The Moon, which follows its non-binary protagonist Hoo, as they attempt to discover what makes them unique. As Hoo attempts to find the peace of a good night’s sleep, as well as passion, they come across various creatures of the night who help guide them. The book follows Urmy’s two previous collections of poems, Ghosts In A House (2007) and The Rain In The Bell (2015).    More about Matt Urmy Born in New York City and raised in Nashville, TN, Matt Urmy is a singer/songwriter, poet and entrepreneur. He founded Artist Growth, a cloud-based artist management & record label collaboration platform, which services both Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group as well as artist managers at companies like Red Light Management, Vector Management, C3, Maverick, ROAR and many others. Urmy lives and works in Nashville with his partner Jaime - a pastry chef at popular East Nashville restaurant Lockeland Table - and their two boys, Ezra and Ocean. Matt’s debut album, 2017’s Out Of The Ashes, was a Rolling Stone favorite and compelled them to call Urmy, who dueted with the late John Prine on the album, an Artist To Watch.  We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 23
1 hr 10 min
Interview with NIVO
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing NIVO over Zoom audio!  Most recent album—a collaboration project with EMPIRE artist SOBHHIÏ #1 hip-hop/rnb in Dubai—has charted on Apple Music R&B in almost 10 countries including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and El Salvador. The most successful single from the album, “worldwide,” has broken records on Middle East premier streaming service, Anghami (reaching the #1 spot on the app). Upcoming single “Runnin It Up” is in collaboration with EMPIRE artist and fellow bay area artists Rexx Life Raj. With highly anticipated albums in both the Middle Eastern hip hop scene and US hip hop scene, things are heating up for NIVO in 2021. We want to hear from you! Please email
Jan 22
23 min
Interview with Jimi Somewhere
Together with American Songwriter and Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jimi Somewhere over Zoom video!  Jimi Somewhere shares his new single “Wedding” off his forthcoming debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay, out February 5th, 2021 via Next Wave/Ultra Records. "Wedding" begins with reflection on the present and ends with focus on the future. Sonically, it’s a warm jaunt driven by acoustic sounds, subtle echoes of church bells, and Jimi's usage of an accordion. Produced by Jimi's longtime collaborator Milo Orchis, “Wedding” is a deeply nuanced effort where yearning timbres and revelatory lyrics come together to create something undeniably singular.   Jimi Somewhere says this of his new single:  “‘Wedding’ is probably the most personal song I’ve made. I started writing it right after my second sister got married in 2017. When a big milestone like that happens in your family it makes you reflect and you start thinking ‘what am i doing with my life?’ So it’s me addressing all these decisions I’ve made with my career, my family & my future.”   “Wedding” follows Jimi Somewhere’s previous single “In My Car” released earlier this fall. Like its title and along with automobile sound effects, the track captures a feeling of driving to an unknown destination wrapped up in meditative solitude. While Jimi Somewhere is best known for sad songs with guitars, “In My Car” is more groove based but still carries the emotional weight of his previous coming-of-age endeavors.   Towards the end of summer, Jimi released his single “Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill)." With “Jesus,” Jimi drew inspiration from the grandiose and ‘larger than life’ songs from Christian summer camps. Here he paints a delicate portrait of a life tangled up with frustration and confusion. The track is elevated by Jimi’s reflective songwriting, vision in understanding pop’s power to invigorate weary minds, and Kacy Hill’s angelic vocals.   Jimi shared “Bottle Rocket,” the first single off his forthcoming LP, back in July. “Bottle Rocket” overflows with excitement from its immense choruses and an electrifying sonic pattern. In 2019, Jimi released his sophomore EP Ponyboy—a collection of songs that presented a sonic escapism of interminable emotions and coming-of-age tales while serving as his momentous introduction.   You can pre-save Jimi Somewhere's debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay here.   More info: Jimi Somewhere is the brainchild of Benjamin Schandy, a 22-year-old artist hailing from Hokksund, a picturesque town in Norway. Jimi Somewhere’s music is influenced by the imaginative work of renowned filmmaker Spike Jonze and the eminent artistry of Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Abstract, and Frank Ocean. Jimi ties his contemplative lyrics with frenzy electro-pop, ornate hip-hop beats, trippy pop, and multi-layered vocals to produce his very own signature resonance. Jimi Somewhere has over 15M+ cumulative Spotify streams spanning ~200K monthly listeners. He's been featured on Spotify's New Music Friday, Lorem, Oyster, and Fresh Finds playlists.   We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 22
26 min
Interview with The Juliana Theory
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Detar of The Juliana Theory over Zoom audio!  The Juliana Theory have returned with new song and video “Can’t Go Home” – their first new music in over 15 years. “I think people are feeling uncertain right now,” said songwriter and vocalist Brett Detar. “I’d say that it’s pretty impossible not to feel that way. As humans I imagine we’ve always innately known that there’s no way to turn back the hands of time to simpler days but 2020 has fed us all an uncomfortably large dose of unfamiliarity – ‘wayward stranger days.’ Is this uncertainty a new normal? I’m not sure but I’ve always used music as a coping mechanism and I think this year I’ve needed it more than at any other point in my life. Many of us are feeling isolated and removed. Joyous collective experiences like live music shows are gone for the foreseeable future along with many of the other communal ways we come together as humans. Longing for that cathartic sense of collective unity one only gets from a gathering of people, we tried our best to capture the sound and feeling of a large group of people singing a simple melody together in unison in the chorus.” “Making new Juliana Theory music was not really something I thought would ever happen again. If you had asked me 5 or 6 years ago if the band would ever make new music I would have emphatically said ‘no,’” Detar continues. “But in 2019 lead guitarist and founding member Josh Fiedler and I were asked out of the blue to do a 30-show acoustic tour playing our old songs in a way we never had before.” Thanks to good timing in between films (Detar is now an accomplished composer for film including The Devil Inside and Brahms: The Boy II), the duo, who met in a high school guitar class, decided to give the acoustic tour a shot even though their closeness had waned over the band’s hiatus. “Much to my delight the tour ended up being one of the most enjoyable things either of us had done in years. We truly had a great time hanging out and performing together and got along perfectly. If anything, I’d say the time we shared gave us each a new-found respect for one another both as musicians and more importantly as humans. Continuing to make music together after the tour ended just felt right – almost like coming home in a way.” The Juliana Theory rose through Western Pennsylvania’s post-hardcore scene of the late 90s and early 00s and went on to become one of the most highly cited influences for the next generation of alternative artists. Always willing to push the boundaries, the band unabashedly mixed their punk rock and pop influences into a sound well ahead of their time. “It’s truly an honor to be a part of the team as The Juliana Theory write their next chapter,” Equal Vision’s Dan Sandshaw said. “‘Can’t Go Home’ feels modern, yet somehow familiar. This is such an important song for the soundtrack of 2020.” “Can’t Go Home” is written by Brett Detar and long-time collaborator Benjamin Romans (LP, Carly Rae Jepsen) and co-produced by Courtney Ballard (Jessie J), Benjamin Romans, and Brett Detar and marks a new era for the band. “The Juliana Theory never did shy away from changing our sonic identity from release to release but the emotional core of our songs has always remained the same. At no point have we ever wanted to repeat ourselves and retread the same worn out territory and try and fail at recreating a past era of the band,” said Detar. “I like to think this is exactly what The Juliana Theory in 2020 should sound like.” We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 21
1 hr 19 min
Interview with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Bernard Fitzgerald over Zoom video!  Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collected an audience of fans across North America drawn to simple honest words and a genuine smile. Having released 4 full-length albums to date, Fitzgerald has spent his career since 2006 creating music, touring, developing as a songwriter, and connecting with audiences. Fitzgerald’s unique and innovative ideas coupled with his inherent warmth allow him to engage with people in a way that always leaves them meaningfully connected.  After over a decade of working with labels, creating songs with top-tier L.A. songwriters and producers including Jon Levine (Drake, Dua Lipa), Brian West (Maroon 5, K’naan), and Dennis Herring (Ra Ra Riot, Modest Mouse) on About You, and spending some time in the charts with “I Wanna Make it With You” (2016) and “One Love” (2016), Fitzgerald has finally found himself and a calm, rooted, unfeigned sound at home. A career of touring across Canada and around the world sharing the stage with artists like Bryan Adams, Ben Harper, Dan Mangan, Sam Roberts, Joel Plaskett, and Kings of Leon has brought Michael back to his hometown, Calgary Alberta, to create his newest record Love Valley.  If it was in a small club or larger theatre like the Vogue in Vancouver, the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, or on the big stages at a festivals like Calgary Folk Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Firefly Festival or Mountain Jam (to name a few) the spirit of honest connection with people has always existed in Fitzgerald’s performances. Today, he knows the value of time spent living in the moment and continues to go forward fostering the experience of connecting one song, one room, one fan at a time.  We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB
Jan 20
44 min
Interview with Mike Edel
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Edel over Zoom video!  ‘I needed to change things up. En Masse, my next album is changing things up. En Masse is an item quest; an album about discovery through the process of collaboration. The writing, recording and production were guided by the collective instincts, intuition and melody of a cast of collaborators. With this project I wanted to bring in outside ideas and methods to help me formulate a new energy and because of this, En Masse has expanded my artistic capacities.’ – Mike Edel En Masse, Mike Edel’s 4th full-length due out Nov 20th via PENNANT, saw production and mixing contributions from Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire) Andy Park (The Head and the Heart, Noah Gundersen) among others. The album features all co-written songs by Edel and including the up-tempo singles/videos for ‘Hello Universe’ and ‘Good About Everything.’ After THRESHOLDS, the Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) produced 2019 record, 4 million cumulative streams across major platforms, landing songs on ABC’s American Idol, in heavy rotation on CBC Music, AAA Radio across the US, and on Sirius XM’s The Verge and North Americana; after playing hundreds of shows across North American and Europe including Rifflandia Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Victoria International Jazz Festival, and; after sharing the stage with Serena Ryder, Foy Vance, and Said The Whale; and after moving to Seattle, WA and getting married, Edel is a creative tour de force with plenty on the horizon We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 20
49 min
Interview with Racquel Jones
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Racquel Jones over Zoom audio!  Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, powerhouse hip-hop artist, painter, model, poet, and reggae singer Racquel Jones released a provocative music video for the brand new single “Sacrilege,” (Magnetic Moon) directed by award-winning video director Alex Di Marco (Khalid, Wiz Khalifa). "’Sacrilege’ is a blatant denouncement of religion, specifically Catholicism and what it represents for Black people whose history was intercepted by slavery,” explains Jones to AFROPUNK. “For my people, religion/Christianity was used as a tool of oppression and control while the heritage of our spiritual identity was erased. It is important for me to begin the discussion about the damages that religion has done to us as a people through the programming of our ancestors during slavery and beyond; and the strides we need to take to heal, unlearn, relearn, correct and salvage what is left of our true identity and teach that to our kids. So we’ll begin by turning our bibles to 1 Peter 2:18 King James Version.” Featuring a frenetic and ruthless flow over a robust bassline joined by sawtoothed synths in the hook, the incendiary tone and lyrics of the track are perfectly matched by the smokey neon visuals of the video. Director Alex Di Marco combines religious iconography with fragments of horror movie aesthetics and tops it all off with Racquel’s powerful hip-hop performance to bring her message of oppression to the forefront.   While the phrase “renaissance man/woman” gets tossed around freely these days, for Racquel Jones - a professional rapper and singer, a skilled painter, an accomplished model (former Miss Jamaica Universe contestant), and a poet, bestowing the term on her is not only authentic but well-earned. For the past several years, Jones has been building her career through tireless performances as part of Thievery Corporation’s touring band, which has exposed her to tens of thousands of fans throughout Europe, South America and the US from coast to coast. As the star of the first single and video from their 2017 release, The Temple of I & I, the track “Letter to the Editor” introduced her unique singing/rapping style to their legions of fans and brought her a bonafide audience of her own around the world. Throughout those years, her individual multi-faceted mediums of art have influenced each other, synergizing to sculpt a sound and vision completely her own. “To apply my visual art concepts to my musical creative process affords freedom and knowledge to an idea that is uniquely me,” says Jones. “The approach was a straight-flow, stream-of-consciousness, like Van Gogh painting manically with Dali-like compositional structures in a Kanye West mind. We’re going deep now into new sonic landscapes.” The video for “Sacrilege” by Racquel Jones is out today via Magnetic Moon We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 19
26 min
Interview with ELIZZA
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing ELIZZA over Zoom video!  Singer-songwriter ELIZZA recently released, "London Eyes”, co-written by Mars Today, an LA-based producer. No boundaries, no rules, highly unpredictable - this is how she describes her music and her latest single. On first listen, it might sound like a romantic story that draws from ELIZZA's personal experiences in the vein of previous releases "Habit", "Want to Keep" and "Can't Quit” - but this time "London Eyes" is a love letter to all the memories she has made in the beautiful city that she calls home: London. "The story is about my love and “sometimes” hate relationship with London. Since I moved here, I have been falling deeply in love with it but also find myself struggling to accept all that is London. "London Eyes" talks about how I feel the city is “keeping eyes” on me and not letting me go.” “In one way, I like this constant pull, but I also realize that there are so many times I find it tough. It can be expensive but also presents opportunities, it's been a lot of years of working very hard to enjoy the best of this city. And then London has all the temptations you can imagine and more, you get addicted. At the end of the day, it's home and I love it,” says ELIZZA. The singer’s stylistic versatility and range has already been demonstrated in previous releases, but "London Eyes” introduces a boldly innovative twist on pop music. ELIZZA’s songwriting process is grounded in spontaneity, but nonetheless goes deep and holds real meaning - both in poetic, insightful lyrics and skilfully crafted melodies. Speaking about the creative process behind "London Eyes”, ELIZZA commented: “It was my second trip to Los Angeles and I had a session arranged with Mars Today. I definitely didn't think I would walk outside the studio that day with a song like this. Mars Today wanted to challenge me and I took it on, and when we were talking about our musical influences and what's happening in my life at that time, somehow the conversation was getting deeper about London as I was sharing with him more about me and who I am. All this conversation and jamming led us to writing this song in which London represents a “person” and how my personal experiences, my relationships, my ups and downs over the past 10 years in this city and with this city, have shaped my life.” ELIZZA is committed to sharing her experience and emotion with the world through her music. Her passion and authenticity shows through in every note that she records, and is swiftly inspiring a growing international fanbase. She believes that, unlike anything else, the medium of music has the power to break boundaries, elicit deep feelings, and spark new ideas. Her heartfelt songs do just that. "London Eyes" is out now! We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 19
37 min
Interview with Dilip & Otxhello
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing dilip & otxhello over Zoom video!  Two RIAA Gold & Platinum selling producers dilip and otxhello have come together to release a sonically boundary pushing EP under the alias ​late year​ (the EP self-titled ​late year​) released via Alpha Pup Records. Introducing ​late year​, this self-titled EP is the product of a long-term friendship between producers ​dilip (Dilip Venkatesh) and ​otxhello​ (Othello Houston). The duo draws from two distinct coasts and cultures where their own significant introductions to music have cultivated a unique soundscape within their creative work. With dilip’s sophisticated drum patterns and otxhello’s smooth gospel and R&B melodies, late year​ is making expansive electronic soundscapes that redefine producer as essential artist. Bringing together a distinct project of seemingly cosmic sounds, instrumentalists ​dilip​ and ​otxhello​ are owning their own virtuosity, unconfined by any genre. The 21 & 23 year-olds have come together before to produce for artists like ​Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Skies, Lil Tecca, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Roddy Ricch, and many more.​ Their work has already amassed ​3 RIAA certifications​, including ​platinum​ certification for their work with ​Lil Skies​ and ​gold certification​ for their work with ​Lil Tecca​ and ​Lil Pump​. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 19
30 min
Interview with Flamingosis
Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Flamingosis over Zoom video!  Electronic and future funk producer Flamingosis unveils a feel-good animated video for his latest single ‘Daymaker’. 'Daymaker’ will be part of a wider album project coming later this year.  Animated by Nick Parente, ‘Daymaker’ leads with a vocal sample from Flamingosis’ father, who was a world-renowned professional frisbee player back in the 1970s-1980s. His father and uncle coined the term "Flamingosis" as a frisbee move, hence the moniker and the creative vision behind the animated video. Set in the midst of summer, ‘Daymaker’ takes the viewer on a unique visual journey through the city -  from the viewpoint of the frisbee - to experience the best aspects of a perfect summer day. Following a retro 70s style-vibe, ‘Daymaker’ is filled with both charming and heartwarming moments that will immediately capture those well-known feelings of Summertime nostalgia.  Flamingosis mentions his single Daymaker is, “Probably one of my favorite tracks that I have ever made. I hope it makes someone’s day better after listening to it. The video is a reflection of everything in my life that has inspired the Flamingosis project. Frisbee, flamingos, the shore, funk and soul music, cartoons/anime and living life. I wanted all of that incorporated into a music video. Big thank you to Nick Parente and his whole team of animators for their hard work in bringing the vision to life.”  ‘Daymaker’ marks the second release from Flamingosis this year following his August single ‘Wild Summer.’ Also paying homage to his family heritage, the music video for ‘Wild Summer’ features exclusive footage of his father and uncle from their pro-frisbee days. ‘Wild Summer’ has become a fan-favorite and in heavy rotation via Spotify, racking in hundreds of thousands of streams to date.  Flamingosis' (real name Aaron Velasquez) progressive future-funk style of electronic music has amassed him nearly 100 million lifetime streams across platforms, with over 100K followers across social media channels. He has performed and collaborated with many notable artists in the electronic space such as Big Gigantic, GRiZ, Gramatik, Madeon, Emancipator, Tokimonsta, Matoma, Yung Bae, Elliot Lipp and Pure Colors, and appeared on major festival lineups including Austin City Limits, Electric Forest, Okeechobee, Holy Ship!, Shambhala and more.  Closing out the year with his latest track ‘Daymaker’, Flamingosis has solidified himself as an exciting artist to watch in 2021. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Jan 18
36 min
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