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Bringin' it Backwards
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“Bringin' it Backwards" podcast -- a platform for both legendary and rising musicians to tell their personal stories on how they achieved stardom, providing invaluable information for all artists and music enthusiasts to have access to meaningful, and memorable advice to inspire their own creative journeys.
Interview with The Crystal Casino Band
We had the pleasure of interviewing The Crystal Casino Band Zoom video!The Crystal Casino Band is a rising DC-based indie rock quartet, who have quietly amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify, and recently released their new album, Maryland House.Maryland House, The Crystal Casino Band’s most complex and varietal album to date, is a winding journey with unexpected turns that showcases their love for the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area and pays homage to their lives as young adults. The new album, produced by Kyle Downes and Jay Nemeyer (Color Palatte), showcases the artistic growth TCCB has undergone since the release of their 2021 album, Not About You, and is unlike anything the four-piece has done before. Maryland House, named for the band’s favorite rest stop along I-95, is the first TCCB record featuring each member on lead vocals as well as a variety of instruments including trumpet, ukulele, mandolin, and harmonica. Kicking off with “Curfew,” Maryland House opens with the perspective of someone in the DC area detailing the events at The Capitol on January 6, 2021. From there, “Twenty-something Socialist,” a mainstay in the band’s live shows, raises the energy as vocalist/guitarist Pete Stevens sings about the jaded young progressives of America trying to make it in the world while billionaires use their wealth for expensive vanity projects. The grit of “Socialist” continues on “Jamie" discussing the actions of a flaky friend who never follows through on what they say they’re going to do. On latest single “City That Sleeps,” guitarist Jarrod Hendricks sings about the transient nature of the people who call Washington, DC their home and its effect on their relationships with those they are close with romantically. Elsewhere on Maryland House, bassist Jordan Mullaney decries the injustices of the two Johnson administrations (both Andrew and Lyndon) and inwardly questions how much has changed with our nation’s discontents on “Half Staff,” while drummer Joey Mamlin channels his inner Ringo Starr for the album’s final track, “Getting Closer,” and reminds the listener to never be too hard on themselves and not forget their inner child.Formed in 2015 as a group of friends at the George Washington University, The Crystal Casino Band, originally named The Colonies, began their sonic journey heavily influenced by the likes of The Strokes and The Black Keys. Over the course of their college years and a few lineup changes, the band’s sound transformed to combine their initial influences with the vibes of early 2010s-era indie that littered Tumblr dashboards and increasingly introspective and socially-conscious lyrics. With this turn to introspection and social awareness, the independent quartet – Pete Stevens (guitar, vocals), Joey Mamlin (drums), Jarrod Hendricks (guitar), Jordan Mullaney (bass) – grew uncomfortable with their original name’s imperialist connotations and changed it to their current one in 2020. Since the release of their 2021 album, Not About You, TCCB continues to evolve as artistically showcased on their new album, Maryland House.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #TheCrystalCasinoBand #TCCB #MarylandHouse #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Mar 25
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Interview with Faith Marie
We had the pleasure of interviewing Faith Marie Zoom video!Singer-Songwriter Faith Marie, has released her single “Alleyways,” today. Released in collaboration with the label UUin, “Alleyways” is the second single off her upcoming 3 song debut EP, More than I am. Written by Faith, “Alleyways” is about a pivotal point in one's transition into adulthood. She elaborates “I realized in order to grow, I had to let go of other people's ideas of me and explore the parts of myself I was afraid to address and take responsibility for my trauma and healing.” The moody, yet ethereal track serves as the perfect introduction to her attentive songwriting and delicate vocals. The synth and guitar heavy sounds, paired with ominous echoes of different musical elements and vocals, is meant to represent the drive needed to walk into the unknown while still facing the unease of what you’ll find in the process.Hailing from Provo, Utah, Faith’s foray into songwriting began at the age of 13, launching a successful YouTube channel that attracted over 121,000 subscribers over the next five years, in addition to over 80 million Spotify and Youtube streams combined. Inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Brockhampton, Faith pushes herself creatively when it comes to genre-bending. In 2015, her love for artists that seamlessly cross genres led her to posting a cover of Bring Me The Horizon's “Drown,” which immediately went viral and is currently sitting at 5M views. “Bring Me The Horizon has always been the most inspiring to me because they don’t care about upholding a genre or appeasing specific types of fans that listen to them, they do what inspires them” Faith states.The virality of this cover catapulted her into the release of her debut single “Antidote,” which Faith wrote and self-produced. Now, 7 years later, Faith has released multiple singles ranging from the orchestrally adorned “Little Girl” and the electronic-laced “Devil on My Shoulder,” each dealing with themes of struggle, anxiety and hope. Faith is constantly working to perfect her craft of songwriting with each release, and is also currently pursuing a bachelors in audio engineering. She elaborates “I’m on a lifelong mission to master as much of the music creation process as possible.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #FaithMarie #Alleyways #BringMeTheHorizon #Drown #DevilOnMyShoulder #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram andTwitter!
Mar 24
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Interview with RIZ LA VIE
We had the pleasure of interviewing RIZ LA VIE Zoom video!Los Angeles-based alt-pop musician RIZ LA VIE shares his highly anticipated debut album Haven out everywhere now including a limited run on vinyl. Alongside the release, LA VIE shares the album's title track with an accompanying video. The album's title track explores loss, but even in the deepest depths of sadness, it sees LA VIE determined to find the silver lining. The track swiftly embodies the thesis of the album as its themes speak to the album as a. whole.Its accompanying video, directed by Quinton Dominguez, opens with LA VIE seated in a movie theater, ready to watch a movie of his newfound life in Los Angeles. The film and the track's lyrics follow LA VIE's emotional effort to hold onto optimism, freedom and safety.With Haven, his debut studio album out today, RIZ LA VIE expands on the vibrant sonic world he's built with previous releases, but this time, shares more of himself with his fans. Experimenting with new production elements and blending genres, LA VIE pushes boundaries like never before, culminating in his most realized, ambitious work to date. Over 15 tracks, LA VIE embarks on a search for a sense of safety and security, both internally and externally–within himself, in his relationships, community, environment, and in the world at large.In perpetual pursuit of hope and optimism, the project chronicles LA VIE's courage in the face of adversity as he ultimately discovers his own strength and confidence.Collaborators on the album include Vic Wainstein (Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller), Daniel Hartzog (Tom the Mailman, ericdoa), Lucy Blomkamp (6LACK, Mallrat) and Johan Lenox (BROCKHAMPTON, Metro Boomin, Shawn Mendes). It was mixed by KES (Ed Sheeran, Jacob Banks) and mastered by Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar, Steve Lacy).The previously shared single "FYP," offers LA VIE the space to express the discomfort and fear that accompany a cross-country move, and the aftermath of leaving home to land in a new environment, surrounded by new people while the place he once called home remains.LA VIE's 2018 hit "Napkins," has become a fan favorite, with over 38M+ streams on Spotify to date, and like the artist himself, shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to a 30-date tour in 2021, LA VIE performed at festivals like Governor's Ball and Lollapalooza. The artist has consistently turned heads of several leading tastemakers in recent years, including Billboard, Pigeons &amp; Planes, Ones to Watch, and more. We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #RIZLAVIE #Haven #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! <a...
Mar 23
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Interview with Natalia Damini
We had the pleasure of interviewing Natalia Damini Zoom video!Inspired by both modern pop icons and timeless vocalists, Natalia blends intoxicating melody with supersonic energy and charisma. “Attitude was written about seeing someone you like, but not having the courage to take the first step.” Full of windswept backup vocals, slick guitar riffs, and a fetching beat, “Attitude” is as bashful in sonics as the subject matter itself. "The world needs to know about Natalia Damini" - Tito JacksonThe music video profiles Natalia as she performs amidst a backdrop of shimmering disco balls and chandeliers in sequined jacket. Tito Jackson emerges for his verse in a sports car with effortless, velvety vocals over the scenery of a futuristic, neon-lit hallway. Natalia serenades, “Attitude - baby that’s all you need. If you want it, you got it!” The single is a jubilant, vivacious pop anthem that calls upon Tito Jackson’s rich history through a whole new lens.Natalia Damini was titled the Best Female R&amp;B/ Pop Artist at the Underground Music Awards. Since then, her platform has expanded to upwards of 15 million views on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her infectious pop single “Crazy” charted at #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and she has had #28 Billboard Top 40 and #15 Billboard Next Big Sound entries. She has received acclaim from LA Weekly, Idolator, and All Access to name a few.Singing sensation and electrifying performer Natalia Damini is releasing a new song titled “Attitude” featuring the one and only Tito Jackson from the legendary group The Jacksons. This single follows her last release entitled “Pacemaker,” which peaked at #45 on the Mediabase Top 50 Pop chart and has over 1 million streams on Spotify.Equally important, her song “Crazy” hit #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart. Natalia has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.Cutting Edge is the adjective that describes the stunning songstress Natalia Damini. She adds class, intellect, and style to her genre. She crafts songs that capture the essence of the human spirit. She spins stories of love, lessons learned, conflict and resolution. Ms. Damini approaches every note with fearless class. Her voice is pure and authentic. Her energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled her to showcase her amazing stage presence at many different venues around the world. In October 2015 Natalia won Best Female R&amp;B/Pop Artist at the prestigious Underground Music Awards.Natalia Damini’s style is a unique blend of modern R&amp;B, Pop, and Dance music that ranks her alongside contemporary stars like Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Shakira, and Rihanna.Natalia’s new single features Tito Jackson of the Jacksons (yes, brother of Michael and Janet). The Jackson Clan is the most famous musical family in the world.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #NataliaDamini #TitoJackson #Attitude #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Mar 22
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Interview with Can't Swim (Can't Swim Returns!)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Can’t Swim Zoom video!One of New Jersey’s prodigal sons once mused “who says you can’t go home?” – but CAN’T SWIM have never really left their Garden State surroundings.Sure, they’ve certainly logged tens of thousands of miles over the past seven years, bringing their cathartic blend of rock, punk, and emo to audiences around the world on bills with A Day To Remember and Senses Fail and at festivals like 2000trees. But at their core, Can’t Swim are innately Jersey through and through: from the ghosts of Tri-State hardcore giants that oscillate through their high-octane sound to the very garages and studios where those songs take shape.Now, the band plant their Garden State flag even deeper on their fourth LP, Thanks But No Thanks, an album that quite literally finds them going back to their roots.After wrapping another slate of hard touring for 2021’s Change Of Plans, the group – vocalist Chris LoPorto, bassist Greg McDevitt, guitarist Danny Rico and drummer (and honorary Jersian) Blake Gamel – decamped to the Shore, insulating themselves in the comforts of home while working to hone in on the most elemental components of the Can’t Swim sound.Joy has rarely been a word associated with Can’t Swim – awash in tempestuous lyricism and muscular energy since breaking into the underground with 2016’s Death Deserves A Name EP – but there’s a self-referential wryness to LoPorto’s lyrics on Thanks But No Thanks that winks its way through the album’s 10 songs, along with a finely tuned melodic edge that balances out the band’s more brooding nature. With guitarist Rico overseeing production, mixing, and mastering (a position he held on 2017’s debut LP Fail You Again and 2018’s This Too Won’t Pass), first single “me vs. me vs. all y’all” is Can’t Swim’s most fully realized pop song to date, name-checking The Cure, The Lemonheads and Eddie Vedder, while the album-opening “Nowhere, Ohio” offers a playful tribute to the Alkaline Trio classic “Radio” in between stabs of downtuned guitars.But don’t conflate fun with frivolity. The same emotional heft that’s made Can’t Swim a cult favorite in the scene – and earned them musical co-signs from the likes of Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara and Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo – is front and center on Thanks But No Thanks, from the sorrowful summer 2022 single “I heard they found you face down inside your living room,” mourning the death a close friend, to the classic punk rallying cry “ELIMINATE,” which tackles the gun violence epidemic with a strength-in-numbers call to arms.In this way, the evolution of Can’t Swim as a band is really evident: What once were presented as insurmountable obstacles on previous albums are now framed as hard-but-necessary lessons that need confronting in to move forward and grow, calling upon new levels of resolve and strength to dull down life’s demons. Through it all, the band have been able to truly block out the noise and let their conscience resonate loudest of all.Four records in, it feels like Can’t Swim are just now hitting their stride. They’ve stretched their wings over nearly a decade, dabbling in everything from frantic hardcore (2019’s Foreign Language EP) to ethereal indie (2020’s Someone Who Isn’t Me EP), yet have once again found their way back to their musical home.The next few years will take them far away from their own beds as these songs reach audiences around the world – but that’s a sacrifice the band is willing to make because of how much these connections truly mean.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #CantSwim #ThanksButNoThanks #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB<br...
Mar 21
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Interview with Lucero
We had the pleasure of interviewing Lucero Zoom video!The search for one’s identity is a lifelong process that every individual must go through. Who someone is today, is not the person they were yesterday nor who they may be tomorrow. Despite those changes, there is a general idea of a defined sense of self. No matter what happens, it is that small yet solid and grounding definition of self that continues to drive us forward in our search for identity and whatever may come with it. It would be difficult to find any artist who understands that better than the band Lucero. Since forming in Memphis in the late 90’s, Lucero’s base musical hallmarks have remained similar to the band’s initial sound established with their first record The Attic Tapes. In the history of their expansive discography, Lucero has evolved and embraced everything from southern rock to Stax-inspired Memphis soul, whilst simultaneously maintaining their distinctive sonic foundations. Over 20 years later, dedicated fans of the group still flock to hear the band’s punchy driving rhythms, punk-rooted guitar licks, and lyrics that evoke the whiskey drenched sentimentality of Americana singer-songwriters. As expected of any band built to survive, Lucero has welcomed change over the course of their career, but it has always been on their terms. The band’s twelfth album, Should’ve Learned by Now, began its life as hardly more than some rough demos and lingering guitar parts. These pieces that were left behind from the band’s previous albums, Among the Ghosts (2018) and When You Found Me (2021) were deemed too uptempo and capering for the prior records’ darker themes. The band, comprised of all its original members (which in addition to Ben Nichols, includes Brian Venable on guitar, Roy Berry on drums, John C. Stubblefield on bass, and Rick Steff on keys) teamed up for a third time with producer and Grammy Award-winning engineer and mixer, Matt Ross-Spang. Lucero began the recording process in Sam Phillips Recording Service before transitioning and finishing the record in Ross-Spang’s newly opened Southern Grooves Productions in Memphis, TN. Ross-Spang appears to have settled in with the band’s more trademark sound whilst very much making his touch known to listeners. From its original Ben Nichols-designed cover art to its credits, the album is a reflection of a band that knows itself. Should’ve Learned by Now bridges the gap musically between “old Lucero” and “new Lucero” in a manner which affixes the band’s position as the perfect intersection of punk initiative with hard-earned artistry. It’s an album that recognizes the past in its sound and content, but leaves the door wide open to the future and for the lessons still in store.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Lucero #ShouldveLearnedByNow #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Mar 20
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Interview with We Are Scientists
We had the pleasure of interviewing We Are Scientists Zoom video!American rock band We Are Scientists debuted in the early aughts with the angular post-punk edge of With Love and Squalor, later evolving to incorporate polished synths and expanded atmospherics on efforts like 2016's Helter Seltzer, 2018's Megaplex, and 2021's Huffy. Although modestly popular in America, they were a hit in the U.K., where the group's sound -- part post-punk revival and part indie rock with a touch of '80s synth pop -- drew parallels to contemporaries like Editors, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and the Killers. Formed on the West Coast by three California-based college students, We Are Scientists officially took flight after frontman and guitar Keith Murray, bass player Chris Cain, and drummer Michael Tapper (who replaced founding drummer/vocalist Scott Lamb) relocated to Brooklyn and began building a small but devoted following. After releasing three EPs and one independent album -- Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order) -- the group signed with Virgin Records and released their major-label debut, With Love and Squalor, in early 2006. The effort peaked at ten on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and eventually was certified gold in the U.K. In 2008, We Are Scientists -- reduced to a duo comprising Cain and Murray after Tapper parted ways with the group -- put out their second full-length album, Brain Thrust Mastery. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, the set included the singles "After Hours" and "Chick Lit." As before, the record found popularity in the U.K., where it debuted at number 11 on the albums chart. In late 2012, the band entered the studio in New York with producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, Blonde Redhead) to record sessions for their fourth record. Burrows relocated to the city from England while he worked with Murray and Cain to write and record tracks for the album. Titled TV en Français, it arrived in early 2014 on 100%/Dine Alone Records and featured appearances by Rose Elinor Dougall (Mark Ronson) and Tim Wheeler (Ash). In 2016, We Are Scientists returned with their fifth studio album, Helter Seltzer, produced by Max Hart (of Katy Perry's band). The effort charted in the Top 50 of the U.K. and Scottish charts. Two years later, they delivered their sixth effort, the polished Megaplex, also produced by Hart. The album featured the singles "Heart Is a Weapon," "Not Another Word," and "Your Light Has Changed."Following the 2020 launch of their own Dumpster Dive podcast, the group returned with the full-length Huffy in 2021. Although 2021’s Huffy returned to a guitar-driven sound, Lobes, the band’s eighth studio album, released early 2023, is their synthiest, electronic beatiest collection yet. So, really, who even is We Are Scientists? Founding We Are Scientists members Keith Murray (guitar) and Chris Cain (bass) have played with guys like Adam, Michael, Andy, Danny, Chris, Matt, and Gary on drums, but for over five years now have had Keith Carne, who looks like he isn’t going anywhere.The band’s previous singles “After Hours,” “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” “The Great Escape,” “It’s a Hit” and “Chick Lit” all have charted in the US/UK and the band have appeared on US late night talk shows, The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan and Carson Daly and performed at Coachella, Sasquatch, and All Points West festivals. In the UK, the band played the Reading and Leeds main stage and Glastonbury Festivals among other world-wide touring. The release of Lobes was celebrated with a very special hometown show at Brooklyn Made on January 20, 2023.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #WeAreScientists #Lobes...
Mar 19
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Interview with Danelle Sandoval
We had the pleasure of interviewing Danelle Sandoval Zoom video!Asian pop meets alt R&amp;B singer/songwriter Danelle Sandoval, recognized for her breakout debut version of "Tuesday" with ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake, which received platinum awards worldwide, reaching the #1 spot in over 70 countries on iTunes and Shazam and amassing over 1 billion streams. Danelle Sandoval's new musical chapter begins with her upcoming single "Cold" which is her most vulnerable to date. She confides, "I’ve always been curious about how relationships can just flip a switch and how intimacy can be so difficult for everyone, when most of us just wanna feel close to each other. I’ve definitely been on both sides of a relationship where I was either the one being cold or my partner was. This song represents the latter."Danelle Sandoval is a Filipino-American artist based in Los Angeles, CA. After posting a YouTube cover of “Tuesday” by ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake, the song was remixed and went on to receive platinum awards worldwide while reaching the #1 spot in over 70 countries on iTunes and Shazam. The viral hit has amassed over 1 billion streams online. Following the global success of "Tuesday” Danelle has performed on national television in Germany, has written for other artists including Paris Hilton, and has focused on releasing original music. After releasing singles and an EP throughout the years, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch explained that Danelle “has established herself as a polished pop star, and her airy voice layered over hypnotic electro-pop production is something we simply can’t get enough of." Earmilk has also described that, “Danelle creates a beautiful chemistry of extraordinary storytelling and 90s infused R&amp;B to depict an honest picture of the struggles she's had to face in today's society and how she's overcome adversity to become the boldest, truest version of herself.” With more music to be released in 2023, Danelle has refined her sound to represent the places and genres that have inspired her and her creativity the most, from Toronto’s out-of-the-box production and NYC’s jazz influences to LA’s R&amp;B/pop scene.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Cold #DanelleSandoval #Tiuesday #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Mar 19
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Interview with Blusher
We had the pleasure of interviewing Blusher Zoom video!Blusher are here making sparkly, energetic pop to soundtrack your night out. This Melbourne-based trio made a huge splash in 2022 when they released “Softly Spoken,” a slice of euphoric indie-pop. It was the first song they ever made together and the success of the track took the trio by surprise. But 2023 is primed to be bigger and better for the group: Blusher are releasing their latest single “Dead End” and gearing up for an EP, live shows and soon, a global takeover.In Blusher’s metaphorical teen rom-com of a band, all three members are the leads. They share vocals on many of their songs and swap instruments during the live shows. They all produce and write together, utilizing their individual experiences cutting their teeth as solo artists before forming the band. “Our first day in the studio felt like an exciting combining of forces and we quickly realised how compatible we were as songwriters,” says member Lauren Coutts, who runs lead on the production of Blusher’s music. Before officially meeting, their shared pop tastes and sounds had made them each familiar with each other in the wider Melbourne music community. Jade and Lauren were first officially introduced during a Zoom writing camp in late 2021.“Softly Spoken” would launch the wildest year of the girls’ lives after it was released in 2022. On the day they dropped it, they were at a songwriting camp on a beach together and partied through the night. The next day, Lauren had received a message from their now-managers Powerhouse Management’s Jamie-Rose Fowler and Charlotte Ried, who officially came on board soon after. By September, they played their first show at BIGSOUND, an Australian music festival and industry conference. Blusher spent months in a “boot camp” of sorts with a movement coach who encouraged them to go out dancing together. The final result was a highly choreographed set that allowed them to show off their individual multitude of talents. Minutes after stepping off stage for the first time, the group signed with Atlantic Records. Blusher spent the rest of 2022 in studio sessions working on their debut EP. “Dead End” and “Softly Spoken” tease a project focused on female friendship, inspired by the dance floor catharsis of heroes like Robyn, Kesha, the Black Eyed Peas, and MGMT. The songs track a night out, one full of break-ups and make-ups. We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Blusher #DeadEnd #SoftlySpoken #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Mar 17
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Interview with Sam Hollander
We had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Hollander Zoom video!Sam Hollander has spent thirty years trudging through the peaks and valleys of a songwriting career. Before he was stacking Billboard hits, he was piling up bad luck, calamitous flops, false starts, and feeling like the world was moving on and up without him while he spun in place. Now he wears his failures like a badge of honor.In 21-Hit Wonder, he’s collected anecdotes from his weird waltzes around the banquet of pop to help aspiring songwriters and other creatives learn about survival, endurance, scheming, hustle, and the importance of laughing even on the worst days of the journey. Music lovers spanning generations and genres will find stories about many of their heroes and industry icons. 21-Hit Wonder is one part chronicle of a songwriter’s storied career and another part love letter to anyone who has been counted out—from no-hit wonders and one-hit wonders to the novelties and the never-beens—and just needs a bit of inspiration to persevere. Sam’s inspiring story is proof that setbacks are just steps on the road to success.As one of the most renowned multi-platinum selling songwriters and producers in the game, SAM HOLLANDER has written and produced for the likes of Panic! At The Disco, One Direction, Katy Perry, Weezer, Def Leppard, blink-182, Fitz and the Tantrums, Train, Ringo Starr, Carole King, Tyga, The O’Jays, Gym Class Heroes, and many others.To date, he has achieved 22 US Top 40 Hits, as well as 10 Number 1’s, 10 top fives, and 87 Top 10 chart positions globally. His songs have been streamed over 5 billion times, and in 2019, he held the #1 position on the Billboard Rock Songwriters chart for nine weeks, a year-end record. Sam has also been chosen to be on Variety’s Hitmakers list, as well as being named Rolling Stone’s Hot List Producer of the Year in 2008.Hollander’s career has recently hit new heights from collaborations with Fitz and the Tantrums’ multi-platinum worldwide hit, “HandClap” (one-billion-streams) and eight songs he co-penned on Panic! At The Disco’s Billboard 200 No. 1 album Pray For The Wicked, including the 5x platinum, billion streamed record-breaking global hit “High Hopes” and “Hey Look Ma, I Made It!” which replaced “High Hopes” at No. 1 on the Hot Rock Songs chart. Other notable recent successes include writing Banners’ platinum hit, “Someone To You,” Blink-182’s Alternative Top 10 single “Blame It On My Youth”, James TW’s worldwide platinum hit “When You Love Someone” and writing and producing two songs on the legendary Ringo Starr’s recent release “What’s My Name.” He’s currently writing and producing the music for NBC’S fall 2021 new drama series Ordinary Joe.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #SamHollander #21HitWonder #Songwriter #NewMusic #ZoomListen &amp; Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
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