Bringin' it Backwards
Bringin' it Backwards
American Songwriter
Our podcast talks about the stars before they were stars. We are the backstage pass to the music industry for our listeners.
Interview with Cloe Wilder
Together with American Songwriter and Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Cloe Wilder over Zoom video! CLOE WILDER is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Clearwater, Florida. At just 14-years-old, Cloe has a voice way beyond her years, managing to create melancholic, yet incredibly relatable songs. From an early age, her artistic talents started thriving as she started taking piano lessons which consequently helped her to discover her passions for singing surprising her family and anyone around her. In December 2018, Cloe started her YouTube channel where she began to cover songs by Halsey, Alessia Cara, Billie Eilish, Sasha Sloan, and more… She kicked off 2020 with the release of “Crying When I Shouldn’t” mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winners Rob Kinelski and John Greenham (Billie Eilish) and xo-written and produced by Eric Scullin. Cloe followed it up with her second release of they year, “You & Lonely”, in June. The song is co-written by Cloe and produced by Jayme Silverstein (Alicia Keys, Miguel, Estelle). Cloe’s first single off of her upcoming EP “It’s True”, off her upcoming EP, is out today, and is the first song she wrote for the project. Cloe will release her debut EP in January 2021. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 20
19 min
Interview with Coastals
We had the pleasure of interviewing Coastals over Zoom video! An inevitable amalgamation of childhood friends, regulars of the Tampa music scene, and college roommates, Coastals came to be in 2016. Built-up of singer Tyler Freeman, drummer Brendan Nagy, guitarist Tyler Cole, guitarist James Chouinard, and bassist Gabriel Martinez, the band produces music that radiates the same warmth and electricity of the sunshine state they hail from. Their latest release "Watercolors" is available now on all streaming platforms. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 19
26 min
Interview with Joe Wong
We had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Wong over Zoom video! Joe started off playing piano at an early age but graduated to the drums at 11. Joe started playing in a hardcore bands in high school, even going on tour at 17. Joe told us about attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, scoring for film and TV, and his debut solo album Nite Creatures. Nite Creatures is the debut album from polyrhythmic polymath Joe Wong, the composer behind Netflix sensations Russian Doll, The Midnight Gospel, Master of None and Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. The lush, deeply personal album marks the first time the Milwaukee-born, Los Angeles-based musician's total and unfiltered creative vision has been on display, a bold exploration of life and loss abetted by a 24-piece orchestra. Joe Wong is the Los Angeles-based, Milwaukee-raised multi-instrumentalist best known as a podcast host (The Trap Set) and composer behind acclaimed shows including Master of None, Russian Doll, Ugly Delicious, Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, Netflix’s recent show The Midnight Gospel, and more. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 19
54 min
Interview with Bella Kelly
We had the pleasure of interviewing Bella Kelly over Zoom video! BELLA KELLY is acutely aware of the powerful, lifesaving potential of the creative arts. She has firsthand experience, because music saved her life, too, and it’s a gift she hopes to pass on. Conjuring strength and resilience from the depths of anxiety, depression, and despair, the enchanting and adroit young singer/songwriter makes music for the melancholy, the outcast. The disenfranchised and pushed-aside are all welcome within the fascinating worldbuilding of her haunting and immersive songs. Each composition is a distinctive clarion call to self-acceptance and empowerment. A small child who was “othered,” unequipped to connect and make friends, robbed of innocence, BELLA used her rich imagination to make an emotional escape through song. Her music is at once grand and cinematic in scale and yet equally intimate, with stark vulnerability. Songs like the mesmerizing slow burn “Heartbreak Motel” and the invigorating gothic-trap anthem “Throat” resonate with outsiders because BELLA casts her lot with them, alone with the alone. “Goodbye” is alarming in its naked intensity, its stark emotional honesty, an alluring tug at the soul. She paints sonic pictures of smoky greys and ghostly whites, cloaked in protective darkness. BELLA’s life began with a triumph over adversity almost supernatural in scale. A heart condition nearly took her from this world just as soon as she’d arrived, her tiny body robbed of its heartbeat several times just a few days after her birth. She was born in Brunswick, Georgia, a small town anchored by the Victorian-era Old Town District and its massive 900-year old Lover’s Oaktree. From the age of six, she penned short stories and songs, to replace the demons of isolation and sadness as her childhood companions. A talent agent cast her in a television commercial when she was nine, which began a four-year detour into short films, series, and feature-length movies. Film and TV remain essential to her, from vintage horror to classic cerebral anthologies. But music is BELLA’s true calling, from the healing magic it works in her own life to the way it affects others. At one of the lowest emotional points for her personally, as a young adult, the dark fire and churning sentiment under her surface were recognized by David Gnozzi, the Italian-born producer and YouTube star. Well versed in everything from pulsating electronic-driven music to rock and hip-hop, Gnozzi began a creative partnership with BELLA that was nothing less than revelatory. Over two years, BELLA sharpened her sound and musical identity, with David producing, resulting in more than 30 songs, and fully realized narrative visions for music videos and related imagery. Like the greatest of vocal-driven indie-pop, Gothic Folk, chillwave, and balladeering, BELLA KELLY’s music offers safe passage from the real horrors of modern everyday life. Get lost and immersed in narrative soundscapes that give rise to evocative phantoms and specters, beckoning those who’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, or hardships. Journey inside and join the BELLA KELLY family. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 18
24 min
Interview with The Sea The Sea
We had the pleasure of interviewing The Sea The Sea over Zoom video! THE SEA THE SEA is an Upstate New York based indie folk-pop duo-band featuring what Huffington Post calls, “Two of the loveliest male-female voices you might ever hear this or any other year.” While Stumbling Home marks the duo’s third full-length release, it marks the duo’s first primary recording / engineering credits on one of their albums, as well as that of co-producers—teaming up with recent Grammy and Tony award winner Todd Sickafoose (Hadestown, Anais Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird). Previous releases from The Sea The Sea—Love We Are We Love (2014), In the Altogether (2016 / EP), and From The Light (2018)—have been praised by outlets including NPR, American Songwriter, and No Depression, and the animated video for their song "Waiting" sparked viral interest from Buzzfeed and Pitchfork, as well as inclusion at the international TED 2015 conference. The band has garnered features across all music platforms including Apple Music “Best of the Week” and “A-List Singer/Songwriter,” gathering 20+ million streams on Spotify to-date. Live performance broadcast appearances of The Sea The Sea include Mountain Stage, whose host Larry Groce calls them "ready to take their place among the best young male/female duos now performing,” Audiotree, and Paste Music / Daytrotter—recently describing the band as "defined by their infallible vocal harmonies and their unconventional song arrangements. The Sea The Sea is a pop band only in their melodic infectiousness—otherwise they are at their best when subverting conventions." We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 18
33 min
Interview with Simon McBride
Together with American Songwriter and Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Simon McBride over Zoom video! Simon is a highly-gifted guitar player, singer, songwriter, and a band leader. Simon talks about growing up in Northern Ireland, playing 30 shows in 35 days, and his new single ‘Dead in the water’ The Irishman they are calling the rightful heir to Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore is set to make waves across Europe. After a European tour with Ian Gillan Sings Deep Purple and major credits as guitarist and co-writer on Don Airey’s latest album Simon recently signed to Europe’s leading rock label, Ear Music, home of Alice Cooper, Al Di Meola, Deep Purple, Foreigner, Marillion, Reef, Thunder, and a host of other leading names. With his band of fellow Irishmen Marty McCloskey (drums) and Dave Marks (bass) Simon delivers his own distinctive songs (“Hugely accomplished” MOJO) along with crowd-pleasers from the likes of Hendrix and Free. His guitar skills (“Among the best blues-rock players anywhere in the world” GUITARIST) have made him a go-to guitarist on the British Blues-rock scene, admired among professionals, followed by enthusiasts, and endorsed by some of the biggest brands on the guitar scene. He is a long time endorsee of PRS Guitars and a personal pick of Paul Reed Smith. Former Young Guitarist of The Year and now fully-fledged blues-rock virtuoso, Irishman McBride Is at the start of what many industry pundits are predicting will be a glittering career. He has toured with Joe Satriani and opened in the UK and Ireland for Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, and US slide maestro and Grammy nominee Derek Trucks.A few months after his sixteenth birthday Simon was recruited by the Belfast-based pioneering metal band Sweet Savage, who reformed in 1994 without their founding guitarist, Vivian Campbell (Dio, Def Leppard), whom Simon replaced. Simon toured with the band and recorded two albums, Killing Time 1996 and Rune 1998. Then, after six years touring with fellow Irishman Andrew Strong, who made his name in the 1991 cult film The Commitments, Simon came off the road to pursue the idea of a solo career. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 18
35 min
Interview with FINKEL
We had the pleasure of interviewing FINKEL over Zoom video! Adam was able to talk to Brian and Jane of FINKEL over Zoom video. The married couple told us about meeting in a college acapella group, starting a band and how a viral hit took them to LA. Check out FINKEL’s new song, Bleach Vial! Jane and Brian Spencer of FINKEL seem to arrive from the near future, or perhaps somewhere out there, appearing with a slight shimmer of a dimension adjacent to our own. With an atmosphere treading the periphery of pop, the duo’s tangible vocal presence overlays hypnotic electro pulsations in a combination that teases out details of last night’s otherworldly dreams and tempts the waking state to return to its astral analog. While it remains unclear where these two have been, it’s evident enough that they’re here now. She triggering a MIDI mixing board, he on guitar, their vocals intertwine with a shadowy fluidity that invokes notions of another time; perhaps the middle of next week. They sense you wondering what you’re doing then, and invite you back to the present with a wink. A tale of two spirits unravels curiously from the seams of FINKEL's musical catalogue. Their ethereal synthetic textures and rich vocal harmonies produce an aesthetic that grabs attention and gives it a nudge. The result somehow distills the mood of a strange day’s fleeting moments into a potent, lingering hex. Like the feeling of a passing glance with a mysterious stranger, we’re left assured we just encountered something ineffable, and wondering if someone else felt it too. FINKEL most recently released their debut EP, "Backpack of Snacks" on April 3rd and then put out a remix EP, "Remix of Snacks" on August 21st. To round out 2020, the duo plans to release a pandemic reflection record titled "Sick 2020" with features from hip hop artists Monse and Kamakaze, comedian Laura DiLorenzo, along with several other features on December 11th, 2020. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #foryou #foryoupage  #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 17
46 min
Interview with Philmon Lee
Together with American Songwriter and Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Philmon Lee over Zoom video! Philmon Lee talked to us about growing up in a musical family, the sly way he taught himself piano in college, and getting signed to Epic Records. Check out Philmon Lee’s new song “No Saving Me” ft. Lindsey Stirling A once in a live time vocalist. Philmon Lee emanates raw soul without a filter and a whole lot of fire. As a kid, he learned piano, guitar, and drums and even toured with pops. Putting his head down and adopting the blue-collar work ethic of his hometown, he devoted years to tirelessly honing his voice and drew inspiration from Elvis Presley, Post Malone, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith, Elton John, and Steven Tyler, to name a few. Eventually, he captivated both Against Da Grain Entertainment and Epic Records, landing him a record deal. His voice will resound throughout 2020 and beyond. Youtube: We want to hear from you! Please email ​​Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 17
24 min
Interview with Boo Riley
We had the pleasure of interviewing Boo Riley over Zoom video!  Boo Riley is celebrating the release of a new video for self titled single "Boo Riley." Check out the video here: The video follows Boo Riley through the subway, into a busking moment in Tompkins Square Park, and into a gig at Arlene's Grocery. As someone who lives in New York and hasn't been able to venture to my favorite places in almost five months, the video serves as a nice ode to what's waiting on the other side of all of this! When asked about the inspiration behind the video, Boo Riley shares, "I was listening to Wilco’s ‘Wilco (The Song)’ and loved the lyric ‘this is aural arms open wide, a sonic shoulder for you to cry on.’ I wanted to write a song inspired by that line, but with Boo Riley’s perspective. The video is an extension of this. We wanted to visualize what we were trying to do sonically." Boo Riley was created in 2016 as a musical moniker of Manhattanite, Austin Lesch. Born out of a time when Lesch was feeling artistically unfulfilled from his acting career and needing an outlet to create art on his own, the project now aims to create complex yet accessible tunes that draw inspiration from classic rock, 80’s pop, and indie whilst evoking the magic of a California night drive. In pre-coronavirus world Austin was working as an actor in the Broadway play Frozen, and since the shutdown and recent announcement of Broadway being closed through the end of the year, has decided to use this time to pursue his music projects in a way he wasn't able to before. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 16
45 min
Interview with Get Dead
We had the pleasure of interviewing Get Dead over Zoom video!  Ask the members of Get Dead how long it’s taken to release their new album, and they’ll probably say, “Forever.” Even though the San Francisco band started recording it more than two years ago, Dancing with the Curse (Fat Wreck Chords) feels perfectly timed for now. Look no further than the song “Pepperspray,” written long before the protests of summer 2020. The band had begun collaborating with activist-artist collective Indecline on a video before the George Floyd protests erupted. If there was any time to share the message of “Pepperspray,” this was it. “ We wanted to just be able to cut through the noise and have some kind of impact,” says vocalist Sam King, “and to try to let people know that what they're doing is okay, and people are behind them.” Get Dead rolls only five deep—King, guitarists Mike McGuire and Jeremy Korkki, bassist Tim Mehew, and drummer Scott Powell—but Dancing with the Curse sounds like an army. Produced by D-Composers (Fat Mike, Johnny Carey, Baz Bastien, Yotam Ben Horin) and Chris Dugan (Green Day), its 12 songs build on 2016’s Honesty Lives Elsewhere without rehashing it. While Dancing with the Curse features Get Dead’s signature NorCal punk sound, balancing bombast with up-picked bounce and dirt-smudged acoustic songs, listeners will notice some curious moments. Subtle electronic flourishes lurk in songs like “Disruption,” “Glitch,” “Confrontation,” and “Take It.” The album opens with an atmospheric intro built on King’s gravelly voice and hip-hop-inflected cadence—a happy accident. “I was supposed to be sending Fat Mike a new demo for one of the songs,” King says. “I ended up sending him some of my stuff that I just screw around with at home because I used to do hip-hop stuff. I sent that to him, and he really liked it. He’s like, ‘We're putting this as the intro.’” These sonic detours suit a band that isn’t known to stay in one place for too long. “Our first EP was hardcore, and then the next one was straight acoustic, almost country shit,” King says. “We get bored easily if we were just to stay the same thing.” And after writing Honesty Lives Elsewhere in the aftermath of a friend’s suicide, Get Dead was ready to move on. “I don't think anyone really realized that it was happening, as much as it was a way that we were processing what happened,” King says of writing Honesty. “It just so happened that we were supposed to be making an album at that point. That one was a bummer, man. This one, it's a lot more upbeat, more along lines of how we normally are.” Reaching that place was a process. Get Dead originally recorded with Chris Dugan, but then Fat Wreck Chords co-founder Fat Mike heard the songs. “He was like, ‘Naw, you guys can do better than this,’” King says, laughing. So the band decamped to Six Floggs Studio in LA to continue with D-Composers. “Chris did an amazing job. It sounded great, and we were super psyched on it,” King says. “Mike knows how to keep us on track with our stuff and just call us on our bullshit. I’m glad that he and those boys had us do what we did to it because it got way better. But it’s been a long journey for sure.” Yet a worthwhile one. Dancing with the Curse is Get Dead’s most self-assured album yet, one perfectly suited to the times: raw, energized, frustrated, but ultimately unbowed. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod  #foryou #foryoupage #stayhome #togetherathome #zoom #aspn #americansongwriter #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
Nov 15
39 min
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