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Used to be my favorite basketball podcast
Loved the front office insights and objectivity from Brian. I have held off writing this review for a week after listening to the pod on my favorite team Lakers being bounced. I prepared myself for the pod, expecting criticism, but the glee from Bontemps and McMahon was just insufferable. I had to stop listening 3x during the first few minutes. (By the way, where was the critical commentary on the Trial Blazers that lost 1-4? Bontemps managed to muster ‘CJ was bad’ and ‘this team has an interesting offseason’!! Oh is that all and did you save all the gleeful punching just for the Lakers?). Even the normally objective Windhurst could not hold back ‘Pelinka had a great 19-20 but not 20-21’!?!? Is this the same guy who said the Lakers were short by 1.5 players in 19-20 and heartily endorsed this past Lakers offseason??? Before you conclude that I am a Lakers fan who cannot take criticism, I have o problem with Zach’s pod after my team lost to the Suns. I wish this pod well in the postseason as I am a die-hard NBA fan, but I have unsubscribed from the pod (for now). I look forward to returning when objectivity returns.
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Brian and the Tim's are pure gold
Great nba pod ! Wendy is a great host and the episodes with both Tim's on are by far the best. Highly recommend this podcast for any level of nba fans.
More consistency with release dates
Love The continent Windhorst is the best. Drives me nuts that the release dates are inconsistent
Brian Worsthost is a straight up fabricator
How Windbag actually has a platform to speak is a travesty to journalism. His takes and bias on a National level is inexcusable. He has no credibility and quite frankly does not watch games or players that he comments on with the exception of a few. Absolutely pathetic and should not be employed by anyone other than a local newspaper.
Brian and the Tims are Great
This is one of my favorite basketball podcasts, but it has flaws. I know Brian and Bontemps can be polarizing to some, but when it’s Brian and the two Tims it is great. I don’t appreciate how Brian will let the others call him out for what they think are bad takes when other media people might not allow that due to ego. The problem is the first episode of the week is very hit or miss based on the guests. Pelton, Goldsberry, Marks, Arnovitz, Ohm, and Malika are all good. When Spears, Ramona, McMenamin, or Friedell are on though it is bad. Spears only has something to offer if it is the Warriors or Pelicans but is lacking when it comes to most other teams. Ramona constantly does the thing where she interrupts others ever 15 seconds to let them know she is listening and doesn’t seem to have much insider knowledge recently. The last two are major homers for whatever team they cover to the point of parody. If the bad guests made less appearances it would be a perfect podcast.
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Boring 😴
Bontemps is insufferable, Windhorst not too far behind, McMahon is the lone bright spot
Tim is trash
That man just over speaks interrupts too much and thinks he has superiority opinions
The hoop collective
Love the hoop collective. But I truly hope Liza Robinson never comes on the podcast again. The 2 times she’s been on have been the worst episodes in the podcast.
Tim’s gotta go
Brian is hit or miss but the Tim’s are too sensitive to listen too
In szn tourney
Brian comparing NBAs in season tournament to Champions league is wrong it will likely be comparable to FA Cup or Pokal or other league cups
Great guests, bad host.
His guests are great, but I don’t know how windhorst is a credible reporter. Some of his takes are terrible.
love it!!!! b-windy held it down , against the two tims the other day! jokic 4 mvp😅🙄
Hue b
Goat pod
Stephen a smith killed the trash top 25 under 25 rankings. Is Tim bontemps gonna call him out and cry about it? Straw poll was trash too
Stop hating on Jokic
Love the pod but why do you hate on Jokic so much? He’s the MVP of this season PERIOD
Brian badgers his guests, again
Friday, April 16, 2021. Listen to this episode and how Brian bullies his guests. As a long-time listener of many basketball podcasts, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve unsubscribed from a podcast. Sure there are episodes here or there where you’re not interested in the topic, but this was not the first time I had to listen to Brian do his angry thing. This is wrong and I hope both ESPN and Disney take a listen. Brian, please get help because your guests and whatever listeners you have left deserve better.
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Tim Bontemps Ruins this Podcast
Every time Bontemps is on he ruins the episode. My final straw was this Friday’s 4/16 podcast around the MVP poll. He was completely disrespectful to Brian and took everything too personally. I will no longer listen to any podcast that he is on.
Tim Bomptemps is annoying
Overly emotional Tim makes me want to change to a different station.
Rafael Testai
Idiotic windbag
Brian Windhorst is the least informed and most obnoxious NBA reporter I’ve ever come across. Why does ESPN continue to employ this clown?
F Tim Bontemps
Love Banned MacMahon...but the other Tim...Tim Bontemps is just the WORST!!! Get him off the podcast I love!!! Pretty sure he just dug his own grave after that embarrassing display on the mvp straw poll episode...Back when life was real and In person I told the talking heads at tnt inside the nba to move on from Magic...I just hope the same will happen to Bontemps no one enjoys him and not in the good one dope on the show fun kind of way!!!
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Windworst Basketball Pod
Windhorst is on LeBron’s payroll and consistently acts like he has insider info that none of the other reporters could ever be privy to. It is unlikely that he watches games and his focus is often on drama.
jokic mvp
windhorst just lost a listener
4/16/21 One of the Best PC in all of history
Wow, probably the best single sports podcast, I ever heard. The Straw Poll, Raw Real Emotion. Great Chemistry among the three host. Windhorst position a little bit nuts. They went at his nutso position but give Windy credit he let them go at him. Great Chemisty. The only past example in NBA History for Embid to win is 77-78 Walton. In 77-78, it was odd year, Jabbar missed time breaking his hand on Benson face, Erving only average 21 a game - ABAers vied for scoring title. Walton was 50-10 when he got hurt. Embid is not having a Walton year(Portland was dominating and Walton played 58 of first 60 games) but Embid is probably a little better player overall than Jokic but the award is MVP for that year. You have to play to win the game and MVP.
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kaizen rodriguez
Really tough listen
Windy makes NBA fans dumber with his lack of analysis and limited knowledge of the game of basketball. Thank god he brings other media members on or this wouldn’t be a show at all.
For shame
Let’s just tell the truth. Every time a white player gets even close to being an MVP candidate he wins because of the makeup of the MVP voters. Joker will be the most deserving white player to win since Larry Bird. When podcast have Luke Kennard watch on a white bench player and talk about him everyday on their podcast more than many other players contributing much more. It is what it is
Unless you like 1 of the 4 big teams, stay away
Windhorst is so enamored with LeBron and the other big market players/teams that if you’re a fan of the others, stay away. You will not learn or appreciate anything from Windhorst because he has nothing good to say about your teams as in his mind they never stand a chance. Bontempts and McMahon are great though and show versatility.
No good
Tired of listening to big market biases
Please different analysts
Please no more Bontemps... I’m not sure what happened to Jackie, but please bring her or more perspectives. Anybody, but no more Bontemps. This has been a long held opinion, but this last episode was the last straw. Brian had decent points and was upset and visibly agitated, McMahon did a decent job, and was the only one trying to talk sense into Brian. Bontemps was purposefully escalating the situation. As “extreme” as Brian was being (just a bit), Bontemps was waaaaay worse. It made have to listen to this show in breaks because he was waaaaay too stressful. I still enjoy the show. But I will stop listening if Bontemps is on the show much longer.
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Great Debate
First Take should take a lesson on how to argue in a fun way.
Raj Fan
Great Basketball Pod with insightful information
Glad that you guys didn’t take out an actual profesional argument because it’s great to have a frank discussion and people will not always see eye to eye and that’s okay. In the big picture of things we are missing that as a society and we shouldn’t be afraid to have frank and honest discussions.
Usually good
I love this pod, and it is usually good, but last episode sucked! Bontemps is really annoying and to my point he interrupts too much
You're being obtuse
But I still love the pod!
Brian can’t ever shut up!
Brain W. needs to learn how to listen!
Windhorst MVP Argument was nails on chalkboard
One star after yet another bizarre Windhorst argument. Really hard to listen to when Windhorst thinks we’re there for his analysis. Give me the Bontemps Show.
Brixton Burkholder
Amazing show but no more Spears
The writers give great insight on the NBA and always have the latest scoop and present it well. I would do anything for Marc Spears to be absent, I appreciate where he comes from on topics but I think most people are here for basketball talk. No disrespect but I’m not here for his philosophical takes on the terrible police work that happens.
I don’t even like basketball but I like this show
That’s probably weird but Windy is always worth listening to.
Nigerian Vegetable Vendor
Boring and biased towards the best teams Don’t look at the big picture
Not all fans are big market fans
I can’t believe what a Nugget and Jokic hater Windhorst is. Really, non-playing Embiid and then Harden are above Jokic for MVP? Hater.
Great, but lots of interruptions
Really enjoy this show, but Tim Bontemps interrupts other guests too much.
Great show. Love it
Mike.C 35
Bontemps is too much. He is constantly interrupting others on the pod and corrects everything. He thinks his opinion is better than everyone else and he believes he’s always right. MacMahon and Jackie Mac didn’t always have the best dynamic but Bontemps isn’t any better.
Great Pod
I always listen to Brian in the morning, we love you Brian, you are the GOAT
Difficult to listen to
Besides the audio difficulties, it’s SO hard to listen when Kevin Arnovitz is on. He really does have great thoughts on subjects, but he has such a hard time completing his thoughts and sentences without going off on a million tangents
Low audio standards
They’re getting one star out of me until they get their audio together. Every other podcast has adapted since Covid. It’s been over a year. The standards are way too low on this podcast to tolerate
Poor Audio Quality
Audio quality is inconsistent for the guests. Is quality no longer a concern at ESPN?
Love it
My only challenge with this podcast is your terrible microphones and sound engineering. The sound from at least one guest per show makes a piercing feeling in my ears. I have to listen to the show on low volume and then increase the volume for Brian. Please fix it.
No pardons. Just interruptions.
These guys just cut each other off and talk over each other all the time. It’s poorly produced and frustrating to listen to, even while you’re casually taking a walk.
Updating to 5 stars from 3
Two big thumbs to the changes lately (replacing Jackie Mac with Bontemps, Andrew Han fading intoto background). Unpopular opinion alert, but I didn’t like Jackie on the pod at all. Her and Macmahon clashed, and honestly, it’s much better with Bontemps and Macmahon. They are really good together, and Brian is good with anybody. I don’t get all the hate for Bontemps—he’s actually quite insightful and funny, sometimes when he doesn’t even mean to be. Of course, the main strength of the pod continues to be Brian’s insights and topics, and the fact that he refuses to bring any current players or coaches on the air. That means you don’t have to skip any episodes listening to boring, tight lipped interviews with subjects fearful of upsetting their employers. Congrats team.
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Pod Custer
2 year fan
Hi Hoop Collective, Thank you so much for all the ladies and gentlemen involved. I’m big basketball fan, but I’m also an accountant. I really appreciate it all you guys do! More finance talk wouldn’t hurt my feelings.
Stop doing podcast 12 hrs before it gets released.
Stop doing podcasts hourssssss before u released it. U guys covering games that happened 2 days ago they already played another team. Today podcast was worthless waste of my time.
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