Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast
Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast
Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying
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Enjoy intellectual discussion
I am a nurse and, of course, enjoy science especially as it relates to humankind. Dr.s Weinstein and Heying provide an “easy listening” flavor for one who enjoys learning in a relaxed way. Their family dynamics are admirable as they continually demonstrate respect for each other, even when in disagreement. Speaking of disagreement, they are brave and honorable in welcoming (never “cancelling”) guests with controversial viewpoints. Regardless of political persuasion this podcast is a pleasure!
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I don’t agree with a lot stuff you believe however….
I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff you talk about involving your knowledge about Covid. However I still love listening to your podcast because it gets me to think more heavily. By listening to you I’ve realized that you Need to hear opposite opinions to really learn anything. Also I’m young but I do miss the days of having a different opinion about something and not having to be drug into a loud argument about it.
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Vanilla ice
Every time the good Dr. says “To the extent…” I immediately say to myself “I rock the mic like a vandal.”
Golden Data
These two have been fearlessly providing free information that is life altering and possibly life changing for years. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
essential listening
The good doctors Bret and Heather, are insightful, honest and brave. Their courage and intellect are a breath of fresh air in this era of double speak and propaganda. ❤️
c.s. vance
Not engaging
I admire Heather but Bret is far too self-absorbed for me to enjoy the podcast. Every episode has a long story about an experience in Bret’s life that no one finds interesting except for him. The bike story is just the latest example. He always thinks he’s a offering profound insight, but even if he is, the only person who’s still listening by the end is him.
Actually understand science; best for fellow geeks.
For overly analytical professional researchers like myself, meandering and thorough podcasts like this are the best. I can understand why others may find it to get lost in the weeds, but it's actually important to fully explore topics. Yeah the bike one was boring to me, but only because I'm a research geek and not a cyclist. It was a way for me to see how their style can feel too slow when you're only casually interested, or not a researcher. Their center-left bias fits my own, so that may be another reason I like it, though they are very good (nobody is perfect) at keeping the science detached from that. Recently I've particularly enjoyed how this podcast has triggered all sorts of cognitive dissonance regarding covid research, in those who simply can't escape their social and political programming. They can't find actual flaws in the podcast or the discussion, but they screech about it anyway because they don't know how to interpret research or change their mind in the face of new evidence. They are even smeared as ant-vax, proving those reviewers haven't listened to more than 1 show.
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George B Curious
Nuclear Option
Episode #134…What did I just listen too??
Where a Tree Once Was
Did I just listen to an hour long story about falling off a bike?????
The definitive alt-left conspiracy theories podcast
Armed with a formidable scientific vocabulary—both hosts certainly qualified to wield them—this is largely a counter-culture, conspiracy theory laden walk through topics facing all of society, but from a just left of centre POV. While not a biologist myself, I've been a lifelong enthusiast and can follow along with the jargon, though I suspect a large percent of the (target) audience is glossy-eyed but impressed enough to believe in whatever opinions are shared here, interspersed with factual content. I listen for the social and biology content, but generally draw the line at accepting their constant appeals to Covid anti-vax sentiments. It's honestly like hearing geologists on YouTube wax ad nauseam on flat earthism. Their professional expertise is adjacent to virology, immunology, and pharmacology, but not enough that I take them fully seriously, especially when they're constantly crying wolf about how the whole world is wrong about nearly every topic and they just happen to have the correct answer, yet nobody will accept or believe them. Once or twice is believable, but every bloody topic? I'm of the camp that if it seems the whole world has the problem, it's likely just you. While I do applaud their mantra to question everything and exercise logic/caution in the absence of data, the neverending litany against vaccines and their advocacy for alternate medicine (also in the absence of conclusive data to the contrary) is both irresponsible and tantamount to professional malpractice considering the aforementioned impressionability of the audience. I keep listening, but it does seem increasingly to get a regular sample of what the alt-left is up to.
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Clarity, integrity…and, yes, “Felt-crossed Tadpigs”
While listening to the most recent episode and walking my dogs, I burst out laughing when I heard Heather say “Tadpigs” (as only a frog-studying biologist would say) and then later when Brett said “felt-crossed.” Regular listeners such as myself will appreciate that humor. Seriously, if you have not yet listened to this podcast, Heather summarized the Dark Horse Podcast perfectly, “it is one of the few places where listeners can actually hear people talking with honesty and integrity in ways that sound like how they would like to be able to be talking with their own family and friends.” If you are getting overwhelmed with podcasts, this is one of the VERY few podcasts that asks the questions that need answering and appeals to humanity first, not ideology….AND it does not leave you feeling toxic or despondent. It empowers you through its focus on fact-finding, substantiated knowledge, and the search for the objective truth. This podcast has been a beacon of light through these last few years!
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katie, Hospitality consultant
Technical issue
Great podcast as always. Having a problem hearing you two, more so Heather. I listen to other podcast and don’t need to max out the volume. Keep up the great work and God bless.
Excellent podcast
Bret and Heather are one of the few people who at least come from the liberal side that are able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the main stream media and our government particularly when it comes to Covid, vaccines, and cancel culture to name a few the things dividing us as a nation. I’m a staunch conservative 64 years old I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and progressing through their own story and experiences. So refreshing to hear someone with whom I’m sure have disagreements but would still be able to break bread with have great discussion. Bret and Heather, we’ll done! Carry on searching for truth!
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Kinstantin Kisin
Good job Konstantin! I used to listen to the Dark Horse podcast, but got bored with the constant Covid jabber. I tuned in to listen to how Konstantin would handle the incessant doomsday foreboding, and he didn’t disappoint!
Konstantin Kisn show
I can’t believe the show ended up with that question, halfway thru I paused so I could tell my wife how much I enjoy two intellects basically agreeing to disagree without being apologetic and continuing to stand their ground, all the while keeping it civil. Bravo….Great Show
Staving Off Extinction
One of my favorite episodes of this podcast. I absolutely loved the open discussion, and I appreciate Konstantin’s adherence to his beliefs. I also tend to think that a lot of unqualified people are voicing opinions that hurt, rather than help, the conversation (particularly surrounding Covid). I also hear Brett’s side in that common sense issues should be discussed by those who have common sense, which is becoming increasingly rare. Godspeed.
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Mixed results
I like Heather. She’s thoughtful, and she listens. Bret is an insufferable blowhard. The interview with Konstantin Kisin is a good example. Kisin made his point well, but Bret couldn’t let it go. Bret and Heather wrote a good book, and they were invaluable during COVID, but at least as far as Bret goes, I’m done.
Kisin episode…
Quite revealing of the problem we’re all facing. Thanks Bret
More Twitter "science"
This is for boomers who want to hear their confirmation bias read back to them while making them feel good about hating transgender people and believing in any current conspiracy theories. Bret and Heather have a shifting sense of science where they will contradict themselves (sometimes in the same sentence) to justify whatever random thought pops into their head. LIstening to them is like listening to someone that knows how to pronounce all the big words but doesn't know what they mean which is just enough to fool the average idiot into thinking they have some kind of borad wisdom.
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I used to love this….
But I am finding the latest intersection study denialism very troubling. It seems that Brett and Heather are so attached to their unproven opinions that they are going to forever criticize and condem any scientific findings that go against their theory. Probably forever.
Thinking out of the box
The most important thing about what you’ll get here is thoughtful discourse. The discussions will also help you to avoid being boxed into the boundaries defined by “experts”. One of the best investments in your time to listen.
NV Occ Doc
Choosing sides
Bret and Heather have become my required intellectual nourishment. 2 teacherrs that have so much wisdom to offer, they teach life lessons you didn't know you needed. One debate they've blown wide open is left versus right, how it's not left versus right, and how the media/powers that be that want you to be divided/choose sides and fight. It's more nuanced, we are all humans that have a LOT of common ground and in reality differ on very minor issues. If there's a better podcast out there let me know but i doubt it.
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Honesty you need
Not very enlightening
Your take on homelessness and the cops just shows how comfortable you are. Clearly you can’t even imagine the prospects of eviction or police violence directed at you. For all your scientific reasoning you’re conflating symptoms with causation. Maybe you should stick to topics you know something about.
good pair, complex systems
Well worth listening to, despite Bret’s inability to get over mindless TDS, and traces of naive liberal stupidity he can’t get past. Sorry Bret, regardless of what your unshakeable dumb leftist biases suggest, regardless of the first sentence, The right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Yes, indeed there is no limit on our right. Your dumb argument that it is not an individual right is nonsense as no right of THE PEOPLE is really meant for the states. Sorry, your dumb leftist argument needs to go.” Unity 2020 “ sure turned out to be a stupid effort, considering you helped the monsters with your efforts. Heather is somewhat smarter, clearly doing better at leaving the evil liberal cult behind. Together they are solid scientific voices agains the fascist commie democrat monsters and their anti-science, anti-western civilization cult. In any case these two, with occasional fast forward through Bret’s leftism, are still very much worth some thought.
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Crap artist.
This is a grifter attaching himself to the so-called dark web. Chose another podcast, your ability to critically think will improve from not listening to this crap.
magic mikey
Logical and well done!
These guys are a breath of fresh air! It’s because of them I decided not to get vaccinated. It’s not that I didn’t take COVID seriously. I stocked up on ivermectin and supplements. I got Delta and got over it like it was nothing. The sad thing is, I know folks who took the vaccine and got horrible side effects and still got covid! They make wrong predictions at times but they’re doing an awesome job for the most part. If they get something wrong, they own it. They’re well studied in their fields which adds a lot to the podcasts.
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Timing Longevity
Bishop Barron
Thank you both for sitting down for a discussion with Bishop Barron. I am in awe of the intellect presented here. Continue to be curious. Many Blessings to you, Heather & Bret!
I want to like this podcast but…
I really want to like this podcast. I appreciate the topics discussed, the information put forth, and the logical rigor that is applied. However, the two hosts are so arrogant, egotistical, and self-obsessed that it is extremely difficult for me to listen. If only they could share their knowledge and their work without constantly talking about themselves.
Dr. A. Ronne
You guys are the best. ♥️
Ive never spent time in academia but see its values and serious subversion in todays universities. During the Soviet era one of the goals was to capture western institutions in what Italian marxist Antonio Gramsci called The long March. It was somewhat successful in various fields of study friendly to marxist ideology but the name had to be changed after the red scare and McCarthy era. So it morphed into Critical Theory in law schools by Herbert Marcusa and his students who adapted it to a racial struggle. Now it is a spider web of related studies that replaced class with race and now gender called CRT and inter-sectionalism. James Lindsey seems to have the most comprehensive history on the subject. Until recent decades it had no influence in the hard sciences but now has reached critical mass by incorporating radical post modernism and it is a monster to be slayed or America and the west is doomed. Bret and Heather are some of the best people that have been viciously attacked by this beast system and are a treasure and new warriors in the fight. You have a greater audience now than before you were railroaded out of Evergreen and many new friends and comrades in this fight. We must all hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately said Benjamin Franklin. God Bless you and your work
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Interesting in ways, but badly biased in others
At the request of my GF, i gave a listen to 126 episodes, I wanted to grok her point of view, i really did, and I gave them 126 chances. Sadly, at the end of the day, these two are no better than Glenn Beck or Tucker Carlson for the overall quality of their information. Bret and Heather bring some much needed evolutionary education to the conversation, and just like Beck and Carlson, they sprinkle in enough accurate info, in a nice, professorly way, that it sounds reasonable to any random listener. Sadly, they also try to map their cultural biases onto evolution and claim that their preferences are evolutionary, when then are in fact only a cultural inheritance from European Christianity. They explicitly get monogamy wrong as a way to excuse their preferences, when half of todays world discredits their view. Even worse, they actively apply their (non-applicable) credentials to spreading medical misinformation about COVID and bogus treatments like Ivermectin, regardless of what the actual data say. They are happy to cherry-pick outlier studies that support their conspiracy theory and anti-vaccine views while ignoring the vast bulk of studies that discredit their those outliers. Breat and Heather are entertaining, and a good listen, but they have issues with ignoring the data when it doesn’t fit their preferences. It’s worth a listen, but bring many grains of salt, you will need them.
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Joe Zberger
Smart people thinking out loud
Do I agree with them all the time? No. Do I deeply admire how they model the attitude and practice of scientific inquiry? YES!
Spiral Wiz
Just No
Smug, conclusion-driven attention-seekers. And they want your $$, of course. Don’t be fooled by the fancy footwork.
Mrs. Skeptic
Dr Ponesse interview
What a brave young woman. Clarity and logic, compassion and sincerity. Thank you for this interview.
Aunt Be
Jonathan Pageau
Just listened to your podcast with Jonathan pageau. Absolutely LOVED It!
Will mojoyoyomama....
Will mojoyoyomama retract his/her/them conspiracy theorist attack and apologize? That big pharma paid for, agenda bent “study” turned out to be anti-ivermectin propaganda. My guess is that these corporations have plans to release more viruses and therefore don’t want the populations of the world to be in a position to treat themselves. It seems like Dat Mectin might be similar to aspirin, both having plural uses.
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R.I.P. to Funny
Highest recommendation
Excellent content; nuanced, thoughtful discussions; intelligent; scientific; an escape to reality. Heather is incredibly annoying and rude to Bret, and he is so accommodating of her. Charm goes a long way. Weinstein goes off the rails at times, e.g. furiously promoting anecdotal evidence and folk medicine over science-based medicine and controlled experiments. Reduced to 2 stars. Still banging on about Ivermectin. Heather “is a real scientist” but scientists at tier-1 research universities are not, because they do “big science,” not real science. Their credibility has tanked.
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Conspiracy theorist
Will Bret now retract his conspiracy about ivermectin given the new study concluding it has no effect? I hope so.
Awesome podcast. Everyone should listen
I couldn’t stop listening …
Bret’s conversation with Dr. Ponesse was so intriguing I couldn’t stop listening. I really appreciated the sincerity, honesty, and depth of their conversation. The ease of understanding such a complex topic is a credit to these amazing teachers.
Great Pod
Hate to admit that I am glad Evergreen became so woke that Bret and Heather took flight from that poisonous environment, but I am exuberant about it. They have much too much valuable information and insights to be locked into a single campus audience. The entire country can benefit greatly by giving them a listen.
I came to the podcast after reading and enjoying the podcasters book. I’m disappointed. I listened to three different episodes, just to be sure, I’m out. . *Lots of wandering into the weeds * not much science, lots of libertarian politics *waaaaaay too much time on reading sponsor adds
Episode 127
Have been enjoying your podcasts until today. I appreciate that your politics are very different from mine and appreciate that you always back up your thoughts. Until today. Your comment that Trump did a very bad job when the pandemic broke out confused me. I am sure you were aware that he tried to get people to use therapeutics for those who got Covid but the media (mostly liberal) Laughed that one down. What should he have done as the media was all against him? Please clarify.
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Not a science podcast
Where is the discussion Through the lenses of evolutionary biology? I’d really like to hear that perspective on current issues as opposed to Over privileged spoiled brats whom haven’t worked a hard day in their lives with no relationship to the common working slave class, waxing authoritarian over people they have no understanding of and connection to. No thanks. The epitome of what is wrong with liberal over educated people. Exactly the same as the people they hate.
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I love the show!
I really look forward to every new podcast. I also greatly enjoyed the wisdom of the hunter gatherers guide.
A few thoughts
I believe that while some people got the vaccine because they were desperate to get their lives back, more got it because the government, health agencies and the media so terrified people, they believed this vaccine was the only way to save them from certain death. The more I learn about it and it’s effects, the happier I am I didn’t take it, and that decision has definitely cost me in terms of some relationships. You are spot on regarding the elites looking down their noses at the working people. As a conservative, and therefore a deplorable, I have very much felt this utter disdain and snobbishness coming from many on the left. So much so, I just don’t say much anymore. The actions of the Canadian truckers are very heartening.
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Hardcore common sense eloquently put. Not suitable for people who can’t think for themselves.
I enjoy Bret…
I really enjoy the podcast but Heather needs to stop interrupting so much. It is so distracting and unprofessional. I want to hear Bret get his thought out but we can’t with her doing this.
First time listener; I come from the center-right. I’m lately amazed at how many people from the left that I have opposed on policies my entire adult life who are now in common cause with me. It gives me hope that we can move forward together as long as we keep going until we’ve permanently removed the tyranny root and branch. Nevertheless, I just can’t resist taking the opportunity to pre-bunk the malinformation in your next podcast! ;-) Seriously, you are a breath of fresh air! Keep up the great work!
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Love what they say when they have something to say
But as professional teachers and scientists they must know their syllabus is pretty thin. They simply don't have enough new stuff to say for a weekly podcast and their not bringing good new data to the podcasts. I love their sensibility however and am hoping they can fix these problems.
Well rounded!
I do not come from an academic or scientific background. At first, I had to warm up to Heather’s personality. Now, I absolutely adore both Heather and Brett. I think they create a nice balance of points of view and knowledge. I appreciate the passion behind how they are observing the world today. This is definitely in my top 5 podcasts!
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