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Ask the Scientist Podcast Series - ft. Dr. Anne Hilgendorff (Germany) Ep. 2 (1/2)
In part 1 of this episode, we get to hear about Anne's passion for neonatal research as a clinician scientist, as well as the cutting-edge research being conducted in Anne's laboratory on the concept of 'premature lung ageing', as a novel mechanism driving neonatal chronic lung disease.
Dec 1
27 min
Breathe Easy Pediatrics Presents: Tidal Volume Episode 3 – Collateral Ventilation
Tidal Volume is a new podcast from ATS Peds focusing on core concepts of pediatric pulmonology. The goal is to bring in depth focus on these core concepts for residents, fellows, early career pulmonologists or even senior faculty looking for a refresher. In episode 3, Christopher Green MD and Christina Barreda MD from the University of Wisconsin discuss the concept of collateral ventilation. There is an overview of different models of ventilation and pathways of collateral ventilation, description of factors that influence collateral ventilation, followed by a discussion of the clinical relevance of collateral ventilation.
Nov 24
18 min
The Effect of COVID-19 on Young Career Professionals Inside and Outside the Lab and Clinic
In this podcast co-sponsered by the ATS RCMB Early Career Professionals Working Group and the Web Committee, Dr. Rachel Knipe (MGH) interviews Dr. Amanda Tatler (Nottingham), Dr. Fransesca Polverino (Arizona), Dr. Marta Bueno (Pitt), Dr. Maria Basil (UPenn), Dr. Josh Englert (Ohio State) and Dr. Chris Pascoe (Manitoba). This group of young physician-scientists discusses the challenges that have arisen in their careers during the last 6 months as things were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic surge. The discussion addresses obstacles they have faced, things that have helped, and fears that they all share for the future. We suspect many of the sentiments raised in this podcast are shared across the world throughout academic institutions and hope to provide some assurance that others are going through similar struggles, and encourage discussions around supports that can help this vulnerable group of scientists.
Nov 17
49 min
Self-Management Interventions in Chronic Respiratory Disease
In this podcast, Dr. Linda Nici and Dr. Rachel Tappan discuss the importance of self-management skills for people with chronic respiratory disease such as COPD and how health care providers can intervene to help build these skills.
Nov 10
26 min
The Application of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Children With Chronic Respiratory Diseases
In this podcast, Dr. Patel gives an overview of the pediatric cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH. Dr. Patel explains the advantages of this novel approach to children with acute and chronic respiratory illnesses and she also provides insight into the future directions in this exciting and evolving field.
Nov 3
33 min
ATS 2020 and navigating a virtual meeting
In this podcast from the AII Assmbley Early Career Working Group, Dr. Marc Gauthier sits down with Drs. Rod Rahimi, Rachel Scheraga, Fernando Holguin and Jay Kolls to discuss the virtual ATS 2020 meeting highlights as well as ways of approaching a virtual meeting in general.
Oct 27
21 min
Critical Perspective: Low vs. conventional tidal volumes during intra-operative procedures
In this “Breathe Easy Critical Perspective” podcast, Dr. Dominique Pepper interviews Dr. Dharshi Karalapillai. They discuss the trial published in JAMA (September 2020) that investigated the effect of low versus conventional tidal volumes during operative procedures. Dr. Karalapillai is a dual-trained anesthetist and Intensive care physician. He is a Staff Intensivist and a Visiting Anesthetist at Austin Health, Australia.
Oct 20
26 min
The Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Microbiome
In this podcast Dr. Lindsay Caverly, Dr. Robert Quinn and Dr. Ryan Thomas discuss the pulmonary microbiome in cystic fibrosis. This wide-ranging discussion begins with a conversation of the microbiome in the normal lung and then moves to the alterations of the microbiome in cystic fibrosis and the tools and techniques used in the discovery of these changes. They cover how antibiotics and other chronic treatments of cystic fibrosis alter the microbiome in CF as well as how the new CFTR modulators maybe having an effect both clinically and on future research. They finish by discussing the potential benefits of gaining better understanding of the microbiome and areas for future research.
Oct 13
44 min
Music Listening to Help Critically Ill Patients Manage Anxiety
Join two experts as they discuss how clinicians and other experts can help patients use music listening to manage anxiety in the critical care environment.
Oct 6
36 min
The Lazarus Phenomenon
In this podcast, Dr. Sarah Train explains the history and recognition of the unusual event of autoresuscitation, dubbed the Lazarus effect, and takes us through understanding the physiology and how awareness of it might have implications for clinical practice.
Sep 29
17 min
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