Brakeing Down Security Podcast
Brakeing Down Security Podcast
Bryan Brake, Amanda Berlin, Brian Boettcher
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Bryan has an annoying habit of making things up when he's unsure of himself...
Good team!
Topics are practical and varied. I also appreciate the fact that they are all involved in the security community which adds weight to their discussions.
Great Security Pod
Great security podcast even for non-security IT folks. Give it a listen!
The Drewsk
Important for Cyber Security
Great information and insight. They actually test some of the issues discussed which is great. This is a great way to stay up to date.
My go to InfoSec podcast
Bryan and the gang do an amazing job with Braking Down Security. Their Slack channel is a wealth of talent and information. I learn something new each episode.
My Go To Infosec podcast
The hosts are easy to listen too and every episode is filled with entertainment. The information is invaluable and the guest speakers are awesome. Always something to take away for everyone at any level in infosec. On top of the show being great, the community behind the show is just as awesome. Join their Slack channel asap!
Best InfoSec Podcast
I look forward to this podcast each week. The information and the humor are balanced perfectly. Keep up the good work.
Great podcast with incredibly useful information
One of my favorite podcast on computer security. I love the real world examples and how to mitigate the threats. I learn something new every episode. Thanks for taking the time to make this podcast. It is appreciated.
Great cast!
Discovered you guys a couple months ago and have to say, you're at the top of the list of infosec podcasts I listen to now. Gonna join the Slack channel and see what's up there as well. Keep up the good work!
Fantastic InfoSec Podcast
Very beginner friendly format without dumbing anything down. Fantastic guests, some real InfoSec superstars but all seem more approachable likely due to the nature of this podcast. Nice variety of infosec topics, too. Each episode is an hour (or so) well spent. BDS also has a nice Slack channel and supports vets like me, so much the better!
I love the podcast and the community behind it. Much love! 10/10
Ya, this is my favorite P-Cast of all
THese guys are usually spot on on everything they are doing and the way the allow for information to be disseminated is amazing! Great job! I think my favorite one is the one this year with Hector M. And the CTF- I'll get to that next year I guess. Thanks Mr. Boetcher and Mr. Brake!
Great InfoSec Podcast
The atmosphere and information on this podcast is unique and fresh. These guys bring a new blend of experience and point of views to InfoSec podcasting which is refreshing. Keep up the good job
Bryan and Brian
They keep asking for reviews and I keep thinking I should write one! Well there you go boyz 5 starz for ya'
An excellent blue team podcast
While I don't come to this podcast strictly to learn about new things, I do thoroughly enjoy the way they explain lots of common security problems. I use them a lot as a resource to train my coworkers up on Internet security in between my sessions of teaching them, and it works a treat
Excellent podcast
One of my favorite Infosec podcasts.
Great podcast! They know what they're discussing, and have knowledgeable guests on to discuss relevant matters. Helpful to defenders/blue teamers.
I listen to every show!
This podcast needs it's own radio station. I am so greatful I sought out security podcasts and found this podcast! Thanks for all of your hard work!
One of the better infosec podcasts around
These guys are a great resource for taking deeper dives into technical tools and concepts. The material is always current and fresh, and they don't make fart jokes (usually) and act like they are third graders (unlike some other infosec podcasts) and they are both passionate about infosec. Two thumbs up and a third one if I had it. 👍👍👍
Solid InfoSec podcast
I've enjoyed listening lately. I'm starting a new habit to listen every week. Especially liked the two ITIL and InfoSec podcasts. Straight forward, humble and useful content for the security professional without pretending they know everything.
Brian and Brian know how to make a podcast
Brake and Boettcher handle information that pertains to anyone in the infosec industry. They do not simply summarize current events, they dive deep into the tools (and procedures) that we all wish we could more efficiently utilize. I come to this podcast when I’m looking for the nitty gritty discussion and I’m never disappointed.
Don't download!!!
Excellent Security Podcast
I have recently added this podcast to the list of my must have security podcasts. Great work, guys. I look forward to listening to the podcast every week. The information provided covers a wide area of information security topics and keeps the information relevant for a nice range of skill levels which is good to help foster interest in information security. Keep up the good work.
Great Security Podcast
Best podcast I’ve found for people trying to apply good security ideas! Not just a run down of security news.
My favorite security 'cast
Brian and Brian provide me with insights that I can't get anywhere else. They cover a broad range including some very technical topics (some security tools and topics I never even heard of before), but meake the info usable for managmeent types like me, with clear recomendations and calls-to-action to apply the new knowledge.