Brakeing Down Security Podcast
Brakeing Down Security Podcast
Bryan Brake, Amanda Berlin, Brian Boettcher
2020-011-Alyssa miller, deep fakes, threatmodeling for Devops environments, and virtual conferences
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Mar 24, 2020 at 9:27 pm.
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Show notes


Looking forward to sharing my vision for ending the 60 year cycle of bad defense strategies in #infosec and my challenge to think about security in a more effective way.


#DianaInitiative2019 #cdwsocial



1961 - MIT - CTSS -


Egg, coconut, brick ( my example of security --brbr)


Start with critical assets

    Layer outward, not perimeter in.

Medieval castles

    Create the keep, build out from that

    Active defenses


Dover Castle -


Detection defenses - watchguards

Mitigation defenses - moats - give time/space to respond (network segmentation)

Active countermeasures - knights/archers/cannons 

DeepFake technology

Election year

Spoke at RSA

Business threat? 

        “Outsider trading”

            “Video of Elon talking about problems - fake…”

                Stocks tank - short 

Could it be done strategically to destabilize things

Extort business leaders

    Fake videos used to extort 


Still difficult to create

    What’s the hurdles stopping it from being mainstream?

        Huge render farms? - deepfake Sharon Stone/ Steve Buscemi


Threat modeling in devSecOps

Agile env needs to be quick, fast, and 

Build it into user stories

Shostack’s method is a bit weighty

    How do we implement that in such a way to make dev want to do them?


Organizing Virtual cons - April 15

        24 hour conference for charity

Talks, followed by interactive channels, community generation

Virtual Lobbycon


CFP is open 01 April 2020

Sticker swap!


    Bsides Atlanta

        27-29 March - All virtual this weekend!



    Infosec Oasis - 18 April



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