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The change in the wrong direction
This used to be a cool podcast that would give lots of good information. However it has become way too politically-based and not science-based. I will miss it
Not worth the time
A lot of ads. Doesn’t actually teach you anything or explain the details well. A lot of bias and skewing of facts.
Young Tatum
Talking too fast??
Am I the only person who thinks that she talks way too fast? I mean I feel exhausted just by trying to keep up listening and paying attention.
To many ads
Stop the ads!
Somebody mixed up the recording
I wanted to hear about cats and dogs perception of time. Instead I got a woman in a sing song voice talking f about racial disparities.
More commercials than podcast?
I love the tidbits of information and the presenter does a good job. Commercials are an important part of podcasting and they are what keep these podcasts coming to us free of charge.However, with this one, it’s gotten to the point that it feels like commercials with a podcast break in between instead of the other way around.
Don’t bother
Chuck has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he doesn’t want ANYBODY that thinks differently than him to listen to any of the shows on the network, so I unsubscribed to the entire network. He’s so ignorant that he wants to exist only in an echo chamber of his own thoughts. It’s really sad and pathetic. Good thing there are over 330,000 other podcasts to listen to.
50% ad 40% replays 10% good new content
3 full minutes of adds in a 7 min podcast is too much. Like the content though.
Progressive Brain Stuff
I had to give this show up. To much liberal propaganda.
too many errors
too many mistakes. the errors are forgiven up to a point. then i just can’t trust the info. i think you rushed too many times. and pronouncing the t in valet and the LL in guillotine as L instead of a Y sound, that is just lazy. i gave it a good try. i listened to a few hundred episodes. but it never got better.
Thank you
I love this information, it’s so short concise yet very informative.
Ali Schu
Brain what? Brain fart on the media
Journalism as a profession today is no more honorable a trade than prostitution, and quite possibly less. There is a reason why the media ranks dead last in polls on trusts worthiness. People trust politicians today more than the media. This podcast is insulting our collective intelligence by trying to convince us that this brothel is an honest-to-goodness massage parlor. We’re not listening because we’re stupid, in case you forgot. The liberal mainstream media and its various outlets, to include this podcast, follow a moral compass that no longer points to true North. You’ve decided among yourselves ‘North will be for us whatever we say it is’. The Fake News media is indeed a bold harlot. If you would see evidence of its prostitution, I recommend reading “Unfreedom of The Press” by Mark R. Levin and definitely check out his podcast. He is a wise and learned man. (No sex workers were harmed in the posting of this review)
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Commercial Podcast
50% political BS; 30% useful information; 20% commercials. If you are a sheep, who likes commercials, this is the podcast for you. It has really went downhill the past 1-2 years since the new host took over. If you are not a sheep, move on to almost any other podcast and you will be smarter.
Jerry Cunningham
Simple but Nice
This podcast is very quick and simple. I like that it gets down to the point fast and answers the question immediately. It almost feels like a infomercial. I don’t recomend to everybody.
Love, love, love!
A few minutes of extremely interesting topics increases my knowledge every day. This is one of the best podcasts available.
SAV 74
Fast-talking robots
I tried this podcast out and I thought these people were robots. Now, the reason why there is 3 stars is because there is good content. If you want a informative, fun, and best of all, a podcast without fast-talking robots, then listen to Curiosity Daily.
Interesting topics
This is a great way to learn new things in a brief podcast. I like Lauren’s voice, she speaks clearly and there is no vocal fry which is quite common these days. I don’t understand the criticism of the way she speaks.
Great content
This show provides great content delivered in a fun and informative way. Yes, there are commercials, but you can always give them a lot of money and reduce them for all of us.
I generally like this podcast, but...
“Positively charged electrons”. Really?
To the host: please talk at a normal speed. It sounds absurdly sped up. The content is great.
Please just speak like a human
Pretend you’re talking to a friend instead of conducting a high school speech.
Annoying robotic voice
The host’s voice is annoyingly robotic. You can actually hear her sharp breaths in before she starts each sentence. Great information, but I just can’t stand her voice.
Robot or human
Is that voice a robot or human? I get why so many reviewers compare her to Alexa. I could not get through one episode. So annoying.
Great content, bad delivery
I was so excited when I stumbled upon this show because the topics are very interesting and I like the bite size length of the episodes. The content is great, but I am going to stop listening to the show because the woman’s voice and cadence are so sing-song-y and fake. It’s annoying and distracting. Her insanely audible and predictable gasps are also very annoying and distracting.
“Alexa” Vogelbaum
Yes, I know her name is Lauren, but if I wanted to listen to a robotic voice I could just talk to Alexa. I’m a new listener and have listened to old and new episodes. The older hosts speaking more naturally made it a 5 star podcast. The content is still good but her delivery is horrid. Not smooth or natural. On top of her robotic and unnatural delivery, her quick exaggerated inhales... it’s beyond me why she or the editors think the listeners enjoy them. I love the premise of the podcast. Please make it enjoyable again. I don’t want to unsubscribe.
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No longer for me.
I used to put up with the absurd ad length, but now I’ve caught up and the ads plus new host have rendered this podcast an unfortunate delete for me.
Fact check on aisle doh!
Katrina was in 2005 #neverfirget
Cloying voice
My high school English teacher taught the girls in class not to perform their readings in the same cloying, sickly sweet, sing-song fashion we are subjected to in this podcast. Please find a professional presenter for this otherwise enjoyable program. Alternatively, send this one to a broadcaster school. Please.
Slow Down
I appreciate the short podcasts but she is talking way too fast. I like to listen while I am doing other things and I can’t catch half of what she is saying.
Very One Sided
After listening to your one sided podcast on single use plastic bags I now have a hard time believing anything you say going forward. You seem to have an agenda. Plastic bags can and should be recycled. The recycled plastic resign can used to make other plastic such as trex lumber, plastic furniture, more bags etc. (any plastic item can use the resign). You should of give more than one side.
Good content but...
...the ads. I like having the choice for a short podcast in my library but half the podcast is ads bookended at the beginning and end with 1m -1m30s each, leaving only ~3 min for content. While I understand the need for ads and usually listen through the ads of my regular podcasts, Brain Stuff should reconsider the ratio of content to ads. 1:1 is not going to keep listeners coming back.
Hard to listen to
Can the sound engineer please fix Lauren’s gasping breaths? There’s no reason we need to hear that, we MUST have the technology, right? The gasping is so distracting I can’t absorb any information.
3 min of good content, 3 min of commercials
The content is interesting and nicely presented. My issues is how 3 minutes of a single topic are sandwiched between 3 minutes of advertisements. I accept the need for ad revenue, but this is excessive. Sadly, I decided to unsubscribe and listen to a similar podcast with a more reasonable ad to content ratio instead.
Is this woman drowning? Someone help!
Why do you make this poor lady do the podcast while barely gasping for air!? She has so much great knowledge just let her breathe!
Good content. Needs good host.
Love the content, but I can’t listen to it due to Lauren Vogelbaums voice. The choppy robot speech and gasping is so distracting. Unfortunate because all the content is great.
Love Lauren’s Delivery
I’m also a fan of Lauren’s other shows: Savor, Foodstuff and Stuff of Life. I would like it if these episodes were 10 minutes long. At five minutes, the ratio of ads to content is on the high side. OTOH, it’s great to see bigger sponsors like Lexus and Capital One come on board. Means all the good Stuff will continue!
Interesting stuff
The lady has a great voice, but the way she breathes is so annoying
momma FG
Informative and conscise
The show presents useful information in a clear, concise format - perfect for our sound byte, short attention span world. Yes, the presenter speaks quickly but not too quickly at all. Her enunciation is clear and she is easy to understand. (Side note/Arm chair analysis: Research shows people have problems with women’s voices. This may explain some of the more critical reviews.)
Good Stuff
Great info in a simple clear form. The young lady talks too fast though. Listener is able to speed up if desired so she can slow it down to be more understood. ;) Thank you for the great podcast!
awesome podcast
Love this podcast, I learn a lot. The topics are super interesting. I like Lauren's voice , she is super easy to understand and I love how she breaths lol
Sounds interesting, but I can’t
I am certain that the topics are fascinating and I love getting info in digestible chunks like that, but it is very uncomfortable to listen to it. I tried multiple episodes and the person doing the podcast gasps between sentences because she is talking so fast. I don’t know if maybe some background music would help? The gasping is just too distracting for me.
Good podcast
I enjoy these episodes
Slow down
I enjoy the podcast content but like many others, the host speaks too quickly for me to catch everything. I like the delivery from older episodes with the previous host. Even though episodes are short, I find myself playing some twice to catch everything.
Too fast
I think she speaks way too fast. It’s difficult to listen to.
Talks too fast
Her voice is too fast and robotic. Love the content though.
They talk to you like you’re simple
Need more Podcasts like this!
I am 33 years old & still have 🧡 to always learn more & keep up with these young brainiacs. The fact you guys get into all fields in science is great. Would love for you guys to make a podcast for forensic science.
It’s about time these hosts all got together. THANK YOU!!
Who thought this is okay?
I was not surprised to find an overwhelming number of people expressed the exact same thing that brought me around to write a review. The content is really interesting. But, I can hardly stomach listening due to the tempo of Lauren's delivery and her nervewracking gasps.
Gluteus just along for the ride?? Where do you get this information?? Very wrong. an RPT
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