Roger Dooley
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Entertaining, insightful
Roger Dooley does an incredible job of bringing a new perspective to the world of marketing in such an entertaining way! I love that this podcast always shares something different and actionable every time I listen. Keep up the great work!
Great conversations!
Roger never fails to set a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere between him and his guests - it's almost like listening to a discussion between friends. The topics are always super insightful and well-rounded too.
I have better things to do
The only thing worse than his pedantic coastal elitist takes is his unbelievably distracting nose whistle. So many other podcasts that do it a lot better than him
Not worth your time
Uneducated, pompous takes that aren’t worth anyone’s time. Not everyone needs or deserves a podcast.
Had Saad
The best thing I have learned about from your show is Gad Saad and evolutionary psychology. I love that there are intellectuals who see the danger of ivory tower politics and its damage to society.
Dennis Mossburg
So insightful and entertaining!
I recently started listening to the Brainfluence Podcast and I've really been enjoying it. I own my own business and work in marketing and I love that this podcast offers a new perspective on a lot of topics related to what I do in both an insightful and entertaining way. Highly recommend!
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur or marketer, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Roger does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business, and life you can be proud of - by leveraging the neurological hardwiring and natural perceptions your customers already have 🙌. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Great Guests and Great Insights
I listen to a lot of podcasts and Brainfluence is one of the few I listen to immediately when it shows up. Roger is a great interviewer (and author btw) and consistently does an excellent job of teasing out the most important nuggets of wisdom from every guest he has on his show. Episodes are short and packed with useful information. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll agree.
GLR Writer
Awesome Content
Roger does an amazing job as a host and interviewer. I’m loving the content and guests. Definitely binge worthy!
The Note Guy
Cracker Jack Prize
Roger's interview style is an easy listen: warm, friendly and laid back. The interviews feel like an easy discussion between friends with incredible new thoughts and ideas randomly sprinkled throughout. For me, it's like the surprise inside the Cracker Jack box. You will not be disappointed.
Great Content and Variety of Guests
I’ve listened to Roger’s podcast for years. I came into contact with it after reading his book Brainfluence. If you want to understand how neuroscience intersects with sales, marketing and many other disciplines this is the podcast to listen to. I appreciate the variety of guests Roger has because of the different applications they bring to the discussion. On a personal level, I had the opportunity to meet Roger on a trip to Austin. He was generous with his time and knowledge which was so kind of him.
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Fascinating Conversations!
Roger brings on the most interesting guests and dives into real life applications of neuroscience to make your marketing - and life - better.
Dr Sabrina
Great podcast
I enjoyed your conversation with Dan Ariely. I plan to tune-in again!
Terri in Fairhope
Real research for marketers
I love this podcast because Roger brings on true social scientists and helps them translate their academic research for practioners.
Female Founder
So Pleased to Discover Your Podcast
I happened to see a notice for your new book while I was on Amazon. And while taking a look inside the book, I clicked on the link for your website. I really enjoyed listening to the audio you offered there about the Persuasion Slide, so I came over here to subscribe. I'm working on my own book about neuromarketing, content marketing, and sales and persuasion so I'm thrilled to find all these podcast episodes I can listen to!
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Susan Joy Schleef
Good content, tough to listener to
This guy's voice forced me to stop listening. I'm not trying to be mean, but I couldn't stand it.
My New Favorite Podcast
I have been reading Roger’s blog and emails for about a year and didn’t realize he had a podcast. With every podcast I have listened to I have picked up something that has helped my business. One of the things I really like about Roger is he gets right to the information as opposed to many of the podcasts I have listed to that talk about unrelated things for the first 5-10 minutes. Thank you!
Really great show!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Roger.
J Carbary
Emerging neuro marketer from Middle East
Thank you so much Roger for this great podcasts! I listened to 'Careers in Nueromarketing: jobs and schools', I found it really helpful, I'm starting a consultant company in Nueromarketing in Kuwait, and it will be the first of its kind, so you can say that it is emerging here but very slowly!, and I would like to thank you for your brainfluence book :) it is a great book and it opened a lot of gates in This field :) thank you again and hope to invite to Kuwait soon
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An interesting podcast
Good job on bringing the topic of neuroscience into the business space. Interesting conversations.
Loretta Hudelot
Great supplement to his blog
I love the case study nature. There are neat tidbits in here on scarcity studies. Or how buy one/ get one for a penny would work better than buy one/ get one free. He talks about the motivators and how they impact the decision making of the brain. The non-conscious motivators are kind of scary and amazingly powerful at the same time. @lisacummings | Career Q&A podcast
Phenomenal insights into the power of persuasion
Roger Dooley’s book on neuromarketing is a personal favorite. This podcast brings all the psychology of persuasion from his blog and book to a new format. Plus, he interviews the people doing the research and in the trenches in the field. Listen to this podcast and you will understand how to better market your business.
Great Interviews
Nice variety of guests - all on “brainy” topics. Good discussion that isn’t dumbed down.
TX Irish
Great Content!
Lately I’ve doing research on the role of subconscious thinking in human behavior, Roger Dooley's content is full of insightful data and practical applications that can help anyone interested in these topics to move forward. Great content, thanks for sharing this with us!!!
Roger Dooley Always Delivers!
Roger Dooley always delivers thought-provoking insights along with a very good-natured wit. I just started subscribing to his blog a while ago, and have enjoyed his and his guests' take on marketing, neuroscience, and pyschology. In my professional marketing opinion, this is definitely considered out of the box, but extremely useful information. Listen up! It will make you think differently -- which is good if you want to stand out from the crowd!
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If you had to sell, this podcast is your secret weapon
In a crowded, noisy space like online marketing, you need every advantage to get your message heard. That’s tough if you don’t like marketing. Roger Dooley’s podcast will put you head and shoulders above the rest by sharing science-based marketing insights that you can immediately understand and apply to your business. The Nathalie Nahai episode is like gold! She shares killer insights about how colors (blue) and visuals (pictures of women) can earn you more trust (and sales) for your website as well as reading resources. I’ve read Roger’s blog for years and look forward to enjoying each podcast. If you’re an author, mediapreneur, coach or consultant who sells anything, you won’t want to miss this podcast.
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Book eater Dina
Excellent Podcast
A great blog and equally amazing podcast.
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