Roger Dooley
Cognitive Branding with Sandeep Dayal
26 minutes Posted May 13, 2022 at 7:25 am.
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Show notes

What is “conation?” According to seasoned marketing and strategy leader Sandeep Dayal, conation is incredibly important in the marketing world. It refers to the desire or will of people to perform an action – it helps marketers assess what causes a customer to opt-in or out of a buying decision.

Notes & Resources:

Sandeep Dayal joins Brainfluence to explain purchase decisions, brand identity, brand positioning, customer-centricity, and customer experience for brands that want to find and sell to their audiences ethically. He breaks down the process of a customer’s buying decision, the three factors that affect the designing of empathetic brands, and the three principles of self-regulation for marketers, among other things.

Recognition of the need to optimize customer experience continues to grow. As Sandeep explains, the better a customer’s mind is familiar with your brand’s offerings, the better the chances are they would buy from you. Make an effort to get to know your customer – understand their pain points, questions, and concerns, and align your marketing strategy to find them the answers to their most persistent questions.