Roger Dooley
Roger Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, and has been studying the effects of psychology, behavior research, and neuroscience on persuasion and marketing in business, leadership and everyday life. In every episode, Roger shares brain-oriented tactics, along with the expertise of his guests, to increase persuasion with concrete, research-based neuromarketing advice. Guests include best-selling authors and thought leaders like Robert Cialdini, Dan Pink, Guy Kawasaki, Jonah Berger, Chris Brogan, Maria Konnikova, and many more. Learn more and join the conversation at
The Referable Speaker with Andrew Davis
Joining Roger on today’s show is the highly energetic and informative Andrew Davis. Andrew Davis is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and wealth of knowledge in marketing, public speaking, customer experience, and building a powerful legacy. Not to mention, Davis has also produced for NBC and The Muppets. Throughout this fascinating episode, Davis reveals his first-hand experience of adapting to virtual events in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses the importance of production quality. The influential marketing expert also shares the secret to becoming an in-demand speaker, offering valuable advice on how to captivate and delight your audience. Key points covered throughout the episode include:  Show Notes Page: [0:40] - Introduction to Andrew Davis.[1:24] - Embracing virtual events and presentations.[2:06] - Andrews’s top three learnings of creating successful virtual experiences.[5:17] - The creation of The Referable Speaker.[8:29] - The four categories of public speakers.[12.37] - How to surprise and delight your audience.[19.43] - The key to attracting referrals.[23.40] - The journey to now: an insight into Andrews professional roadmap.[25.04] - The power of tracking data for growth. [26.24] - Mastering customization and knowing your audience.[28.24] - The impact of a signature bit.
Oct 26
30 min
Online Neuromarketing with Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy
Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy is the CEO and Founder of Neurons Inc, a global leader in applied neuroscience. A neuropsychologist with a Ph.D. in neurobiology and neuroimaging, Thomas has worked with leading universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, and Harvard, using a combination of psychology and neuroscience to understand what drives our choices and behaviors. In this episode, we discuss how Neurons’ eye-tracking tool works, the circumstances where eye tracking can really make a difference, and when you should consider combining this technology with other neuromarketing tools. Listen in to learn how organizations can harness the power of neuromarketing (without the often hefty price tag) and how the pandemic has had a lasting impact in the neuromarketing space. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jul 29
34 min
A Minute to Think with Juliet Funt
Juliet Funt is a keynote speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 companies. She’s the founder and CEO of the efficiency firm Juliet Funt Group and an evangelist for expanding the potential of companies by unburdening their talent from busywork. She has also put her insights into a new book, A Minute To Think: Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work. Listen in as Juliet explains what white space is and why it is so important to enhance productivity in the workplace and get away from the hustle culture that has so many of us feeling burned out. She also shares some of the small ways that white space can be incorporated into your day, why we need to break the assumption that white space is only for recuperation, and tips on how to get away from living in your inbox so you can be less frazzled and more productive. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jul 22
31 min
Hybrid Work and Leading Remote Teams with Gleb Tsipursky
Gleb Tsipursky is the founder and CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts. A thought leader in future-proofing and cognitive bias risk management, Gleb joins the show for a second time to share insights from his new book, Returning to the Office and Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams: A Manual on Benchmarking to Best Practices for Competitive Advantage. Listen in as we discuss how COVID-19 has changed how businesses handle shutdowns, as well as the primary cause of the market failure during the pandemic. Glen also shares the different biases that come into play when it comes to decision-making around remote work and how organizations can balance the desires of their employees for a hybrid workplace with the needs of the organization. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jul 15
35 min
The Psychology of Incentives with Richelle Taylor
Richelle Taylor is a leader in performance improvement and marketing services in North America. She oversees One10’s go-to-market strategy and its Incentives & Recognition business segment, which includes global rewards and technology development for One10’s propriety performance improvement platform, PerformX. In this episode, we talk about the good and the bad of sales incentive programs. Listen in to learn what programs that work well have in common and the one non-negotiable that every sales incentive program should include. We also discuss other types of incentive programs that can help to increase employee engagement and loyalty, as well as why the focus of incentive programs should not be solely on top performers—and where that focus should be instead. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jul 8
35 min
Be Exceptional with Body Language Expert Joe Navarro
Before he became internationally recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on body language, Joe Navarro was an eight-year-old refugee fleeing communist-controlled Cuba. In America, as a non-English speaker, he survived by observing others, eventually going on to lead a career as an FBI Special Agent studying and applying the science of non-verbal communication. From there, he went on to spend a quarter-century with the FBI, pursuing spies and other dangerous criminals across the globe. In this episode, Joe describes how he has collected his hard-earned lessons in his new book, Be Exceptional, distilling his experience into five principles that outstanding individuals live by. He also shares why observation is the key to innovation, what the pandemic has taught us all about body language and facial expressions, and where he sees the future of business and personal communication going. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jul 1
35 min
Badvertising – Why So Many Ads Suck, with Jim Morris
Very few of our guests have a nickname or a tagline, but Jim Morris does: Tagline Jim. He’s worked as a copywriter and creative director at ad agencies like FCB and DDB Worldwide and as a freelance copywriter for 25 years. Jim is responsible for dozens of successful taglines, including We are Flintstones Kids, Ten Million Strong and Growing, the cornerstone of one of the longest-running ad campaigns of the last half century. Listen in as we discuss whether taglines have become obsolete with the rise of social media, why they have fallen out of grace with marketers in recent years, and why so many taglines don’t really mean anything. Jim also shares his views on why there is so much bad advertising in the market and the reasons behind it, including the impact of groupthink, lawyers, and neuromarketing in the advertising space. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jun 24
37 min
How You Can Reverse Engineer Success with Ron Friedman
Ron Friedman, Ph.D., is an award-winning psychologist who has served on the faculty of several prestigious colleges in the United States, and has consulted for political leaders, nonprofits, and many of the world’s most recognized brands. Popular accounts of his research have appeared in major newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times and Psychology Today. Ron is also the founder of ignite80, a learning and development company that translates research in neuroscience, human physiology, and behavioral economics into practical strategies that help working professionals become healthier, happier, and more productive. Listen in as we discuss the powerful third path on the way to success: reverse engineering. You'll learn what it means to reverse engineer greatness, how to structure conversations to elicit the most useful information, and why modeling after someone else’s success is generally not a good idea. Ron also shares the one insight that will give you the freedom to forge your own path on your way to greatness. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jun 17
35 min
How Customer Experience Can Drive R&D with Ray Iveson
Ray Iveson has 30 years of experience developing measurement systems related to product efficacy. The inventor or co-inventor of more than 70 novel and proprietary measurement systems, technical methods, software systems, and consumer perception models, Ray currently serves as Vice President of the Methods and Measurements and Global Quality Assurance Department at The Duracell Company. In this episode, he shares why the way in which consumers respond to products is just as important as the qualitative measurements that make up new product development. Listen in to learn how he correlates those measurements to the overall consumer experience and perception, as well as the importance of measuring the things you’re not being told by consumers in order to get the complete picture of how your product really stacks up. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jun 10
31 min
Find Out What Your Customers Can’t Tell You with Melina Palmer
Melina Palmer is the founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, which provides behavioral economics consulting to businesses of all sizes from around the world. Melina obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Marketing and worked in corporate marketing and brand strategy for over a decade before earning her master’s in Behavioral Economics. She has contributed research to the Association for Consumer Research, Filene Research Institute, and runs the Behavioral Economics & Business column for Inc. magazine. Listen in as Melina shares her extensive insights into all the things that customers want but cannot tell us they want, including whether you should lead with the most expensive option when it comes to selling and how to use partitioning to our advantage. We also dive into some of the neuroscience behind behavioral economics and discuss why people buy and how to use that “why” to build better sales, relationships, and messaging. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Jun 3
30 min
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