Bookish Lessons with Sudarshana
Bookish Lessons with Sudarshana
Nikita Persaud
CAMP & Gender Bias Toxicity
33 minutes Posted Oct 17, 2020 at 2:25 pm.
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Show notes
Hey guys! This week's episodes seems to be the length of the first two episodes combined. This happened for two reasons: 1. The excerpt from the book, Camp by L. C. Rosen, that I chose, is actually already 15 minutes long. I needed to keep the emotion of the fight between two characters to emphasize how gender biases can stifle us in our lives and interpersonal relationships and 2. I end up ranting about these gender biases. But I hope this episode either provides comfort for you (as in DAMN I AM NOT CRAZY FOR SEEING THINGS THIS WAY!) or, shed light on how you can be more cognizant of gender biases and the way you can accidentally box your own friends into suffocating roles and appearances.