Book Marketing Show Podcast with Dave Chesson
Book Marketing Show Podcast with Dave Chesson
Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur and KDP Rocket
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I can’t believe how much I needed this in my life!
And from a Nuke no less! I also served on a submarine like Dave, but as a navigator (enlisted type). I wrote a memoir about it during my final semester of college on a dare I couldn’t get it done in 16 weeks (I won). I’ve had several offers to publish this one, but it isn’t in the banner-waving, patriogasmic vein of most military memoirs. It’s about having a breakdown on a submarine, a medevac, and drug and alcohol addiction. Publishers and editors wanted to make big changes, which I’m not okay with. Needles to say it hasn’t been easy to find the right fit. I decided to self publish. Then I realized I had no clue what I was doing, haha… Dave’s website and podcasts and everything else he does has been a big help (I too have a young family and a monkey ((kid)) and am truly humbled by all he does). Finding time to figure all this out has been extremely difficult, but Dave has really helped me understand how both self-publishing and traditional publishing actually work, and I am very grateful. In short: Don’t miss this one!
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Great content!!
Love this podcast and all the content you all put out. I’ve learned so much about marketing my book and you’ve provided a plan to success.
More episodes please!
I love this podcast.
Longtime Overdrive user
Excellent resource for a first time author
I just finished many of his podcasts and found them informative entertaining and a great resource for me as I am going through the first time authorship stage. He even answered my emails.
To first time writers and publishers
As a first time writer/publisher, I highly recommend this podcast. He explains complex things that make the difference from writing as a hobby to a self sustaining personal business.
Great podcast!
But when will there be more new episodes? The content is fantastic, but it looks like he’s not continuing it anymore. I’m hoping that changes in the near future!
I love this podcast...
...where did it go??
Excellent podcast for newbies
Just want to recommend to listen to this podcast show, especially if you’re thinking about self publishing. Dave’s information is top notch!
fiel escucha
The Kindlepreneur Dave Chesson Shines on iTunes
Dave Chesson etched his name into the self-publishing ethos well before I’d ever discovered his podcast Book Marketing. He further cements his legacy as the go-to resource and expert in the self-publishing space with his podcast. I appreciate his candor and relaxed enthusiasm for publishing and marketing your own books. Dave clearly cares about what he discusses. Even better are his back log of expert guests. Dave curates the cream of the crop in their walk who help spotlight areas of opportunity for the indie author. Big kudos, Dave Chesson. You are second to none.
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Dale L. Roberts
Must-Listen For Self-Published Authors
All I can say is that if you are a self-published author, you need to be listening to this podcast every week. Once you download it, go back through and listen from episode one. It's relatively new, and the episodes aren't very long, so you can get caught up quickly. Great free information, no filler!
Zack Guido
I never leave reviews!
I am blown away by the value given in this podcast. I went back to the beginning and started listening from episode 1, and I’m so grateful for everything Dave shares. He gets to the point, shares the pertinent information, and even validates his tips through interviews with other real life authors. I’m a saturated marketing-guru world, this podcast truly stands out as special.
Molly 124685
Great for new authors
I’m a new author writing my first book and this podcast has brought me golden nuggets to consider and out into action every episode !
christopher howard jr
Super Ninja Book Marketing Children’s Book Insights! 😎
Dave always delivers! Loved the Super Ninja Book Marketing insights brought by Dave & Eevi Jones about writing children books! - Thanks, Matt B. Hooks
Pair a dise
Actionable and insightful!
I love how these are jam packed with insightful information. Thanks Dave!
Dave Is the best!
He’s a pioneer in the indie field with his creation of KDP Rocket. If you want to know how to sell more books, start here. -indie author HD Gordon
HD Gordon
Exactly the right questions you want to ask
Not only is Dave very knowledable, and if you've ever gone to his site, you already know that. His content is rich and deep. But this podcast is in a tight, informative format, from the way he asks questions (and what he is asking) to his reiteratration of what was said. This show is incredibly helpful and succinct, and you will learn tons.
Katie Davis
The one I open first.
I stream new episodes of this podcast the day they drop. Dave is professional (doesn’t waste my time with chitter-chatter) and provides highly useful content. He also manages to be likable in the bargain. Totally recommended.
Dair B.
Short, different, and always a takeaway nugget of wisdom.
First off, I really appreciate that you keep it under half an hour, often even under 15 minutes. You’re able to get in a bit of content but not too much that we forget half of it anyway. Somehow, you also manage Bring in a fresh perspective on all of the recycled book marketing topics. Great job!
Fantastic Resource!
Getting ready to publish my book when I found this show. Great help!
Dave’s Got It Right!
This is easily one of the top two podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. It has more truly usable information and actionable items in one podcast episode that 75% of the other podcasts I listen to. It’s long enough to be really informative, and short enough to be focused. Keep up the great work, Dave!
Sid Berman
The Authority on Book Marketing!
Currently, I have been working on my first book and have subsequently started listening to Dave Chesson’s podcast. Looking through the internet researching information on marketing your self- published book is incredibly overwhelming! As Dave is the creator of both Kindlepreneur and Kindle Rocket, I figured there was no better person to look to for the best advice on book marketing. After listening to several episodes I am hooked! Each episode delivers incredible insights, case studies, and step by step instructions on how to conquer different challenges, that will inevitably be faced by every author in their foray into marketing. For anyone who is on the fence as to wether or not listening to this podcast is worth the investment of time, my response is to take the plunge! While there definitely are other good podcasts on the subject of book marketing, I have yet to find any that are packed with as much specific and relevant information as well as practical applications; (as illustrated in the many case-studies provided in each episode), as I have found in Dave’s podcast. I think ‘course,’ would be the better term to describe this podcast. The depth and quality in each episode is on par with, or even greater then what you will find in an expensive course on book marketing. Fortunately, Dave has given all of this information for free! I often listen to the podcast when I am driving in the car so I really like that he provides in depth notes as well as lists of all the resources he discusses in each episode.
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Madeline Schulmann
Essential for indie authors
As an indie author the information and experience Dave shares is invaluable. As with most indie authors, I did the usual poor marketing and hoped for the best. I purchased Dave's software and it instantly made a big difference. For those just starting out or even that seasoned author looking to make the next leap I can't recommend this podcast and the information shared enough.
Primal Guy
Best 10-15 minutes of my day!
Dave is a master when it comes to marketing; you don’t want to miss out on these bite-sized nuggets. The episodes are short and to the point with no rambling - and thus no time wasting! Definitely the highlight of my day when I get to listen to these words of wisdom. Thanks, Dave!
Scifi Fantasy Girl
Actionable Content without the Fluff!
This is my favorite type of podcast:: Super helpful content, without the fluff Loved how the episodes stacked on top of one another for what they teach... it's like a course -- that you get for free!
Did not disappoint!
When I first heard Dave Chesson was going to do a podcast I was looking forward to it. I listened to all of the shows in a row and was not disappointed. I like the format of doing some teaching and having a guest on towards the end. I'm looking forward to more episodes.
Pat O.D.
As amazing as his website
Love this podcast already! I so appreciate how methodically Dave goes about this, with the intro and teachings in the beginning, an actual example in the middle, and a recap in the end. His articles on his website Kindlepreneur are exceptionally well, so I'm excited to see him here on this medium as well!
eevi jones
Pure advice
These are pleasant to listen to, not too long, episodes of pure advice. Dave narrates most of it himself but brings on experienced authors to tell precisely how they achieved their success in each episode’s topic.
Listen. Do. Sell More Books!
Every successful indie author out there knows that Kindlepreneur is the top resource on the web for all things book marketing. Now Dave Chesson brings his secrets and the advice of the top indie authors on the planet to podcast fans. This is now the one show that should be at the top of our feeds.
The real deal
Dave is the bomb! I find myself reading and listening to him over and over, because what he has to share is so valuable. This is one guy that rises above the noise. If you are interested in marketing a book, you can't go wrong following Dave...:-)
Sweet! Kindlepreneur Podcast is finally here!!!
Well thought out show. Great production value and more importantly massive knowledge bombs being shared by Dave Chesson. If you want to sell more books online... then this is a must listen. Subscribe today, you won't regret it!
Mr. Anthony Tran
Top-tier KDP info
Dave is always the go-to guy for KDP! And now podcasts too!!
Already lovin' it
Have already learned a lot from Dave through his blogs and videos but this podcast is going to add great value to the KDP authors community. I highly recommend this for every self-publishing ebook author out there. Waiting for more episodes, Dave. Keep it coming and wishing you all the best! - Arun (from TechLibraryTV)
Love the website!
If the information in the podcast is half as useful as Dave's newsletters and website, this is a must have subscription. Dave's advice is always clear and practical, and strings attached.
Cole Seckman
Kindlepreneur content in audio form
Great to be able to digest Kindlepreneur level content on the go. Just pop it on the iphone, and roll out. Learn while driving and even working out.
You're gonna love this!
The preparation and planning that has gone into this podcast is incredible. I know becasue I've had the privilege of having a birds-eye view of the process. Dave is super passionate about creating a podcast that is, at its core, amazingly helpful to anyone who listens. It definitely shows. I'm subscribing. You should too!
Jeff @ Read to Lead Podcast
About time!!!
Great podcast from the brains behind KDP Rocket and Kindlepreneur. Love the format of info + case study.
Ryan Gray, MD
Best on the net
I’ve been a fan of Dave’s website for a long time, so when I saw he was coming out with a podcast, I had to check it out. One of his stated goals is to make it so that “no author ever has to pay for a course on book marketing ever.” Three episodes in, and I can say he’s apready starting to deliver on it. If he can keep delivering solid and in-depth technical and strategical content like he is so far, he’ll have a listener for life from me. Highly recommend so far!
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He knows his stuff!
Kindlepreneur knows his stuff! Can’t wait to hear top tips and strategies from a true expert in his field!
Karen Briscoe, Author
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