Bold and Blunt
Bold and Blunt
The Washington Times
Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.
China Owns America
China is America's number one national security threat -- and not simply because of reasons related to military might or technological take-overs. China, for decades, has been quietly buying up America. And now, our nation stands on a dangerous path toward communist influence. Will Coggin with American Security Institute explains and warns.
Aug 20
24 min
Allie Beth Stuckey on America's Toxic Narcissism
Today's youth are driven by a need for instant gratification, in large part because they've been trained to believe that happiness comes from getting stuff, from getting admiration, from getting something from society. Allie Beth Stuckey explains why this narcissistic culture is degrading society and why God is the solution for these fruitless pursuits.
Aug 18
22 min
Cooped Up, Cranky and Coronavirus-ed Out
So when's the last time you went out to eat -- went to a concert -- went to the movie theater to watch a film? Americans are definitely cooped up, tired and cranky from the coronavirus, and desperately in need of entertainment relief. Enter: "Unhinged." Mark Gill, Hollywood executive, explains why his new movie is coming to theaters at just the perfect time. 
Aug 13
24 min
Protecting Yourself From Antifa Thugs
Everybody's seen the videos and heard the clips of antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter anarchists attacking some poor victim, or victims, in the streets, at their homes, in their cars. But would you know what to do if you faced a similar violent situation? Rick Green, the "Constitution Coach," advises -- and here's a tip: You do have the right to shoot.
Aug 11
27 min
November Looms as 'Hanging Chad' Crazy
Tom Spencer, an attorney who served in the crazy Bush-Gore recount of 2000, predicts that if mail-in voting is as widespread as the Democrats want, this November will prove as wild a ride as the crazy Bush-Gore recounts of 2000. Hanging chad, anyone?
Aug 6
28 min
Churches Fight Back
Finally. Churches facing coronavirus persecution are beginning to fight back and demand First Amendment freedoms. Pastor Brian Gibson in Kentucky is one who's leading the charge, telling governors and Democrats who want to close churches: Never Again.
Aug 4
29 min
Suing Is the Way to COVID-19 Sanity
One of free citizens' most frequent questions in this coronavirus crackdown age is: But what can I do? And the answer, simply, is: Sue. Sue, sue, sue. Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Florida House member who's also an attorney, has been doing just that, on behalf of constitutional rights. Listen as he encourages.
Jul 30
27 min
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on America
America's at a crossroads; freedom's in the lurch; the Constitution's in jeopardy. What to do, where to turn? Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame says the way to secure our nation must come from above, in the form of a spiritual awakening. He also has some interesting experiences with President Donald Trump to share.
Jul 28
36 min
Thanks, SCOTUS, For the LGBTQ Madness
The Supreme Court's recent rulings on separate LGBTQ cases have set the course for years of legal wrangling -- and that means years of societal, educational, cultural and athletic confusion for the rest of us. Jennifer Braceras, a legal analyst with the Independent Women's Law Center, weighs in and warns: We're in for some wild legal times.
Jul 23
26 min
COVID-19 Shutdowns Are Needless
Let's stop with the COVID-19 madness, shall we? Let's stop the shutdowns; quit with the face masks. Dr. Marilyn Singleton -- yes, that's "Doctor" -- says the numbers being reported don't justify the political actions being taken. This "new normal" is a defeatist way of thinking.
Jul 21
35 min
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