Body Soul Wisdom Sessions
Body Soul Wisdom Sessions
Amy Jones
Conversations with inspiring, thought provoking women sharing their personal lessons and professional expertise on living an embodied and awake life through tuning into the wisdom of your body + soul.
EP 24 Tee Hollow Wants You to Feel Something
Tee Hollow is an Austin based photographer and creator of the Love. Every. Body Project.  Amidst the body positivity movement he saw popping up, he wanted to give people the ability and experience to view other bodies without any overlay of a viewpoint of how they should feel or what they should think.  He provides a neutral space for people to simply come experience seeing other bodies and with just one goal, to hopefully, feel something they haven't felt before.
Feb 10, 2019
38 min
EP 23: Audrey Steele on Embodiment, Women's Community & the Power in Our Bodies + Insecurities are Boring
Audrey Steele teaches sensual movement classes for women by guiding them into exploring their sexuality and sensuality through movement and performance. Through this process women find a deeper relationship with their sex, desire, and more acceptance and love for their bodies. She aims to give permission to women to be freely expressed in their sexual power, to erase the body shame that plagues them and to follow and trust their desire. You can find Audrey's website here.  You can find Audrey on Instagram here
Feb 3, 2019
1 hr 6 min
EP 22- Dr. Crystal Frazee Can MIndfulness Help with Pain?
Dr. Crystal Frazee's work is grounded in the belief that women need and deserve to be elevated to the role of CEO of their health and to be taught to access their inner healing abilities and path to wholeness. Dr. Frazee sees a big disparity in the quality of care for women in pain and her work is to expand the options women have and teach them to change their relationship to pain and reclaim their bodies and lives.
Jan 13, 2019
49 min
EP 21: Live Femme! With Bernadette Pleasant
Femme! is an experience, brand and lifestyle movement that passionately fuses sensual movement, dance, meditation, creative visualization and celebration of the human form. Femme! is inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance interwoven with the somatic and primal healing arts. Femme! creates sacred, safe spaces and invites everyone to reclaim and boldly display their power.
Jan 5, 2019
48 min
EP 20: Food For Thought Thursday: Will You Allow It?
When it comes to what we've been taught about food, we typically look outside ourselves to the latest fad, the hottest expert or the quickest weight loss scheme to tell us how to and what to eat.   You are the only authority on you.  No one else can answer whether or not you CAN eat how you like, only you can answer whether you will ALLOW yourself to eat how you like.
Oct 18, 2018
13 min
EP 19: Chantel Quick on Being Good to Yourself While Being a Good Mom
In this episode, Chantel and I discuss what it was like for her as a new mom and now a mother of a toddler to make her own self care a priority while taking care of her son.  I hope you find inspiration and permission in this episode to care for yourself and your children in exactly the way that works for you, rather than an outmoded idea of how you "should" be a good mom.
Oct 14, 2018
54 min
EP 18- Sonya Highfield from Perfect Professional to Relatably Personal.mp3
Sonya suffered for most of her life from undiagnosable chronic pain.   Yet amidst all the confusion and constant pain Sonya built a successful business, first as a photographer and most recently as a speaker and coach for women entrepreneurs. Listen in and learn from Sonya as she describes her challenges with chronic pain and how she prioritizes taking care of herself, listening to her body and adjusting her business growth around her health and wellness, not the other way around.
Sep 23, 2018
47 min
Michele Beck & My Erotic Body
Michele has made a gorgeous and powerful documentary, My Erotic Body, focused on \ women finding their own connection to sensuality, sexuality and eroticism in a way that is solely about what feels good for them.   Pole dancing often is seen as something solely for the gaze of men, but in this film, you'll see that these women have redefined what it really means to claim your sensuality for yourself.  You can find Michele's documentary here on Amazon.
Aug 20, 2018
51 min
EP 16: It's Time to Rewrite Your Story
Our stories create our beliefs.  Our beliefs guide our actions, which create our habits.  Choose a story that builds the life, health, power and confidence you actually want.
Aug 2, 2018
9 min
EP 15: Jenny Berk on Letting Go of Weight Loss Insanity to Find Real Confidence
Jenny and I cover so much ground in this episode, from the trap of the weight loss industry to the socioeconomic challenges of eating high quality food to the balance point between weight loss and body positivity.   I'm so glad you're here.  I hope you'll listen, learn and find some inspiration to tap into your fullest body soul wisdom.
Jul 15, 2018
58 min
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