Bodies Barbells and Bagels
Bodies Barbells and Bagels
Alice Round and Sean Mclaney
His and Her Bodies, Barbell and Bagels is a podcast for Men and Women who want to not only get educated on everything training, nutrition and mindset but also have fun whilst doing so. Your host's Alice Round & Sean Mclaney have a combined 25+ years of fitness industry experience to share with your from powerlifting to bodybuilding to breaking fad diets and myths down and giving you the facts! The podcast will deliver bang for your buck fitness and health advice with some special guests in tow.
S3 Episode 3: Navigating the 4th trimester, feeding, postpartum and mental health with Sheridan Skyefit
In this episode first time mum's Sheridan and Alice discuss pregnancy, and more so the unspoken 4th trimester, mental health, their feeding journeys and everything in between. If you are a parent or not, this episode will open your eyes to what could be to come and gives tips on navigating and supporting you'r mental and physical health. Sherdian is a qualified critical care nurse, nutritionist an online coach. @sheridanskyfit @aliround
Oct 18, 2020
1 hr 36 min
S3 Episode 2: How to be a badass at tracking, compliancy and my fitness pal
Today your hosts Sean & Alice discuss everything my fitness pal and tracking apps, this same knowledge can be applied to other apps but we have specifically chosen my fitness pal as the most commonly used tracking app world wide. We discuss not only tracking problems and solutions, tips & tricks, recipes, best ways to track things as well as dining out and being social whilst hitting your goals. Hosts: @aliround @mclaneytrained coaches @team_round
Sep 22, 2020
1 hr 5 min
S3 Episode 1: We are PARENTS now, fitness, first time parents and Q & A
WE ARE BACK! Season 3, and we have had our first child, this episode is with your hosts Sean & Alice as they talk about the last 6 months, how they are handling work, parenthood and also getting back into there health and fitness goals. @mclaneytrained @aliround
Aug 20, 2020
1 hr 15 min
Episode 30: Does maintenance exist? And how do you maintain results long term?
Episode 30 with your hosts Alice Round & Sean McLaney, in this episode of BB we discuss maintaining results. Getting results is often the easy bit BUT how do you avoid the blow out? the YOYO? You hear of many people having success dieting, but often not holding onto those results long term. We also touch on tips for the silly season when it comes to food, health and fitness and how to maintain results year round.
Nov 21, 2019
1 hr 31 min
Episode 29: Binge Eating & Q&A
In this episode of the BBB, we outline and discuss the differences between binge eating, unconscious eating and conscious excessive consumption, followed by a Q & A session on this topic of discussion.
Oct 13, 2019
1 hr 35 min
Episode 28: The ups & downs of Fertility & Conception
In this episode of BBB, we go ballllllllls deep into the highs and lows of conception & fertility and share what Alice and I went through on our journey to make a wee baby! Tune in for some funny stories, some science and some good tips.
Sep 4, 2019
1 hr 13 min
Episode 27: Fitness industry growth & social media with Perth Fit Fam
In this episode of BBB, we interview Brendon McCormack, the man behind & the face in front of Perth Fit Fam, covering topics such as how Perth Fit Fam came about; the traits of a successful person; adapting and growing with the fitness industry to stay in front; how to successfully use social media with some top tips to grow your audience, along with some good stories about chaperoning Ronnie Coleman, his journey from drug & alcohol addiction to the church and some good ice breakers too!
Aug 19, 2019
2 hr 5 min
Episode 26: PED's, Steroids & the Female Body with Victoria Felkar (Part 2)
In this episode of BBB, we have part 2 of our interview with the female hormone expert- Victoria Felkar, where we discuss all things STEROID related, encompassing contraception, Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) and even some medications such as Corticosteroids and how they can affect women in both the short and the long term, including potential unwanted negative side effects. DISCLAIMER: We do not condone drug use as Anabolic Androgenic Steroid use is illegal in Australia
Jun 30, 2019
49 min
Episode 25: Female Hormones, Menstrual Cycles & Fertility with Victoria Felkar (Part 1)
In this episode of BBB, with the female hormone expert herself- Victoria Felkar, we discuss the variations in women's menstrual cycles. Is there such a thing as a "normal cycle"? We delve into the signs and symptoms of both a typical and atypical flow. From this episode, we want women listening to understand the WHY behind fertility and hormonal issues and offer potential practical strategies to improve their health and wellbeing. Stay tuned for part 2 in the next episode!
Jun 26, 2019
1 hr 27 min
Episode 24: Exercise Selection
In this episode of BBB, we get stuck into comparing similar exercises, answering why you or your coach would program X over Y for your morphology & biomechanics; which exercises would suit your goals better than other, also throwing in a few exercises that we feel should be left for the 'Gram and not for actually training. Enjoy! Email admin@aliceround.comĀ @mclaneytrained @aliround for contact
May 22, 2019
1 hr 19 min
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