Bodhi Bridge Music Podcast
Bodhi Bridge Music Podcast
Brian Farmer
Listen to music from Bodhi Bridge Music artists and other world, free, folk...................and all real music in between. Open your ears and heart!! also at
Bodhi Bridge Music Podcast#4 Djam Gong., Otto Kentrol, Bill Ylitalo
On this podcast we do a Bill Ylitalo ( aka Otto Kentrol, Djam Gong) retrospective with the artist in studio talking about his 40 plus year relationship with Gamelan music, Creative Music Studio, playing in No wave/Post Punk 80s and 90s east village NYC and his current focus, Djam Gong, a beautiful hybrid of traditional gamelan instruments meets western instruments mash up. For more information on Bodhi Bridge Music artists go to
Mar 1, 2016
41 min
Bodhi Bridge Podcast #3
This show is dedicated to the work of Bodhi Bridge sound artist Mitochondrial. Work includes pieces from the upcoming Bodhi Bridge release "Constructions".
Feb 13, 2016
30 min
Bodhi Bridge Music Podcast #2
Music from Brian Farmer, Djam Gong, Mitochondrial and unreleased film music from Brian Farmer.
Feb 13, 2016
31 min
Bodhi Bridge Music Podcast #1
The first of a weekly podcast from Bodhi Bridge Music Founder Brian Farmer featuring music from Bodhi Bridge Music artists, interviews, live sets. An eclectic mix of ambient, experimental, new classical and world music mash-ups.
Jan 29, 2016
30 min