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Bobbycast at my house
I use this podcast for bedtime. Every school night, I turn it on, and then try to sleep. But it’s hard to hear because my mom doesn’t want to hear YOUR Podcast over ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way to her room. BUT IT’S THE ONLY PODCAST I LISTEN TO! It’s in my library and I LOVE it. BUT! BUT! BUT! I kind of KIND OF! Think it’s a little LITTLE! Boring. Sorry if that’s rude.😀😀😀😐😴😴😴🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙💪
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ivan manges
Love it!!
Love this!! Listen every week!!
I heart Bobby bones podcast 🤪
Peak behind the industry curtain
Big fan of the Bobbycast. My favorite episodes are the long form interviews. Really enjoyed the Kappy interview and a peak behind the industry curtain! Reminds me of the early Bobbycast episodes. Keep up the good work Bobby and Mike!
Lisa Loeb and Shy Carter
I love Bobby Bones, but getting to hear Lisa Loeb was so fun! And Shy Carter? What a humble, talented, fun new-to-me artist! I’m excited to check them out. This podcast had me smiling and I also learned some stuff! Thanks Bobby and Mike D!
Love this podcast!
I am addicted to this podcast. I love hearing the stories directly from the song writers and entertainers. Bobby is an exceptional interviewer.
#308 😭
Courtney; Holy cow, what a wonderful story he told. I loved hearing him talk about the past. Sobbed my eyes out when he got to the part about meeting Caitlin.
What a great interviewer❤️. Love learning about artist!
Aka Super Grover
Enjoying every show!
Have started listening to Bobby when I go out for my walk in the morning. Love taking him and his friends out on my walk with me. Great way to start my day!!
Country Musics Joe Biden - Ego, Fake, money/game hungry
Saves me
I am obsessed with this podcast and crew. I never miss a day and it makes my work days even more entertaining because will listen on the podcast. Love them and all they do!
Parker interview
I love love love the Bobbycast, but Parker’s gum chewing was VERY annoying!! Great interview, but try to make sure interviewees are not chewing gum!!!!
Loved this podcast. Can’t wait to see these guys on the road. Always a listener Bobby one of my favorite podcasts.
Podcast with Chris Lane
Loved how Bobby let the conversation flow and didn’t talk over his guest - felt natural and I enjoyed listening to it.
Kiki Lynn 16
Chewing gum!!
Oh my god ! I couldn’t even stand 5 min with Parker McCollum chewing his gum !! It was so annoying worst episode ever! He’s like the Britney Spears of interviews at this point
Parker’s gum chewing ruined the interview for me!! I couldn’t get through it. I’m sure he’s a great guy but Mike D or Bobby should have caught that.
International Harvester
I was deeply inspired by the entire conversion and chemistry of kindred world changers, peace makers and champions for others! As a humanitarian aid worker, traveling the world working with the least of these, both Bobby and Craig Morgan have been companions through their work. I used to sing international harvester at the top of my lungs....thinking of harvesting internationally the common thread of love in humanity. That drives farmers all around the world that rarely get a bumper crop. The verses of the song brought the joy that comes with remembering our own slice of “little bit of life”, our farming home towns, our 4H fairs (head, heart, hands and hearth), and the next generations of future farmers! Thank you for this podcast and sharing the authentic conversations that come with friendship. With a little bit of how it’s s’posed to be. Your friend, Chessney
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Craig Morgan interview was amazing!!
Bobby Bones
Love this podcast!
Episode 295
Craig Morgan’s laugh is the BEST!!! Loved that interview!
Songwriters are BACK!!! 261 might be the best one yet. So real & honest.
What About Mickey?
Love every episode but was disappointed there was no mention of Mickey Guyton’s beautiful Grammy performance in this recap. Why is she ignored by country radio? Girl’s got pipes.
Love it
Listen every week!! Just heard today’s Jimmie Allen interview. What a great guy! Makes we Delawareans proud. Loved his thoughts on participation trophy’s and the Morgan Wallen comments!
1of3 girls
Love this!
This podcast is our go-to podcast to listen to on Saturday morning while cooking breakfast and hanging out getting ready for the day. It usually comes out on Fridays so we always have a new one to listen to on the weekend.
Interesting info
If you ever wanted to know a little more into country artists lives and interesting facts this is it! So entertaining ! I love learning new things about country music!
Love this podcast!
Bobby is always interesting and enjoyable to listen to
Love the podcast.
Podcast is Great! Thanks for all the great interviews and different behind the scene aspects of the industry!
The Best Podcast
Truly the best podcast!!!
Shawwna P
Not that good!!!
Just listened to the episode with scuba Steve. Once again Bobby basically turned the whole interview with scuba into Bobby hour. Absolutely horrible show and person.
lunchbox fan
Cancel culture supporters
I have been a loyal listener for awhile now, but after Bobby crowned himself King of Country, I just cannot bear to support his “kingdom” anymore. His decision to speak publicly regarding the Morgan Wallen incident and voice his personal views were very bold and self serving. I personally believe in forgiveness and grace. I am also opposed to censorship and this current cancel culture we are living in. I support having the right to choose whether or not to listen. For instance, I won’t be listening to the BBS anymore because I choose to. Bobby, has definitely been on the receiving end of forgiveness and grace due to some poor decisions he has made (remember the million dollar fine he cost iHeart, as well as some on-air prank that ended with Lunchbox in trouble with law enforcement) Good luck with your upcoming political career Bobby. I think you have just what it takes to be a successful politician 😉
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Scuba! How interesting!
Loved the deets on scuba. Super interesting guy. I think he’s such an unsung, hard worker for the show and his family. What a cool guy. Well spoken too.
Love listening to the new artists explain how long they actually have been trying to get into the business before they make it per se. Loving the new artist coming up. The down home country boys/girls are the best.
Thanks for the good times
Bobby does a great job comfortably getting his guest to go just a bit deeper. And his trip though the music is always interesting even though frequently his preference is different than mine. Makes me laugh when he interviews some of the greats and tells about his early days as a kid Keep grinding. Hard work pays off.
🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀
I am only reviewing because Bobby told me if I didn’t I would have bad luck this week! I have been listening from the beginning, Bobby is amazing and has a great entertaining way of interviewing the guests!! They all find great content and show us new people and songs to like! Very in touch with what entertains people all around!!! THANK YOU BOBBY BONES! Keep doing what you do!!!
Thank you
I’ve loved you podcast for a few years now. So excited for the HARDY episode. I’ve been waiting for this for awhile. I love his perspective in writing and have wanted you to interview him since you have a way of making peoples stories interesting. Love you Bobby and love the show.
A sensation of podcast information!
Never a bad episode!
Glad to have this one with the Bobby Bones Show podcast so I can pretty much listen to Bobby all the time!
B Teamer Kaitlin
One of my favorite podcasts!! I love getting the inside scoop on everything country music!!
These are the best episodes! What a great listen!
Bobby 2593
Quality content
These are, without a doubt, the best long form interviews in country music. Bobby is so talented at bringing people’s stories out and letting us into the behind the scenes of the music industry. Such a good podcast.
Always Enjoy!
Even when the interview is with someone that I don’t know, I enjoy listening. Great content!
Fred Layne Bell
Thanks for keeping it going!
Love the in depth interviews with my favorite country artists! Consider having Garth & Trisha on to get an interview together - those are rare! Just a suggestion! Love the BBS, all the podcasts & all the crew! PROUD BTEAMER HERE FROM PA! ❤️❤️❤️
Bad Interviewing
I’ve never listened to this show, and only found it to listen to Morgan Wallen. The interview could’ve been so much better! He asked Morgan the same question at least 3 times about how he got into music when he was young. Research the people you’re interviewing!! Anyone who knows Morgan already knew everything they talked about for the first 20 minutes so the fact that you repeated the conversation 3+ times was so bad. It was hard to listen through, but I continued listening for Morgan.
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Justin Bieber21
Morgan Wallen episode - amazing!!
It was so good to hear the story of Morgan Wallen.
Second review 😊
I actually really loved Tom Lord on the #268 podcast!!!!!
Better than Ezra - loved it !
Such a great podcast. I only have a few that I don’t miss and Bobby Bones is one of them!
Favorite Podcast
Probably my favorite podcast. They never cease to amaze me with the random music facts. Awesome interviews with songwriters, musicians, and more. Bobby puts out the best content!
Four Days’ Luck
Four days of good luck is totally worth five stars. Also, I love being the scenes of music stuff. I miss some of the longer interviews before COVID, but I understand why they aren’t happening. Love the show, Bobby and Mike (and sometimes Eddie)!
Great podcast
Love the history and new music Bobby Bones includes on this podcast!
First time listener
I finally dove into this podcast after finding the BB show was easier to listen to on this format. I am the same age as Bobby, so I enjoy the music references from growing up. 90s alternative, country, the movies. He’s an all around great human being and I also like hearing from Mike D more than the morning show.
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