Board Bag Studio
Board Bag Studio
Jesse Paul
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy. Listen as pro snowboarder Jesse Paul uncovers the habits, diets, and hobbies of other boarders during a long form casual conversation. You may find yourself adopting some new habits of your own. Music by Casey Hjelmberg (
#14 Dave Marx - Becoming Arbor's global marketing manager - Runners high - Living in LA - Eating meat - Reading - Flow states - Pushing yourself
Dave Marx made his name in the snowboard industry doing marketing for Mervin Manufacturing. He now holds the Global Marketing Manager position at Arbor Snowboards. He is boundlessly passionate about snowboarding and becoming the best version of himself possible. He is also, as you will see, the kind of guy you could spend all day talking to. 10% off superfoods at (Checkout code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Apr 27, 2020
1 hr 48 min
#13 - Jill Perkins - Working out - Confidence after injury - Navigating sponsors - Sports - Being authentic - Finding balance - School - Raising a dog - Importance of rest
After only 7 years, Jill Perkins has made a speedy ascension to the limelight of snowboard media, winning this years Women's Most Valuable Video Player and Readers Choice awards. Listen as she illustrates where she came from, the mindset and habits that brought her here, and where her head's at now. 10% off superfoods at (Checkout code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Apr 9, 2020
1 hr 46 min
#12 AJ Lawson - Starting a business - Mountain boarding - Vegan - Sober - Lime disease - Podcasting - School - Staying healthy
AJ Lawson is a snowboarder, mountain boarder, youtuber, and entrepreneur. He is co founder of Nu Food, a plant-based snack company out of Denver, CO. He has a youtube channel called "New Friends on a Pal Day". He was co-host of The Not Snowboarding podcast and he's downright hilarious. 10% off Nu Food at (Checkout code: BAGZ) 10% off superfoods at (Checkout code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Mar 21, 2020
2 hr 30 min
#11 Jeremy Jones - Taken by an avalanche - Two broken legs - Season prepping - Training - Muscle Testing - Bodywork -  Grounding - Woodward - Keynote speaking
Jeremy Jones is a snowboarding legend who was part of the iconic Forum 8 and starred in the influential Mack Dawg Productions films. Despite being caught in an avalanche a few years ago and breaking both his legs, his passion remains.  10% off superfoods at (Checkout code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Nov 26, 2019
2 hr 18 min
#10 Brady Lem - Healing a Broken Leg - College - Owens Recovery System - Supplements - Bone Broth Collagen -  Staying Positive - Books - Working Out
Brady Lem is a very solid snowboarder with an unbelievable part in the most recent Method Mag film. He broke his leg on January 5th, 2019. During our conversation, he tells the story and shares his recovery techniques and hardships. We also dive into his experience with college, what keeps him inspired and how he stays happy. 10% off at (Code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Apr 15, 2019
1 hr 31 min
#9 Melissa Riitano - Books - Smoothies - Injuries - Mindset - Recovery - Yoga - Working Out - Supplements - Cooking - Chinese Medicine - Having a Home
Melissa is an incredible snowboarder with amazing style. She is also one of the most humble, genuine, and motivated people I know. She has worked hard to get where she is as a snowboarder and her passion for it is apparent. Listen as we uncover some of the ups and downs of her career thus far and her take on health, fitness, and well-being. 10% off at (Code: JESSE) Music by Casey Hjelmberg ( 
Apr 14, 2019
1 hr 30 min
#8 Ryan Paul - Superfoods - Smoothies - Going Sober - Yoga - Winning Contests - Cold Showers - Scuba Diving - Prayer
Ryan Paul is an incredibly talented snowboarder and one of the most fun people to watch. He has possibly won more rail jams than anyone alive, and when it comes to filming video parts, he's always thinking outside the box. Listen as he explains his fluctuating diet, his take on exercise and well-being, and all the zany things he has been up to lately. Listeners get 10% off at (checkout code: JESSE).   Music by Casey Hjelmberg (
Feb 16, 2019
1 hr 33 min
#7 Joe Sexton - Brain and Knee Injury - Keto Diet - 1817 - Public Snowboards - Rehab - Supplements - Human Optimization - Yoga - Meditation -  Working out - Making an Impact
Pro Snowboarder, Joe Sexton, is a street riding legend and style icon in the snowboard industry. He has been influential in many ways for many years. These days he has his hands in all sorts of things while maintaining his snowboard career. Listen as he tells of horrible injuries, amazing recoveries, and his desire to make a difference and be his best self.   Music by Casey Hjelmberg (
Feb 4, 2019
2 hr 14 min
#6 Concussions With Chelsea Tomlinson and Why I Wear a Helmet
Chelsea Tomlinson is a medic for We Are Camp (High Cascade/Windells) and is passionate about informing people of common signs, dangers, and post injury guidelines of concussions.   Music by Casey Hjelmberg (
Jan 29, 2019
58 min
#5 Bode Merrill - Vegetarian - Surviving an Avalanche - Juice Cleansing - Cryotherapy - Knee Surgery - Supplements - St. John’s Wort - Yoga - Instagram - The Future - CBD - Recovery - Acupuncture
Bode Merrill is often renowned as one of the best snowboard in the world and has earned multiple awards from X Games and Trandsworld's Riders Poll. He puts his body through hell every season and he uses a lot of different recovery and lifestyle techniques to recover and maintain his health. Listen as we chat about everything from diet and exercise, to the potential future of social media, and even mental heath and overcoming trauma.   Music by Casey Hjelmberg (
Jan 17, 2019
2 hr 21 min
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