BNI & The Power of One
BNI & The Power of One
Tim Roberts
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Positive, Thoughtful Conversation.
I listen to episodes more than once. I find that the revisits maximize the takeaways from each episode. Great Podcast!
simsung Breal
Learn so much from Power of One!
I recommend this podcast to every potential BNI member and to the members in my chapter. In Kennesaw Georgia, Bni Network North is ready to grow! We take up the challenge and we want to succeed in helping our fellow business owners to win advocating a business. Thanks so much for the great content I look forward to hearing more and learning lots.
Mindset is Key!
As a President of a BNI Chapter and a Director Consultant for BNI WCF, I so resonate with what Tim shared in this episode. Mindset is shaped by the words we use on a regular basis. Thanks for always reminding us of the keys to success.
F. Matthew Lowe
Love Zander’s energy, vision and inspiring interviews that spark creative ideas for my own business and clients.
JS, Entrepreneur
Mentor Coordinator
As the current mentor coordinator in my chapter I was looking for a new platform to pull useful information from. This podcast is helpful, informative, and gives me great content to bring back to my chapter. I am often even able to expand upon the topics by extending my research beyond the podcasts. Thanks, Tim and Mike!
Sales manager reviews
Tim’s sales manager reviews are brilliant. Feedback is straight and to the point. He repeats the same message to make our weekly presentations impactful and to create referral results each time. If you want to increase your own productivity or that of your Chapter.... listen to the manager minute podcasts.
Dr Michelle Hucke
Great podcast
Love the book reviews!
Daniel Crumpacker
Must listen for all BNI members and other business people!
This is a phenomenal podcast. Yes it is geared towards BNI members, but many of the lessons/topics discussed would benefit anyone building a business/career. For BNI members, I would recommend starting with the weekly presentation episodes. So helpful!
Nice podcast
Great and easy to listen to
Mary Roseberry
Lots of great tips and strategies to get the most out of your BNI membership.
Thoughtful information
I enjoy the power of networking, and I like how this podcast covers both how to improve networking as well as how to improve your business and personal performance.
Great podcast
If you want to learn new perspectives on how to be successful personally and for your chapter, Tim does an excellent job explaining in simple terms how to accomplish what you want.
My virtual BNI mentor
Tim Robert’s has been a virtual mentor to me through his podcasts. I went from being the secretary then. President of my chapter straight to executive director. My only real training came from these podcasts. Podcast 248 changed my BNI experience. Tim is the real deal. Best podcast ever.
Shirley Towne
Awesome Podcast!!!
Tim, host of the BNI & The Power of One podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
The best!
Informative and fast paced
Super helpful
This is an excellent resource for growing your business and your BNI chapter :-)
Lawnmore LLC
Power of One w/ Tim Roberts
I’ve been in BNI for 7 1/2 years now. I just started listening to these podcasts last year. I think they are great! Very down to earth and relevant to today’s circumstances of life. I appreciate these. Nice work! Philip K.
PK of MoCo
Terrific podcast. I listen to them over and over and learn new stuff. Great job.
Thank you!
Thanks for being so down to earth and real with us! Keep it up!
Cortnie G
Valuable business and networking tips
I really enjoy this podcast. I like the mix of tips for business overall, networking, and being successful in BNI
Love this podcast.
Always inspirational.
Selfish or business minded?
Tim, I love your podcast. Partly because you have had such success in the industry, I am in on the other side I'm a lifelong learner. The content you give is awesome. The meat. I have recently started a chapter with a rock star who is all about relationships!! My motives were to make money and build relationships during the process of making money. This person is awesome. Stared in October with 4 and now at 50+ members. We are moving in the right direction. Here is where I think I made my first mistake. I’m in life insurance and I only do life insurance no P&C, supplemental, etc.. Thinking of growth, we decide to add another Insurance person in the group. 1st question while building a business thinking there is enough business for everyone the BNI moto etc, would you add your competition to a growing chapter? 2nd question would you have going a group with a P&C person you didnt have a relationship with? Fast forward, the P&C person did not follow up on referrals and was not doing givers gain. They are gone. The other insurance person in the chapter who is a good BNI member to chapter, good person wants that seat. Back story to this part is, I gave this person the opportunity to win my business and the person who is trying to move into the seat passed me to their assistant (ok I get it) and the assistant attempts to sell me life insurance!!!! (in the back of my mind I'm thinking to myself why would I ever send this person any referrals when her own people are trying to sell me!!) Next thing this person has given me one referral to date and I have given 4 or 5 referrals to this person, would have given more but I was given the referrals to the other person who was in the P & C even after hearing they are not following up on referrals. Keep in mind we are both on the leadership team me VP them Membership committee. Last questions to you are: Would you vote to allow this person to have that seat? This is where I could be considered a jerk and for me its business and I wasn’t getting it so I tried to fix it. We had 5 votes, we had 2 yes and I said No and may had another vote with me. I felt like if I didn’t do everything I could to get a person I know who doesn’t do what I do (a unicorn) in that seat. With that said would you actively campaign to not put that person in that seat for those reasons and do you feel this is being a selfish person? Next does that person moving to that seat make them selfish for changing seats to get more business?
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Ave Co
Lots of Helpful Nuggets
I’m really enjoying listening to the podcasts, I’m always finding helpful information about networking and goals. Thank you for making these available.
Elexar 1
Practical Help
The material in Tim’s podcast can be implemented in very practical, measurable ways. Very helpful.
The Social Sherpa
# 126
Excellent podcast I have used this in my chapter education moment
Red Rock Chapter
Power of One Episode 126
I got so much valuable information out of this 18 minute podcast. I think my biggest take away were the two questions: Am I being active? Am I being effective? I was left with a very clear picture of what I should be doing in order to improve my results. Thank you!
MEBrule 04
This podcast kept me in BNI
I am grateful for this podcast. It kept me from quitting at my first year renewal. Thanks to this podcast and the "3 feet from gold" story, I knew BNI could work if done right. This podcast helped me see what "done right" looks like. As a new member in a chapter that wasn't following the plan, I could have easily thought I made a mistake joining BNI and quit. Thanks to this podcast, I had a better perspective and was determined to find a way to make BNI work for me. I found some chapters where members follow the same playbook I wanted to follow and I transferred to one of them. I like how Tim is authentic and straightforward He acknowledges some common shortcomings of BNI. He explains the why behind the practices and how traffic lights are generated. It makes more sense knowing there are reasons and experience pushing the attendance policy. If I just followed the example of how others did 121's I would never be learning and teaching how to find referrals. This podcast helped me get 100% in traffic lights. In My new chapter, I let the leadership team know I wanted to help with mentoring and I let new members know about this podcast. Not only do I like learning the why of BNI practices and I also like the Tim and Raef's Reads. One of my favorite episodes was the book review about Byron Katie's "Loving What Is." This started a journey that has been life changing. I'm grateful for what I've been able to learn and apply. Keep up the good work!
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Summer Kristi
Great networking reflections
Tim Roberts is my favorite speaker on professional networking and BNI. He is very good at breaking down common barriers to success. A real gem!
New Member
As a new member in a new chapter, this podcast has been fantastic. It really helps to shorten the learning curve. I started at episode 1 and am listening all the way through. The episodes on effective weekly presentations and showcase presentations are especially helpful for a new member. You can also apply a lot of the strategies to your business (like goal setting). Thanks Tim and Eric!
Emily Maine
Tim is fantastic. I really like the book reviews.
Total mess
The older episodes in this podcast are a jumbled mess, with some episodes hiccuping and restarting 5 minutes into the episode. And the host of the show has a tendency to speak in such a way that makes you feel like you're a worthless member of your chapter who's simply not doing not doing good enough. If you're feeling masochistic, go ahead, but there are MUCH better podcasts available.
Power of One
This Power of One podcast has not only helped me in my BNI membership, but with my business in general. I’m always able to take something away that I can put into practice immediately. LOVE IT! And I’ve really enjoyed the addition of the “Tim & Raef’s Reads” episodes. I enjoy business books, but I find it difficult to decide which are worth buying simply by reading the jacket. Hearing the lively conversations about these books has made it easy to decide what’s next on my list. Thanks!
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Amy Allgaier
Power of One
Well made, great content! Thank you for the quality.
Great Podcast
This podcast is a great resource for getting in my CEUs and learning how to be a better leader for my BNI group~ and I love the new theme song.
Dr. Mama, D.C.
BNI member
Thanks guys
Get the greatest ROI for your membership
This podcast provides great supplemental training to help you get the greatest return on your BNI membership. Going from good to great takes subtle but important changes in mindset and action. This podcast takes you behind the curtain and teaches you how to be Great.
Jodi | Women Taking the Lead
Grow Your Business through Referrals
These podcasts and the BNI experience are game changing as Jason Turcotte said. I am a startup business and these podcasts are an immense help. I learn something to help my chapter and my business with each one. I never miss a podcast, and I often go back and listen to them again. Each time I listen, I learn how to become a better referrer, and by doing so, learn how to make it easier for my sales team to refer to me.
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Silverwolf 58
This podcast helped me maximize my BNI experience, closing almost a quarter of a million dollars in referrals in ONE YEAR! I am so glad it is on iTunes, and will show up every week on my mobile device. Thanks Tim and the crew!
Power of One
Once you get this concept and apply it to your chapter results are by multiplication not addition!
Wally Bear 47
Innovative, honest and game changing
Those three words describe the fact that Tim and Eric were the first to have a “regional” podcast, they talk about honest struggles and accomplishments and BNI has been a game change for both me AND my business. Happy to see this!
Jason Turcotte
Grow Your Business w/BNI
Great strategies, tips, and ideas to take your BNI results to new levels!
Success Through Referrals
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