B.M.W. (Black Millennial Women)
B.M.W. (Black Millennial Women)
B.M.W. (Black Millennial Women)
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Eye opening
Listen. Learn. Enjoy. Rate. Review. Support! Thank you for a wonderful podcast.
Interesting take
Really enjoyed the latest episode when they talked about issues on polygamy, cheating, and relationships. Fun listen!
Easy Listen, Super Insightful
Recently started listening to these ladies and I love their chemistry. They're just vibin the whole time but they also have great perspective. The message is always FACTS because they speak from experience. Their episodes are always fun and starting each episode with a sing off is the energy I love. 10/10!!
Semaj Nasterisk
I love this!
This podcast is so informing and so entertaining. I can always count on the these women to give me my morning inspiration/laughs. Each lady on here is very special and has been blessed with a special gift. My weeks aren't the same when I don’t listen to BMW podcast! Keep up the great work💕
Great show, intelligent conversation, instant laughs!
These young women are creating a fantastic show, talking about important content, but also subjects that relate to them more personally - dating, friendship, career. I just listened to the latest episode and I will definitely catch myself up on their back episodes! Oh, and they have such beautiful singing voices! Keep up the good work!!
Brook Reading Pod
LOVE these ladies! I’m a huge fan of podcasts that feel like you’re chatting with your girlfriends and that is exactly what I feel with this podcast. The hosts all have their own unique personalities that come through loud and clear in every episode. Fun, engaging, entertaining, authentic. All the good things! 💗 Andree (Pretty Nice)
Support strong black women!!! Especially if it’s this good. Great show. Great discussion. Serious topics with serious laughs and interesting banter. Subscribed.
greasy satchel
My Friends in my Head
Love these girls! I connected with them on twitter before learning about their podcast. I love their vibe and I love the flow of their show! This is truly something I’m excited to get notifications about. Keep pushing Sis!!!! Y’all are amazing!
Personality of each host comes through
I absolutely love the way each host’s unique personality comes through in this podcast. It really makes you feel like you’re getting to know them, and you can feel the connection and history between the hosts, too. So far the episode about social media and relationships is my favorite, but I’m sure there are more great topics to come. Keep up the good work, ladies! ❤️ Ashley from Studying Scarlet
So much fun!
Love listening to the dialogue between these ladies and Episode 4 was a good one. Not sure what a Miami Vice cocktail is but I definitely need to find out!! Keep podcasting! Much love from The Kris and Kristine Show!
Grab a snack and get comfortable!
Started off with Talk to Me episode and instantly felt like I was in the room having a chat with friends. I absolutely love the segment of singing songs around the episode topic. Currently on the Insecure episode and find myself nodding or disagreeing with what’s being said lol Subscribe and listen now!
Real Women, Real Talk
I just started listening to these ladies and absolutely love what they're creating! Four intelligent, hard working women that offer wonderful insight into a wide range of topics. It feels like sitting in the kitchen with a group of friends, laughing and talking and enjoying each other. Plus, as a mom, I love when they talk about their famlies, cuz I can definitely relate.
Initial listen 👂🏾
Who knew a listen for listen would be this good!!! You ladies have something for real and I’m only 10 mins in so I’ll right another review at the end ! From the JustEldredge Podcast/ kNew Voices Production And Then!!!! Y’all crazy 😝 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥✊🏿
Cnowledge (see knowledge)
Conversations that matter
Enjoying this podcast so much. The topics are relevant and also super interesting and fun to listen to! Great conversations.
These episodes are so relatable and REAL!! I will be listening to them and finding myself laughing along like I am part of the conversation! While some parts are funny others are insightful and all around enjoyable to listen to. Can’t wait for another episode to come out next week!! ♥️
Love these girls. Can’t wait for more
Ladies I love it!
I was looking for something new stumbled upon this. I couldn’t stop laughing. It felt like I was talking with my girlfriends. I loved the topics. Keep it up, I’m here for it.
Talk To Me Normal
I love these ladies, each other their personalities are so different which makes them stand out. I love how authentic they are. You can tell just by listening that there is a close connection. The energy and the vibes are so powerful. Like their having a regular phone conversation!! I love it. I can’t wait for more!