Bloody Blunts Cinema Club
Bloody Blunts Cinema Club
DeVaughn Taylor
Lost & Found Vol. 0: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW & GRAVE ENCOUNTERS ft. Johnny the Horror Hack (BBCC #15)
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Aug 18, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Delighted you have found the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club, this episode is a goodie talking one of my favorite horror sub-genres! I'm joined by horror YouTuber Johnny the Horror Hack to talk found footage gems AS ABOVE, SO BELOW and GRAVE ENCOUNTERS. A prequel episode to an evenual found footage horror month on BBCC. For now, enjoy this episode and pass that spooky shit!

New episodes every Tuesday! Next we're covering Thir13en Ghosts with NOFS writers Jessica Rose & Rachel Reeves: it's always a good time when you're talkin Matthew Lillard.

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