Bloody Blunts Cinema Club
Bloody Blunts Cinema Club
DeVaughn Taylor
Desert Days & River Slays: TREMORS vs ANACONDA (BBCC #8)
1 hour 9 minutes Posted Jul 15, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Heat-Soaked Horror rages on as we take a visit to Perfection, Nevada and the Amazon Rainforest: we're covering Tremors (1990) and Anaconda (1997) in this episode of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club. What makes these monster movies work? Are Val & Earl lovers? Is Paul Serone one of the best horror villains of all-time? All these questions answered and more. Pass that slithering, spooky shit!

New episodes every Tuesday! Next up, we have a bonus episode on Splice dropping Friday. Your regularly scheduled Tuesday episode will be blasting off with special guest Spooky Astronauts to talk about Us and The Double.

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