Blood Ties
Blood Ties
Our family members are not always who we think. When Eleonore and Michael Richland lose their parents unexpectedly in a small plane crash, they must choose between honoring their father’s legacy as a world-renowned cardiologist and health care magnate — or risk it all to tell the truth. In the second season, they must grapple with the consequences of their decisions, as well as stumble upon disturbing new revelations about the family business. From Wondery, the makers of “Dirty John” and “Dr. Death,” Blood Ties stars Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love), Josh Gad (Frozen, Avenue 5), Amy Landecker (Transparent), Dominic Monaghan (Lost), and Wayne Knight. New episodes of the second season release every Wednesday.
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Love this podcast!
They really keep you hanging on and the story is intriguing!
Love it
Great performances by a great cast! Story and production also very well done.
Story Blows
Winfrey is making a concerted effort to knock physicians down. Not sure why? How about people induce a podcast that extols the virtues of those who save lives on a daily basis. Please ask yourselves why why Wondery produces podcast over podcast about drug addicted unethical doctors. Axe to grind?
Captivating story telling
I was hooked on this just by listening to the trailer! It’s addicting from the first few seconds of the first episode. Josh Gad is amazing at story telling acting.
Crime nut
This was a great story mystery kept me listening all day
Elii T
I started to listen and within seconds I was hooked and had to find out what happened. I really enjoyed this because it was “acted” and the actors did a great job of keeping me wanting to listen! I read some of the other comments and do not agree with dead space or rushed. I wish there was a season 3!
Loved it from the beginning! A lot of surprises to keep you on your toes!
Worst wondery podcast
Have to say this was a terrible podcast. So much dead space I thought I had lost my connection. Hard to hear many scene dialogue. Sorry, but The female lead actress was so whiney and shrieking I got a headache. This was a one season max story. Very disappointing. Stick to your awesome documentary style podcasts .
Loved it!!
I absolutely loved this! I can't wait for more!
Engaging - great performance
This is a well done podcast with great actors performing the story.
Mom the professional
Well done
Wish it were longer but given what it must have taken to make during a pandemic it was fantastic. Look forward to more!!!!!!
Great Thriller!!!
The BIG DOWNER of this podcast IS that IT TOOK TOO LONG FOR SEASON 2 TO COME TO MARKET! Nevertheless I had to give it 5 ⭐️’s because it was such fabulous noir in almost an ’olde tyme’ radio play, but of course, in our super modern single-cast broadly distributed podcasts. The Acting is great—5! The Directing is well done.—5! The Editing is smooth & clean—5! Finally, there’re ONLY 2 things NOT TO MY TASTE which I’d likely strike WERE I AN ED-ITOR/Critic or Director, & had time enough to do something different … But often you simply don’t have that time. The 1st thing is how much exposition of the story between “winter & summer” is shoe-horned into the episodes to make up for the lack of a ‘Spring’ season. Secondly is the voice/sound of a couple of the main characters.
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Pleasantly Surprised
I very much enjoyed this podcast! I initially thought it was true crime. Upon learning it was fiction, I didn’t expect much. I continued listening and was hooked. 👍🏻
JJ McCarrens
Cheesy acting
I could barely get through the first episode with the cheesy acting.
Sooo good!!
First time I’m Listening to a fictional true crime drama. Love true crime but didn’t think a drama was my thing but this show is excellent! So addicting. So glad I just started so I have 2 seasons to binge! Acting is great. Awesome cast! Awesome story.
Sorry didn’t get off to a good start for me.
The dialogue felt rushed and hard to understand. I think that was supposed to make it sound like “real” conversations but it just felt poorly constructed.
Cinematic level
The cast, writing, and sound editing is superb. I was immediately drawn into the story and the characters
I could listen to this over and over.
It’s a wonderful podcast.
pamie e
Love the story, HATE Eleonore
Three stars only because Eleonore’s character is so intolerable. They couldn’t have written a more hateable character. She’s so bad, I’m not even sure she’s supposed to be a good guy.
Marina Runner
Excellent Series
Season 3, please!!!!!
This podcast is great! It reminds me of audio books but more !
Williams Taylor
So well done!
Wonder does it again
I loved listening to Blood Ties on my morning run, in the car etc. Good writing and great cast. Business Wars led me to Blood Ties. And now Blood Ties has introduced me to more Wondery podcasts.
Loved it!
I’m so happy I discovered this podcast. I throughly enjoyed this series. Excellent production values in addition to good acting from a good cast. My only complaint is that I want more. Please.
I’m hooked!
I’m hooked. Holy cow! Don’t wanna give anything away, but Wondery, you have done it again!
The storyline was kind of slow, and predictable at times. The characters were one-dimensional and the dialogue felt cheesy and contrived. It wasn’t horrible to listen to, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
I always used to look forward to listening to Blood Ties while working out had so much fun listening to this podcast will recommend it again and again. Well done!
Well done
This was well written and performed. I’m impressed. Also it came to a neat conclusion. They could go on from here, but I think it’s best left where it’s at in the story.
The voice acting was ok but the story is not that engaging or well written. It’s a little predictable and contrived. There are better Wondery podcasts. I was disappointed after having listened to their other content.
Don’t bother
I love Wondery Podcasts. Listened to them all. They need to stick to true crime. Overacting. Predictable. One dimensional characters...the big bad rich guy, his spoiled drug addicted son (for whom we are not allowed to feel any sympathy because he is rich), the greedy corporation. Then we have the daughter, the heroine who is constantly finding ways to selflessly “do the right thing” and smear her own family name because money isn’t everything. I thought this was a mystery, but you figure it all out in the first few episodes. I could hardly choke down season one and i just gave up on season two.
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I can’t get enough !!!
Where are you guys?! Where is season 3?! Love all the characters. And the story line. I just can’t wait for the the next one. Waiting !
Great story
I was hooked. Great story and delivered easy. Great production and engaging plot!
Cringe worthy fictional re-enactment
While the story (season 1) was interesting I couldn’t get past the scripting. The story would make a great documentary podcast but this fictional re-enactment was hard to swallow. Found myself researching to see if it was true. I shouldn’t need to do that. Would have been such a great podcast with a journalist and actual interviews. I can’t fault the actors - they did the bast they could do given the material.
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Waiting for Season 3
We need more. This was awesome!
What’s Next?
This was so enjoyable! It’s radio theater at its best! We hope you two in particular are working on a new story - please!!
Loving this podcast❣️
Please keep Blood Ties coming with more episodes.
me 2 ;)
Awesome podcast
Already looking forward to season 3!!!!
Highly entertaining listen!
I thought both the first and second seasons were enjoyable to listen to and look forward to more if they have more story to tell. The voice actors were phenomenal and the story was engaging. I listen to a lot of true crime pods and this was a nice break tho still on topic. Everything Wondery creates is worth listening to!
Can’t get enough
LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! We need more seasons!
Love it
I have listened to the two seasons twice I love it
Jimmy Jordan...jr
Engaging ,addictive , wonderfully acted !
Pre-Covid I hadn’t been much of a podcast listener . I didn’t even know that Audio Drama was something available . I really have enjoyed Blood Ties and the characters being developed and brought to life by Gillian and Josh!
What a great binge-worthy podcast! Thanks Wondery!
Dossy Momma
Seemed more like a weird news story. Actors were not believable, and had an odd unintentional comedic undertone.
Corny but good
Corny but good...keep them coming!
non espanol
Blood Ties Season 2
Awful presentation. A bad soap opera without the video. Painful to listen to these exaggerated characters. Don’t waste your time.
So happy I heard about this audio drama from another podcast! My first intro to this category of pods and it didn't disappoint. Great acting, riveting plot line and both seasons were amazing. Luckily I was able to binge both seasons, grateful I didn't have to wait! Thanks Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins!
R8ted Art
Awesome podcast!
I absolutely have loved the 2 seasons... I really wish there was more!!!!! Excellent!
Old time radio lives
More than 40 years ago I took a communications class in college. We got to listen to all the old radio dramas my parents grew up on. It was one of my favorite classes. This drama caught me right away. From it’s format I know it was fiction. Fiction presented in such a pure and engaging way. Keep up the great work.
yesteryear again
Excellent drama
The characters are well-acted and the scripts are super. This one is easy to binge!
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