Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast
Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast
Joe Chaffin, MD
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Excellent material for Boards
I am currently reviewing for my general path boards and I find BBGuy’s materials and podcast very helpful in making me understand the concepts of transfusion medicine. The podcast is most helpful with practical approach in transfusion medicine administration and blood bank management. I’m no expert in transfusion med but I certainly find BBGuy’s contents applicable to even non-blood bank path residents like myself. The transcripts and his website/video materials are excellent resources you can easily go back to as references. I hope you continue making podcast and more materials for board review if possible! Thank you!
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Gyn/Cyt Path Resident
What a precious one among the crowd!
I am a new comer to the blood bank field. My colleagues are so helpful to lead me on to the track. The best thing I received is getting to know your podcast! They are all so much solid on science, on real staff. You are a great teacher, your interviews are filled with great leads, light with fun, and great humble and courteous. Keep smiling and never never stop learning — this is your last words at end of each episode, it’s also my life-long cherished belief. Your podcasts are so good that I have been doing binge listening, repeat from beginning to end, also repeat certain episodes again and again. Your fellow blood bankers should thank you, patients should thank you, I for one definitely owe a tremendous gratitude to you! Only wish is to see more of your podcasts coming!
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The Geatest Medical Podcast
Every podcast i have listened to have helped me tremendously to understand blood bank better, making me a better practitioner. Great effort was put into these podcasts and it’s amazing how this could be free! The content is written well and excellently delivered. The BBguys just proves how educational content can be both entertaining and informative. Much gratitude and support,
Highly Recommend for Students
I discovered this podcast as a med tech student, and I still listen to it now that I work in the field.
Awesome Podcast
Love how you explain things so well! Thanks for doing what you do!
A unique and fascinating service
I look forward to every new interview. I have a lot of catching up to do before I absorb all the fascinating content. Thank you to everyone who contributes.
platelet Gina
Critical Resource for Busy Residents
Dr. Joe Chaffin has managed to make this amazing podcast that delivers up to date, clinically-relevant information in memorable conversations with other experts in the field. I love it. It’s perfect on my commute as the start and end to my day! I cannot emphasize enough that every resident on any BB/transfusion medicine rotation should be tuning in!
Great content, but sloooww down
As always, great content and a great podcast. But the speed at which you're speaking is way too fast. I can follow it but it's distracting and, for me, makes me feel anxious. If I slow it down by half, you sound drunk so it's not that fast. :-) Could it be your recording speed? In any case. Just a touch slower would be nice. Thanks for the great and timely topics.
I find these podcasts to be extremely interesting and they inspire me to learn more. I find myself digging deeper into the subject matter post podcast. Thanks for taking the time to create and support a great forum for learning.
Teaching old dog new tricks
Keeping my mind sharp!
In the Laboratory Medicine field, but am staying home with my little one for now. This podcast is great for keeping my mind active and sharp!
Hannah M D
A wonderful resource for learning transfusion medicine
I’m an AP/CP resident in the U.S. and I’ve learned at least half of what I know about transfusion medicine from Dr. Chaffin’s videos and podcast.
Blood Banking/TM for all!
Dr. Joe Chaffin, otherwise known as “The Blood Bank Guy”, is absolutely brilliant. The podcasts that he offers are all about learning the essentials of Blood Banking/TM for any discipline - whether it be Nurse, Lab Technologist, CRNA, NP, PA, MD, or DO. The topics that are covered are done so with world-class educators and providers, and with great passion on both sides, interviewer and interviewee. I constantly look to The Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast for expanding my knowledge of Blood Banking/TM. I look forward to new episodes and enjoy listening to them on my “slower” nights in the lab, or on my drive to and from work. They give me such a great insight on how things are done elsewhere, and how different services can tweak policies and offer new services to better serve their population. - Jay D., MLS(ASCP)
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Jay Driggers
Informative and great interviews! Encourages people in the field to never stop learning. Loving BB now!
This podcast is highly educational, fun to listen to, and gives you free CME- hard to beat! I listen to episodes practically every day on my commute- it’s really helped me stay up to date on Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine issues. Thank you so much for doing this, Joe!
Rachel Hannako
Useful podcasts for hematologists
Fast paced, love the style of the interviewer. Great for learning on the move.
Outstanding interviews
Entertaining and informative interviews of renowned experts in transfusion medicine. A great introduction to new topics, especially for trainees and others new to the field.
Love this podcast.
I am a Trauma ICU nurse and we infuse a lot of blood in my workplace. Listening to these podcasts has armed me with valuable knowledge and understanding of blood transfusion medicine, which makes me feel more confident in caring for my patients. Thank you for the amazing podcast. I listen to every new episode.
Excellent source for learning
As an anesthesiologist I find this focussed view of blood science important and well presented
Blood Bank Guy Essentials
I have been impressed with the expertise of the guests interviewed in this podcast. They are all literally the best in the field and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.
New to Blood Banking
While I am not on the technical side of blood banking, I am enjoying this podcast immensely as I am learning to understand what happens behind closed doors within my industry. I’ve only made it through the first few episodes, but am learning so much as I listen. Every now and then I’m popping my head into our lab and asking them questions I get while listening to see “hey, are we doing this?” Or “what do we do when this happens?” It’s a great learning experience and I can’t wait to catch up to the latest episodes. I know things change so frequently within our industry so I’m intrigued to see what may have changed from podcast 1 to the latest.
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Jared Luent
Path res on tx Med
Wonderful podcast I wish every subspecialty had a Joe Chaffin! Such a great way to learn on my commute. Thank you to everyone that makes this possible!
Great podcasts
Great podcasts. I listen to them while I run. I love being healthy and learning something. Great reminders and things you sometimes forget in school.
HJO 123456789
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Fellow
I loved the podcasts! They are all great! Useful information, practical tips, current literature explained in a concise way and on top of all that, a lot of fun! I have been listening to Dr. Chaffin since I rotated through the blood bank as a pathology resident, and I have to admit, it helped me a lot and I know I passed the TM portion of my AP/CP boards thanks to his videos and lectures! It is a fun way to learn!
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Adri Knopfel
Blood Bank Doc
I have long commutes from one center to another. This is an ideal way for me to review blood bank "essentials" or become updated on relatively new issues in blood banking. In addition Dr. Chaffin's attention to not-so-mainstream topics (the art of teaching or the art of constructing presentations for example) make this podcast unique and helpful. I have been in bloodbanking for a long time but I pick up a useful bit if informaton with every listen. Thank you very much for taking the time to continue this service.
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Xfusion DOC
Great podcast on Blood group system . Thank you for sharing your expertise ! God bless
Excellent resource for anyone needing more insight into blood banking / transfusion medicine!
Blood Bank Guy Essentials
Excellent! So informative and the topics are interesting.
Good for passing boards ;-)
Overwhelmed with apheresis consults? Already sick of studying for so many hours? Go take a walk and listen to these podcasts! They hit all the important board topics while you help meet your daily step goals. Furthermore, the topics are all hot in transfusion medicine so you are also up to speed on the latest and greatest ideas in the field.
Seriously a life saver
The podcast on platelet refractoriness was instrumental in allowing my facility to treat a patient with a very high PRA. That little drop the B44, B45 trick makes it much easier to find platelets. I've enjoyed every podcast I've heard so far, and more importantly I've learned something from every podcast. Thank you so much for doing this.
Helpful and Educational
I have MLT certification but recently obtained my BB(ASCP), with BB Guy helping out a lot along the way. I listened to the podcasts while doing yard work, driving, and going for walks. They helped me study by reinforcing blood banking basics and exposing more of the clinical side of things that I don't encounter in my job as a transfusion services tech. I plan on continuing to listen to new episodes, because Dr. Chaffin does such a great job discussing new issues, studies, and discoveries in the blood bank world. I also utilized, where you can find quizzes, videos, and blog posts.
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tillycat is a friend of mine
Great Work
Really love the behind the scenes look at what happens in the blood bank, as an internist this is really fascinating stuff that I can't get enough exposure too. Thanks again.
This is one of the best resources for BBTM trainees
Thank you so much for making great efforts and providing us awesome learning materials!
Great podcasts for anyone interested in blood banking. Good for students and/or professionals. Awesome!!!
Anthony McCollim
Joe Chaffin is a god
For pathologists and transfusion medicine geeks everywhere, what a great series. So much fun and information. Helpful for boards and practice. It is awesome to hear the interviews from the field leaders. Keep up with the most current information on your own schedule, anytime, anywhere.
Great information; so important for a laboratory professional!
Dr. Chaffin, thanks for the time and effort you put into your podcasts. Your selection of guests is exceptional. I've greatly enjoyed the guests, the topics, and I have learned so much.
Great material
I have been a subscriber to for a couple of years now and all the content is fantastic. These podcasts are useful and up-to-date, with experts in the field. I'm a blood bank and immunohematology specialist and I always send my students to this website. Keep it up!!
Shinra Tensei
Really good stuff!
The BB Guy website and podcasts helped spark my interest in pursuing blood bank as my future career. The Essentials podcast help keep that interest going with new, fascinating discussions with prominent people in the field. Keep up the great work!
Fantastic podcast
Fantastic podcast for any clinician who prescribes blood products.
BB Guy is the best blood banking teacher!
BB Guy (Dr. Joe Chaffin) is many wonderful things but he is certainly the best Blood Bank teacher out there. He helped me pass my MLS (ASCP) and he’s going to help me get my SBB (ASCP). I listen to his new podcast on my way to work and I’m so excited that I found them as I was actually just going to listen to his older ones again.
Lol Rofl mao copter
Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast
These podcasts are excellent! They cover important, relevant information in a manner that is easy to understand and retain. I highly recommend listening!
Cathy Blais
Blood bank guy essentials
Great podcasts for residents and clinicians using blood products i.e. Pathology , heme/onc, surgery, etc
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