Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast
Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast
Joe Chaffin, MD
Dr. Joe Chaffin from the "Blood Bank Guy" website takes his light-hearted approach to a biweekly interview show, discussing core transfusion medicine topics with educational leaders. You'll smile, and have fun, and never EVER stop learning!
086CE: Scary Stories from the Transfusion Service with Mark Fung and Jay Hudgins
Continuing education episode! Every now and then, the routine practice of Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine gets intimidating. A difficult patient situation arises here, an impossible choice looms there. What do you do when there are no easy answers? Drs Mark Fung and Jay Hudgins are expert Transfusion Medicine practitioners who have years of experience dealing with these “scary” situations! In this special Halloween 2020 episode, they are here to help learners with ideas on how to approach some seemingly impossible situations.
Oct 30, 2020
55 min
085CE: What to do When Everything is Incompatible with Jill Storry
Continuing education episode! Every now and then, when a transfusion service does a pretransfusion workup, they find that the patient's plasma is incompatible with EVERY other red cell! In other words, NOTHING is compatible! These situations are intimidating, and can lead to delays in transfusion. Dr. Jill Storry is an international immunohematology expert, and she shares practical tips for what to do and how to recognize the three main patterns of panagglutinins.
Jun 17, 2020
54 min
084: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma with Pampee Young and Ralph Vassallo
Special episode! In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, does convalescent plasma from recovered patients offer fresh hope for those who are critically ill? The medical leaders of the two largest blood collectors in the US are here to help us work through the challenges and triumphs for COVID-19 convalescent plasma.
May 4, 2020
57 min
083CE: Building the Perfect Transfusion Committee with Carolyn Burns
Continuing education episode! Let’s be honest: Some hospital transfusion committees feel like a waste of time! Sparsely attended sessions and minimal progress on important issues are the norm in many facilities. Others wonder if five minutes of transfusion discussion in a quality or pharmacy committee is really having any impact. However, Dr. Carolyn Burns thinks transfusion committees are not hopeless! In this interview, she outlines her practical steps for building the perfect transfusion committee. She discusses how to recruit members, how to find “champions,” what to discuss and analyze, and shares what she has observed in the most effective transfusion committees. Whether your facility is doing a great job already or you are reading this and thinking, “I’m supposed to be reviewing transfusion stuff?”, Carolyn will help you go beyond just “checking the boxes.”
Apr 27, 2020
54 min
082: COVID-19 and the Blood Supply with Louis Katz
In this emergency episode, recorded on March 16, 2020, I discuss actions blood collectors and hospitals should be thinking of now to preserve the US blood supply, as well as a look at the global COVID-19 pandemic. We also briefly discuss convalescent plasma and its potential role.
Mar 16, 2020
29 min
081CE: Top Ten Changes in the NEW AABB Standards with Rich Gammon
Continuing education episode! The 32nd edition of AABB Standards is effective April 2020. Rich Gammon, Chair of the BBTS Standards Committee, is here with the Top 10 changes you need to know! From blood donors to recipients, these changes will keep you in the know about best practices in Transfusion Medicine, even if you are not AABB-accredited.
Mar 11, 2020
45 min
080CE: Is This Donor "Safe?" with Mindy Goldman
Continuing education episode! Those who oversee blood collection organizations wrestle constantly with two questions: “How can I keep my blood donors safe?” and “How can I keep the recipients of the blood we are collecting safe?” These twin responsibilities shape decisions and policies in blood donor centers worldwide. Dr. Mindy Goldman, Medical Director at Canadian Blood Services (CBS), is deeply involved in the evaluation of those core questions. As a result, I wanted her to describe Canada’s decisions on two big issues: First, whether to impose an upper age limit on blood donors, and second, how long to defer men from blood donation who have had intimate contact with other men. Please note: I encourage respectful comments only at
Feb 27, 2020
53 min
079: Pioneering Pathogen Reduction with Ray Goodrich
With the FDA's 2019 publication of their Final Guidance on how to prevent patients from receiving platelet products contaminated with bacteria, it finally feels like pathogen reduction technology is about to "get real" in the United States! There was a time, though, that modern versions of pathogen reduction existed only in the minds of some really, really smart people. One of those brilliant minds is my guest, and his name is Dr. Ray Goodrich. Ray shares the backstory of how modern pathogen reduction techniques came to be.
Jan 30, 2020
54 min
078CE: Does That Patient REALLY Need Platelets? with Joe Sweeney
Continuing education episode! Far too many platelet transfusion decisions are made by evaluating a single laboratory value (the platelet count). Dr. Joe Sweeney believes we need more information to make better choices. Platelet transfusion decisions can be complex, and there is wide practice variability both within institutions and among different subspecialty services. In this interview, Dr. Sweeney describes current platelet transfusion guidelines and a more thorough approach to caring for thrombocytopenic patients.
Nov 20, 2019
55 min
077CE: Implementing Pathogen-reduced Platelets with Pat Kopko
Continuing education episode! On September 30, 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration released the long awaited final guidance on bacterial risk control in platelets (see episode 076 for more details). One way that transfusion services can fulfill the recommendations in the guidance is to implement pathogen reduction technology. Dr. Pat Kopko and her team at the University of California-San Diego are well ahead of the curve, as they implemented PR-platelets in their hospital WAY back in 2017! Along the way, UCSD and their blood supplier (American Red Cross) had to answer many difficult questions and make many decisions (Why can't we just "flip a switch" and go from zero to 100% with PR-platelet supply? If we can't get to 100% right away, which patients get them first? And many more...). Pat joins me to describe lessons learned, with an eye toward where this all fits with the recent guidance.
Oct 17, 2019
52 min
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