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Engaging editing and content
The Blind Abilities Podcast is edited to immediately draw you in for what is sure to be an in depth and meaningful conversation. True to its name, the accomplishments are the priority theme of the show and not always the disability of vision loss. It’s nice to have conversations that equalize the world beyond sight and discuss what the human spirit is able to accomplish.
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Great information
I found your podcast in November 2021 and have been an avid listener ever cents. The iPhone 101 demos have help me improve my iOS VoiceOver skills immensely. The informative, fun, casual conversation between Jeff, Serina and Kelly on tech abilities are highly enjoyable. The feature segments with Shakers and movers in the Blind Tech world are always relevant. Nice job all around.
Informative and helpful
I appreciate this podcast with its clear information. I especially like the iPhone 101 series. Keep up the fantastic work!
good information
I love the information presented in this podcast, it is absolutely helpful in many ways. I do not like the audio effects at all? I find them too loud compared to the rest of the audio and it seems pretty distracting and annoying, sorry. I'm still a subscriber though because the information is pretty valuable. thank you.
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Clear and Informative
In this era of how-to videos with no narration, I always appreciate coming across an informative audio podcast. Thanks, and keep up the great work.
Our space our place
This episode is amazing on so many levels. Especially of course, four kids and young adults trying to find their own identity and dealing with blindness. I am inspired as I was born legally blind, yet had just Enough site to fake being able to see. There are pros and cons to that. However I think it is great that we are embracing our blindness and excepting the tools to increase our quality of lives! Thank you to each and every blind and visually impaired person who chooses to go out and live life!
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Simply the Best
This podcast has it all. From day-to-day tips to inspiration to their weekly tech show. Just the best show no matter where you are in your journey.
Thank you
I wish my state had a podcast like this one. It was very informative and educational. Keep it up. Thank you very much.
Love BlindAbilities Podcasts!
I listen everyday to these educational and informative podcasts! I love the IPhone101 Series!
Audio and Content is Awesome!
Audio and content is superb!
Informational and inspiring
I am blind and found information here that I did not know or understand. I also learned how to do things in ios that I did not know how to do. I subscribed and so should you. I am also going to get the app they offer to make sure i keep up to date and to facilitate sorting the vast amount of information they have to offer here. The stories of others who are blind inspire me to do more with my life. The information on companies and technology available provide me a guide towards independence for independent living.
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