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Paywall show
Don’t bother with this show if you actually want to hear an episode, you have to pay their Patriot fee to do that
If I need to pay say so at the beginning.
If this is to a pay to listen podcast say so at the beginning so I do not waste my time by having it cut off mid sentence half way through.
Late to finding Blamo! but really glad I did. Jeremy does such a great job as host and the selection of guests is amazing. Absolutely my favorite pod right now!
Ghiaia Episode
My favorite yet. Davide is great. It’s great to see a podcast that promotes people/businesses who deserve the spotlight - had never heard of him before and was very excited to discover the brand.
Bonafides? Not sure what knowledge and experience this host has that makes him an expert on fashion. Comes across as either clueless, or at best, a clueless fanboy. Guests are usually interesting in spite of the host.
Nicest guy in fashion
It’s like Cheers, but for clothes.
Very Enjoyable
Thoughtful questions and excellent guests.
A true focus on the guests
Always enjoyable, and having a host like Jeremy, who allows the guests to feel comfortable and speak freely is the magic in this series.
Best menswear podcast
If you love men’s fashion this the podcast to listen to. Easy to listen to, fun guest. The hosts knowledge and to true love of the subject come through.
The Flagship of Menswear Podcasts
I really can’t say anymore than I’ve already said in the title of this review.
F.E. Castleberry
The best pod for menswear (and more)
Blamo! is a podcast not to miss. Fantastic guests with incredible stories, interviewed by possibly the nicest person in all of the fashion world. This podcast has taught me more about the world of fashion than any other source, and I continue to tune in for every episode!
Accessible and entertaining!
This podcast has been such a great gateway into the world of mesnwear, fashion, style, and just good people. Jeremy has such an easygoing rapport with the guests, even the icons, and he so easily cuts through the swagger and polish of Instagram to show the real, normal people that make these moments happen. It's a great show!
Best part of every week is Blamo!
Others have referred to Jeremy as ‘the Terry Gross of Menswear’ and honestly they’re not far off. Every episode of Blamo! Surprises and inspires me by hearing the stories of all these incredible folks who have really built and/or influenced the world around us. And Jeremy’s interview style makes it feel like you’re just hanging out at brunch with 2 of your good friends recounting stories from the good old days. Don’t sleep on Blamo!, you never know whose story will give you that spark of inspiration to take on the next great thing in your life!
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Entertaining, insightful and empowering!
This show has quickly become one of my favorites! Jeremy's style makes every episode feel inspiring and easy to connect with (even when he's interviewing larger-than-life personalities). As someone new to the world of fashion and the cultural forces that shape it, I can't imagine a better place to learn about the brands building the fashion that makes us feel authentic when we rep it. Thanks Jeremy and team Blamo for bringing this podcast to the world!
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I love this show, it introduces me to a lot of different people and Jeremy is a great host. I always look forward to new episodes.
Loso Jones
The best
For those interested in going beyond the superficial, Blamo is the best podcast out there. What I really like about it is - everything. Jeremy is incredible at connecting with his guests, explaining and expanding on subjects that not everyone is familiar with, and setting the framework for a compelling story every episode.
Make Fantasy Great Again
Inspiring and to the point!
I’d been looking for a dope men’s style/fashion podcast that’s informative and concise and found it in Blamo. I appreciate the perspectives and variety of guest. Great content for fashion heads!
mister brister
The BLAMO podcast is a rare gem! The brilliant host, Jeremy Kirkland, is your gracious and wicked smart guide as notable industry experts share their insight into the world of fashion. As a listener, it's a wonderful treat as you get to sit in on conversation that are down to earth. The dialogue is not rehearsed and it often feels that we're given a seat into a conversation between two close friends. If you love fashion, this is a must subscribe.
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Navid M.
Amazing guest list, perfect host
I randomly discovered this podcast and was blown away by the incredible interviews in the archives. Also, Jeremy has an easy way about him and probes parts of people’s life stories that other interviewers seem to miss. Perfect podcast.
One of the best podcasts out there
Seriously! Listen and enjoy. I feel more fashionable just listening! Guests are great but host is even better man. I just started listening and I went through 20 episodes
bring back some guests please!
I love this podcast and would love to hear some guests come back. please bring back Sid Mashburn and Robert Geller!
The best men’s fashion podcast!
I recently found Blamo! through some close friends and have to say, hands down, it is the best men’s fashion podcast. Jeremy’s style is very conversational and he does a great job asking engaging questions to his wide range of guests. Love the content!
Super helpful and insightful!
Good listen for anyone looking for a new flip on the podcast world. Really refreshing!
Great view into the menswear industry
Emphatetic and fun host who is truly interested in learning about how industry people work and how they got there.
Really great conversations
Jeremy pulls in great guests and dives into what makes them tick. Has really expanded my knowledge of men's fashion.
An illustrious service to our industry
I discovered Blamo! during January’s Pitti Uomo in Florence. I’ve been catching up on all episodes, and have greatly enjoyed the latest ones. I concur with Mr. Reid, (who, btw is an inspiration to me, as a new fine menswear retailer) Jeremy asks interesting questions, which stem from a fresh point-of-view. Keep it up, Jeremy!
I came here for the Steven Pulvirent episode and am glad to say I haven’t left since. Super stoked to have found a style podcast that I can listen to more than once. Jeremy has a great way of pulling out conversations and content that I truly haven’t found anywhere else. Also, come to think of it I swear he just got featured in the New York Times recently so...he’s definitely someone to check out. I don’t really know what else to say, except listen and spread the word. Have these sorts of conversations with your friends and family because maybe this will start helping us come together and appreciate life more. At least that is the outlook I now have due to Blamo!
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Yes, this is Jillian.
Simply obsessed!
Jeremy! Your podcast has really expanded my knowledge of men’s style! Your delivery is so approachable, spirited and cool. Your podcast is an awesome listen- each guest shares so much knowledge of their trade and your repertoire is memorable. Can’t wait for the next Ask Me Anything and I LOVED the Pitti content! Keep exploring and teaching!
A best in class podcast applicable to more than fashion
This show is great because it digs into the personalities that are most responsible for pushing things forward in fashion and design. The interviews help explain how these individuals came into their specific segments of the market and what drives them. It’s a really great show and I look forward to every episode.
Like Talking About Menswear with Your Best Friend
I don't really remember how I came across this Podcast, but I got hooked after listening to one episode and binged the rest of them in just a couple of days. Jeremy is really nice and he brings out a relaxed and fun conversation out of the biggest names in the game. Essential listening for anyone into the industry.
Great weekly podcast that anyone interested in quality clothing should enjoy
Best There Ever Was
Blamo has been a great gateway into learning more about the world of fashion. Jeremy keeps it simple and lets his guests tell their stories. I have even emailed Jeremy with questions and have received quick responses. Highly recommend!
Intelligent Conversations about Fashion
I came across the podcast when Ilaria Urbinati pushed her interview on her IG page. I’ve been hooked ever since. Intelligent and meaningful conversations seasoned with fashion topics.
One of the best podcasts
I anxiously await each and every week for a new episode. Jeremy and his guests provide smart, insightful, and entertaining commentary on a wide variety of men’s interests. I also really enjoy the variety of guests that he bring to the pod. Keep up the great work!
Awesome podcast
I've been waiting and wanting a podcast like this to start up around fashion. A lot of the existing fashion related podcasts felt weak, and hard to relate to. Great work man, keep it up!
The best podcast about fashion/retail!
This is easily the best podcast about fashion or retail, Jeremy knows the subjects through and through and asks all the right questions. Love every episode.
Great commentary and discussions.
Really enjoy the different guests and discussions on Blamo! I always feel like I gain a bit more perspective about the industry and have takeaways that I apply to my own business. It’s great when you can take your blinders off and see the world with a different perspective - I feel like I always gain new perspective listening to Blamo. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in brand building and what makes these founders and creatives tick.
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Matthew Jung
A review
10/10, would recommend.
The definitive pod on fashion
Insightful and inspirational, Jeremy dives in and gets deep with an incredible range of guests!
Seriously joyful listening
Jeremy gets great guests, but that's only the second best part of the pod. His unbridled enthusiasm and excitement to talk with each guest and listen to their story and share it with us is always a seriously joyful listen.
daddy's little failure
Wealth of knowledge on Fashion, menswear, and more!
A few months ago, I subscribed, and I tried binging every episode from the very beginning. That proved to be rather difficult, as each episode was dense with content, and a little longer than some of the other podcasts I started listening to around the same time. However, I quickly picked up the format, and I am a huge fan! Blamo! Doesn't just tell you what's hot and new in fashion, but it connects you to people--their stories, struggles, and successes in and around the fashion industry. It humanizes an industry that is sometimes difficult to understand. I am finally caught up, and I look forward to listening to this new season along with everyone else!
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mjb @ fsu
Relevant and Refreshing!
Jeremy is a laid-back, intelligent host who hits a niche of fashion writers and tastemakers. Fashion finally gets approachable and fun!
The best men's fashion podcast
I don't even remember how I found this but it's the best men's fashion podcast hands down
The Nard Dogg
Huge fan of Blamo!
This podcast is a must listen for anyone with an interest in the modern realm of menswear. I don’t listen to many podcasts but I get excited for every episode of Blamo! The interviews are always engaging and give the listener a look into the lives of successful people in the realm of menswear and men’s style. I’m very much looking forward to season 4!
mike berko
Fantastic Podcast
Blamo! has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Jeremy’s perspective is refreshing and his guests have been fantastic as well. My favorite so far was the interview with Michael Hill of Drake’s.
Senor Goat
Rare Insight
Engaging without being loud, subject matter is fluid, Mr. Kirkland is professional and simultaneously fun, guests are authentic and willing to go into detail. All know their stuff. Walk away inspired.
Great #Menswear Podcast & More!
I came upon this podcast expecting mostly menswear/fashion related pods. Jeremy has exceeded my expectations by not only being the premier podcast for menswear interviews but as well as so many other industries (I really enjoyed the "Away" episode). Love it. Jeremy is a great interviewer and I love the natural flow of the conversations between guests (except for that non-place guy lol could you say "you know" so many times?!) Easily the best podcast on menswear and MORE. You won't regret listening!
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Kong Soe
Great podcast!
I don’t know why it took me so long to find this podcast. Excellent, interesting, and intelligent.
I've been listening to Kirkland since last year and his podcast is the most straightforward and authentic menswear pod that you can get. Great guests along with Kirkland's laid back style make for a great conversations every time.
Lovely meditations on style, life
I came to this podcast as a menswear enthusiast, but soon realized that it is so much more. The guests and interviews touch on style, culture, art, and wisdom accumulated through unconventional lives. Absolutely required listening for anyone who appreciates thinking about style, but who also views menswear as only a small piece in the greater journey of living a rich and intentional life. Well done!
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