Blamo! | Exploring Fashion with the People Who Shape It
Blamo! | Exploring Fashion with the People Who Shape It
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Designers, creative directors, actors, athletes: Blamo! explores the world of fashion with the people who shape it. Each week, founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future.​
157 - Baby Queen
My guest this week is the artist Baby Queen AKA Bella Latham. We explore her career, from being discovered on Instagram to signing her record deal and blowing up as a rockstar during quarantine. Bella talks about everything from being inspired by Taylor Swift and Oasis to the difficulties she faced with being raw and honest with her craft because of growing up on the Internet. Plus, she lets us in on how for her, clothing is a costume or armor to express the feelings she wants to convey with her music.
May 10
55 min
Chris Gibbs of UNION Returns! - PATREON PREVIEW
The man with the plan and sometimes without one, the legend Chris Gibbs returns to Blamo! to share his ideas for the next 30 years of UNION, and what he’ll never change.
May 6
12 min
156 - Greg LeMond
Greg talks about growing up with no expectation of ever being recognized by mainstream media and how he’s proud of being a part of a manufacturing revolution with carbon fiber to make cycling more accessible to people everywhere. Plus, he lets us in on how e-bikes make you a bionic person?
May 3
1 hr 21 min
155 - Perfume Genius
My guest this week is Musician Perfume Genius, AKA Michael Hadreas. We explore his career in music and get into everything from writing his catalog of introspective and emotional songs to playing for Russian tourists in Vietnam. Michael also talks about what it was like streaming his live shows through quarantine. Plus, we get into his sobriety, 90s cyber hacker energy, his cowboy glow up, and getting into video games during Covid.
Apr 26
50 min
154 - Oliver Dannefalk & Carl Pers of RUBATO
My guests this week are Oliver Dannefalk and Carl Pers of the Swedish brand Rubato. Even though they’ve built their brand organically from their first product, a sweater, they’re still pretty under the radar; And they want to keep it that way. Oliver and Carl talk about how they first met in a vintage shop and their predictions for the future of retail. They also get into the importance of building a world for their clients, vintage Ralph, and quality denim. Plus, they remind us that you don’t just want to buy something, you want to make a connection with the brands that you buy into.
Apr 19
1 hr 15 min
Glenn Liburd & Daniel Lewis of Glenn's Denim - PATREON PREVIEW
Glenn Liburd and Daniel Lewis drop in to talk about the origins of their brand Glenn’s Denim. Glenn and Daniel share how they met, why they intend to stay small and how clothing should be a vehicle to express who you are, not for what brand you’re wearing.
Apr 15
11 min
153 - Yassir Lester
My guest this week is writer, actor, and stand-up comedian Yassir Lester (Black Monday, Black-ish, Girls). Yassir and I chat his early days hustling his way through the LA comedy scene and his rise through the industry.. He shares how his mother raised him to be charitable, how he still wants to see others do well, and how he’s returning to his Georgian roots by embracing “the truck lifestyle”. Plus, we get his take on buying weird stuff off Instagram.
Apr 12
1 hr 24 min
152 - Ben Schwartz
My guest this week is actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer, Ben Schwartz. We get into Ben’s origin in comedy, from his days in New York City’s comedy circuit to today, where, in his words, he’s worked literally every day since October 2020. Ben also talks about collecting Air Jordans and his passion for vintage tees. Plus, we get an exclusive, never before heard story involving typewriters that you do not want to miss.
Apr 5
58 min
Eiichiro Homma - Founder of nanamica - PATREON PREVIEW
My guest is the founder of the acclaimed brand Nanamica and the creative director of North Face Purple Label, Eiichiro Homma.
Apr 1
13 min
151 - Matty Matheson
My guest this week is father, Canadian chef, and TV host Matty Matheson. We explore Matty’s career, clothes he’s buying in quarantine, and his history with punk music. He and I discuss his north star: Embracing imperfection and being proud of who you are. Last but not least, Matty gives us the scoop on how he’s building more infrastructure around himself, to bring more videos, and more importantly, more laughs.
Mar 29
1 hr 20 min
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