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Designers, creative directors, actors, athletes: Blamo! explores the world of fashion with the people who shape it. Each week, founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future.​
167 - Chris Black & Jason Stewart (How Long Gone)
This week's guests are Chris Black and Jason Stewart, hosts of the "the bi-coastal elite podcast" How Long Gone. Chris and Jason discuss their nonstop podcast life, test shots, where did Jake Davis go, living bi-coastal, hanging with Phoebe Bridgers, Daft Punk's breakup, and which one of them is Paul Simon. Last but not least, we chat, taking the show on the road.
Jul 26
1 hr 11 min
Josh Peskowitz Returns! -PATREON PREVIEW
Josh Peskowitz has been through it all and has arrived at his true calling.His resume reads like a greatest hits tour of menswear and fashion, from the early days of the Fader,, to Fashion Director of Bloomingdales, co-founding Magasin, and VP of Fashion for Moda Operandi. And now, he’s guiding brands the way he always has with The Untitled Group.Josh and I chat about navigating careers, how he’s helping brands get into retail, dope pet names, and finding yourself beyond a LinkedIn post.It’s Blamo! Extra and Josh Peskowitz is back!**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra
Jul 22
16 min
166 - Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience)
Erlend and I discuss how different projects are essential for his mental health, why Kings of Convenience took over a decade off, how the digital age of music affects promotion, his take on fashion, and their Oblique Strategies for songwriting.
Jul 19
57 min
165 - Erik Anders Lang (Random Golf Club)
Erik discusses the origins of Random Golf Club, his background in photo and film, hanging with Takashi Murakami, getting fits off on the course, and how the image of Golf is not the reality of it.
Jul 12
1 hr 15 min
Jon Moy is The Garden Boi - PATREON PREVIEW
Garden style is everywhere, and Master Gardener Jon Moy returns to refuse the credit for starting it. We talk about his big move to Portland, why everyone is obsessed with growing plants, folks getting into mushrooms, Monty Don fits, and Erowid.
Jul 8
18 min
164 - Arman Naféei (Are We On Air)
My guest this week is literally a curator of vibes. He’s the music director for the Chateau Marmont, founder of StudioNeu, and the host of the podcast Are We on Air, Arman Naféei.
Jul 5
1 hr 5 min
163 - Fabio Attanasio (The Bespoke Dudes)
You all wanted to talk suits? He's here. You know him from his immaculate style but more for how he's helped make the world of Italian tailoring more welcoming, approachable, and eternal. Fabio and I discuss his journey and approach to bespoke tailoring, growing with collaborators, working with Omega, becoming an eyewear king, and saving the future of tailoring.
Jun 28
1 hr 3 min
Simon Crompton (Permanent Style) Returns - PATREON PREVIEW
Since 2007, Simon Crompton has been chronicling the world of menswear and teaching countless folks about how to dress and express themself on his website Permanent Style. He’s written extensive articles and books about bespoke suit making, footwear, you name it. Simon understands the luxury and menswear world in a very distinct way. And now he’s back… Simon and I discuss mental health, creating balance, the casual evolution of wardrobes, and how Permanent Style has become its own brand. Last but not least, we discuss how previously small menswear brands have grown and how that growth has affected their early clients. It’s Blamo! Extra and Simon Crompton is BACK
Jun 24
16 min
162 - Jasmine Benjamin (Stylist)
My guest this week is stylist Jasmine Benjamin. You’ve seen her work on Anderson .Paak, Outkast, Miguel and more. Jasmine and I talk about the hustle of being a stylist, her early beginnings working in the music business, and with the legendary Chaka Khan. We chat through styling Anderson .Paak and get all the hot takes from cowboys, making clothes, and her thoughts on vintage. Last but not least, is Von Dutch back?! Dive in with the vibes from the fit Goddess herself.
Jun 21
1 hr 17 min
161 - Reebok's Leo Gamboa
My guest this week is Reebok’s Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Leo Gamboa. Leo talks his early days working retail in New York City, shopping on Jamaica Ave, and the early skate culture of the city. We also talk about our obsession with outerwear, club c’s and old school North Face. And last but not least, we talk about what makes a good collab, and the art of design. The sneaker is not dead!
Jun 14
1 hr 15 min
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