Black Woman Leading
Black Woman Leading
Laura Knights
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A must listen
This podcast has easily become one of my favorites! As a black woman that continues to excel in my career, these conversations are so relevant. Job well done, Laura!
Tamika McTier
Refreshingly Insightful
Each episode is like a masterclass delivering guidance on topics often overlooked or just unsaid but absolutely needed to be addressed for professional Black women. Laura and her guests dig beneath the surface to help women become the best version of themselves and stand in their full leadership capacity. Delivered in love and reliability without judgement or bashing.
Tiffany Michelle P.
True leadership
Such amazing insights from the host and guests; wellness, self awareness and leadership examples.
Keep this one on heavy rotation
I love Laura and BWL!! As a Black woman leading her content and insights are always right on time. Her focus on head and heart work is so necessary to help overcome the many obstacles we face as Black women in the workplace. I always feel so validated and empowered after listening to her podcast and I make listening to BWL a part of my self care. I highly recommend this podcast!
A Treasure Trove of Wisdom
The Black Woman Leading podcast is a true treasure! Laura and her guests consistently drop so many gems in their discussions of the issues that black women confront in the workplace. If you are looking for real talk that will challenge, encourage, and inspire you to grow as a black woman leader, this podcast is for you!
Powerful, meaningful and timely!!
I have been blessed by Laura and the Black women Laura she has interviewed for the BWL podcast. There is something comforting about knowing that I am not alone in some of the challenges I face as a leader but it’s also empowering to hear how others are navigating these challenges and coming out ahead. The salary negotiation episode helped me at the perfect time as I was in the process of being promoted. There are gems and nuggets in every episode and I’m grateful to Laura for having these important conversations and making them accessible to all. Current leaders will find validation and upcoming Black women leaders will learn strategies to prepare them for a purpose filled career.
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Gems Galore!
I love this podcast! I always gain several gems and take always! Keep up the good work lady!
Learn Heal and Grow
Yesssss we need this focus on mental wellness due to burnout and overwhelm. Thanks Laura and the producer Nekita 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Dee C. Marshall
Episode 2 - Empowering.
Episode 2 with Valeria Edmonds is a perfect lunch date. My take-away, in my own words, is to be authentically you while remaining genuinely vested in the client’s business. Be true to yourself, keep your skills sharp, validated and verifiable but also take good care of yourself so that you don’t find yourself pouring from an empty cup. Laura Knight’s interview style uncovered all of that and so much more in under an hour. This is a power-filled podcast episode.
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JGH Wife
Laura has a way of bringing your gifts and calling to the forefront through meaningful exercises and experiences. The third episode is on repeat as I continue to navigate the woman I am and the direction I’m taking to higher heights as a big thought leader in my community. I’m truly appreciative to have this podcast as another tool to my tool belt.
Bring the tissues!
Do you want to cry while clapping while hearing all the validation you’ve ever needed as a Black woman trying to make it in corporate America? Then this is the podcast for you! It’s amazing!
Katrina Strohl
BWL is bring relevant topics to the forefront
I love the work that Laura is doing with Black Women Leading! This podcast is a great way to bring topics relevant to Black women who are at all different stages of their career. It’s a platform for experienced leaders to share their wisdom and for aspiring leaders to learn. Thanks for being a voice!
Excellent podcast
Black Woman Leading is an excellent podcast, chock full of resources and lessons from a trusted practitioner and leader, Laura Knights. I learn so much every time I hear Laura and each episode provides deep insight and tools to help me grow as a leader, especially in settings that might not have structured or wholistic leadership development training that is specific to the needs and centered on Black women!
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Dr. Crystal Moten