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S4E6: Healing Hurt Caused By Other Black Women At Work.Dr.Carey
54 minutes Posted May 19, 2023 at 9:50 am.
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Season 4, Episode 006 -Healing Hurt Caused by Other Black Women at Work with Dr. Carey Yazeed

As Black women, we may be familiar with experiencing unsupportive or toxic experiences in the workplace at the hands of others.  But what about when the toxic behavior directed towards us is from someone that looks like us – another Black woman.

In this episode, Laura talks to Dr. Carey about this sensitive “family” discussion. Dr. Carey shares her insights on some of the root causes of why Black women hurt each other in the workplace, and how we can begin to acknowledge and heal these hurtful interactions.


About Dr. Yazeed 

Dr. Yazeed is a Behavioral Scientist who specializes in the study of human behavior as it relates to work culture and trauma in the workplace. Certified in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace with a background in mental health and academia, she is the founder of iThink Change, a behavioral research agency. Dr. Yazeed is also a bestselling author of several books including, Unbreak My Soul: How Black Women Can Begin to Heal From Workplace Trauma.

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