Black Woman Leading
Black Woman Leading
Laura Knights
S4E5: Moving Your Body
39 minutes Posted May 4, 2023 at 4:14 am.
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In this episode, we turn our attention to thriving in our bodies and physical health.  Laura welcomes our special guest, Bridgette Duncan, Founder of Slam Duncan Wellness.

Bridgette shares her body movement journey and how her work in Pilates, stretch therapy, and breathwork has been a life-giving force not only for herself but for the Black women she works with in her practice.  She exposes us to other physical self-care options through her work, and   encourages us to move beyond being hyper focused on what our bodies look like to adopt a deeper understanding– moving your body is ultimately about deeper awareness and connection with yourself.  

Bridgette affirms us to integrate pleasure into our physical self-care practice, and encourages us to listen to our needs, give grace, and be gentle with ourselves.  Tune into this affirming episode and then get up and MOVE!

About Bridgette

Bridgette is the Founder of Slam Duncan Wellness. ​​Slam Duncan Wellness is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through stretch therapy, breathwork facilitation, Pilates, and low-impact fitness. Bridgette possesses a wealth of knowledge, a diverse client background, and a skill set that is suitable for many walks of life. . Your health and fitness is much larger than just your daily workouts. It ripples out into every aspect of your life. Your wellness routine informs your mental and physical worlds. As well as, your spiritual and emotional capacities. Her ultimate goal is to provide care and teach practices that transform your mind, body, and soul, one breath at a time.

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