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Laura Knights
S4E4: Building Your Financial Squad
46 minutes Posted Apr 20, 2023 at 1:06 am.
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Show notes

Here at Black Woman Leading, we are all about asking for help and building your support team in your personal and professional life.  You may have a self-care team that includes a doctor, therapist, and other providers.  Or, a professional development team that includes your manager, colleagues, executive coach, or others.  You might even have personal care time like a house cleaner, babysitter, or grocery delivery service. We are here for all of it!  But, what about a team to help you increase, maintain, and invest your financial resources? It 's critical!

In this episode, Nikki Tucker, a 20-year financial professional and the Founder of The FIIRM Approach, educates us on the importance of having a financial squad.  She uncovers OPTIONS for Black women to consider to effectively manage their money.

She talks about the heart work of our financial stewardship and shares that we have to get intimate with our money when posing the question, “Would your money marry you?” Whew!  She takes us all the way there! 

Tune in as Nikki debunks some misconceptions about wealth building, shares advice for planning financially for major life milestones, and educates us on key players that should be on our money team. Her insights empower us to be in a better position to  protect, maintain, grow, and ultimately transfer our assets to build  generational wealth.

About Nikki

Nikki is known as a problem solver since her experience and most of her time involves helping women strategically exiting their marriage and work on their new financial life post-divorce, as a Divorce Financial Strategist. As a 20-year financial professional, she enjoys teaching new ideas about money and connecting her clients to great resources to help them gain clarity, confidence and control of their finances and looking at stuff they might hate.

Her two programs Silent Preparation Series & Bring Home the Bacon provide strategic education, modern resources and tools without having to share your business with strangers. She helps women learn how to keep the cost of their divorce down and make it less complicated. Her strategies teach women how to handle their finances with intention when they’re dating, married, divorcing and post-divorce.

When she is not working with clients, she is eating amazing food and drinking an oat milk latte or a French 75. Her friends and those close to her describe her as reliable, honest and resourceful which comes in handy when she's working with women going through major transitions. 


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