Bits and Pieces - The BOB & TOM Show
Bits and Pieces - The BOB & TOM Show
The BOB & TOM Show / Westwood One Radio
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Great chemistry
Absolutely love the format and vibe of the podcast! Enjoy the behind the scenes info and tidbits. Having a major withdrawals because of no new episodes since July!!!!
Different Bob and Tom podcast same issues
Show starts off with a somewhat consistent schedule but then completely falls apart with no set schedule, rhyme or reason when podcasts will be released causing people to become completely disinterested in following them because they have zero expectations of when content might drop.
Just do the podcast or don’t.
This podcast suffers from the same issue all B&T podcasts do; they start off strong and put out episodes frequently; then the staff gets lazy and before you know it, you are down to a single episode per month until finally they just give up. Looking at you OTA and That Josh Arnold Podcast.
Great podcast
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Cut Jess Hookers mic so she isn’t constantly talking over people please. Right right right. Mmmhmm. Yup.
Love the classic bits!
Love this! What a fun podcast about the greatest radio show of my generation. I grew up with Bob and Tom every morning and it’s great to hear some of these archive bits that are so great. I saw another reviewer recommend interviewing Bob on the podcast and I couldn't agree more - would love to hear some stories about how they came up with all these great bits in the early 80’s days!
Willies team and bits
If you like B&T bits. You will love bits and pieces. All the bits they can’t play on air and insider commentary. Love it and can’t wait for the next episode
Love it and keep it going!
This pod is phenomenal for Bob and Tom fans. I love hearing the old bits and hearing the back stories/behind the scenes of the magic. PS it would be amazing to bring Bob back for an episode to hear his processes.
Big fan
Keep em coming guys. I love listening to classic bits, especially with the behind the scenes commentary and some of the show’s history. I also just like listening to you guys riffing and having a good time
rt mo
Love the podcast
Willie claims he doesn’t care but we all know he does. I like listening and hopefully they will continue the podcast on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE. I believe in staying consistent.
Please stop
I will personally buy Jess hooker a set of headphones so shes knows when she’s talking over someone. Seriously. She sits there saying yeah over and over and is constantly interrupting everyone or talking over them. It’s off putting.
I love the podcast. I went back to listen to Tom’s fart journal and Ms Pat singing it’s in the butt. I thought both bits were on the same episode…. Did I miss something?
enormous saytre 601
Great show
I love B&T but didn’t grow up where I could hear it. Getting to hear some of the older bits and live remotes has been SPECTACULAR. Love this guys and Willie Jess Jessica and Jason are awesome to listen to. Always waiting for the next episode. Well done ladies and gentlemen.
Joe Youngstown/Brookfield
Man Timmy Wilson is a legend. On the other hand Jess Hooker is terrible. She just keeps interrupting to put her 2 cents in so she can be recognized. Please tell her to slow down on that. Please
Tim Wilson
You can never do enough on Tim. My brother ran sound for him once and I got to meet him. As nice of a person I’ve ever met. Very humble. Nothing better than an Uncle B.S. story.
Put Ron on
Love ron on the podcast make him a regular
Better than you would expect.
Way better than you would expect.
Could be great, but...
I love the concept and the format of the show. Everything about it is great, but I can't get past the fact that Jess Hooker just simply talks to much. Tom doesn't dominate the main show like Jess does. Willie and Jessica are great, easy to like, and easy to listen to.....when they're allowed. Jess rarely allows them to finish a complete sentence. I don't want to sound like I am hating on her, because she's fantastic on the main show. She just needs to realize, often times, less is more.
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Little short Miller High Life bottles
They are called shorties.
Never not Teri
“Feel good” podcast
Always makes me smile. I look forward to it each week.
Weirdly relaxing
Love every episode! I worked security for a New Years show. Union Station here in Indy. The Electric Amish set was soo great! Left before getting paid because a few of us underage scored a keg. Still one of my favorite memories! Dean damnit I loves all you’ve done! Jess (scorched earth) Jessica Hooker Jason and Willy Love all your doing Willy I feel like I’ve grown up with your dad Bob and Kristi Lee . Mr Chic McGee met him on the fair train when I was 10. Keep on making me laugh! I listen everyday! 👍🏻
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Love it!
You guys are just as funny, and make my days like the Bob and Tom Show does! When I’m on my way to work, and the show ends, I switch to you guys, and it’s like I never left the show! Thanks guys! :)
Evan Croft
Great group
Love all the stories and history of the show. Great group, work together well.
Willie told me to
One of the coolest things about B and T is the second generation listeners like myself... Old memories of listening to the show while your Dad is driving you to school...I took a hiatus from the show in my 20s, but I got hooked again. If I had a B and T wish I’d wish for 2 episodes a week. (Or a Donnie Baker episode of Bits and Pieces)...I typed this up a couple weeks ago and apparently didn’t send. Bummed there wasn’t a show this week, but I’m patient
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Dad Bod Rob 87
It you like bob and Tom you will love the bits and pieces podcast
94 chevy pu
Spring break
Love the back ground stories on all the shows voices And things we don’t hear about Like smoking in the broad cast booth Hey how did carlisle in. Come in play Thank you
I have to admit, I was skeptical. But I’m hooked totally love hearing you guys breaking it down and playing the old clips from the show. Keep up the great work everybody!
G Tucker otr trucker
Great stuff
Long time listener, first time reviewer! The four of you have exactly the right demeanor and approach to doing a podcast - you love the subject material! And it shows, it’s great to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff of how the most hilarious family comes together to put together the most hilarious radio show ever. I love how you all love each other, and how you fill in so many backstories for those of us who can’t get enough Bob & Tom. Thanks for some great stuff, keep it coming!
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Dr TJ Fossil
Love this podcast.
I love hearing the behind the scenes stuff. I hate that they don’t do any new bits/sketches anymore on the live show. . They played candy heart wisdom and it made my day.
This is so fun
What a great group you have assembled here. It really is a fun listen, and each of the hosts has a different behind-the-scenes experience to add. Love Willie as a addition to the show, and I have always enjoyed Jason, Jess Hooker and Jessica Alsman on their various podcasts over the years. So glad I subscribed!
Bits and pieces
Love the behind the scenes stuff- love the chemistry of the cast!!
Love to bits and pieces!
Long time Bob and Tom listener, first time podcast reviewer! I love this! It’s fun to hear obscure things from the show that you maybe forgotten about or simply never heard before. I love the chemistry between Jason, Jess, Jessica, and Willy. Their easy conversation makes me feel like I’m right there in the room with them (also Jess’s laugh is infectious!). 5 stars!
Lindsey OSU
Great way to hear more about my favorite part of the mornings. Have loved the show since the late 90s, so thanks for highlighting some of the older stuff!
Posh Jr
If You Love Bob and Tom, You’ll Love This
Each and every episode is a must listen to episode. Love the interaction between Willie, Jess, Jessica, and Jason. Five stars!
Kelly from the Farm
Love the show
Love this podcast! I’ve listened since the 90s to the radio show and love the fact they are located in Indy and get to hear them do local before they go back to the show
Funny Bits and Pieces
Love this podcast. I’ve been listening to B&T since Tom only had four kids. Love the backstory of many bits. Willie you’re a natural. I think Jess and Jessica should do an Alli Bream segment of their own.
Awesome way to commute
Listen to B&T in the morning and this on the way home. What a great way to end the work day!!
The Future show!
I feel like I am listening to the future Bob and Tom show. keep up the great work it’s awesome!!!
I love Bob and Tom but this podcast is awesome! I wish it was longer and everyday
Spot on!
Love this podcast, the fact that old skits from what I consider the golden age of Bob and Tom are played just makes me happy. I dare you not to laugh listening to this. I can’t get enough
Ez E73
Love it and want more.
Really love the bits and pieces crew. Would like two episodes a week. Or maybe one longer one. Keep up the great work guys. Love the show
Shawn Taflinger
Great listen
I enjoy the dynamic between the four hosts of the podcast. It’s a fun listen for a long time Bob and Tom fan.
Love it!
So much fun to listen to. Would be awesome if you featured catch it and keep it.
Just What We Needed
I would have never thought this podcast would exist but I’m so glad it does. It makes perfect sense. It’s hilarious, relaxing, and fun. Willie, Jess, Jessica, and Jason are unsung heroes among the Bob and Tom cast.
Willie without Tom!
The show is lots of fun. Commentary and interesting background stories on old, famous bits from the show is great, but there’s even a few bits I’ve never heard and I’ve been listing since 1995. I love everyone on the main show, but it’s nice to have some of the younger or infrequent cast getting some time to talk! Tom isn’t here to interrupt nor exhaust me.
Best podcast ever
Nothing about it I don’t like
Glass piper
Fun listen!
Funny stuff! Love willies stand show he helps run in Chicago. Everyone should go get out highly recommended at the laugh factory ASAP
Plainfields plainest
Awesome! More chick!
Lance LB7
What da?
Is anyone else say it’s unavailable when you try to listen?
Great podcast.
Great job Willie 👌🏻 More Chick pls 🙏🏻
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