Bishop Robert Barron’s Sermons - Catholic Preaching and Homilies
Bishop Robert Barron’s Sermons - Catholic Preaching and Homilies
Bishop Robert Barron
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T. O'Connor
Bishop Barron is a wonderful spiritual teacher and coach. He has a deep understanding of the faith and of Western culture. He is always insightful and inspiring. I look forward to each new podcast as more rocket fuel for my spiritual journey.
Love this podcast!
I love Bishop Barron’s perspective and wisdom! He offers an easy to understand break down on many topics. I’ve enjoyed listening and look forward to each week’s episode.
Brilliant and illuminating
Bishop Barron will challenge your beliefs and your intellect. I’ve been listening for about 2 years and his sermons have helped me understand my faith on a much deeper level and draw closer to the Father despite all the competing distractions of everyday life
rj dunlavey
Fantastic blend of everything in faith
Bishop Barron seamlessly incorporates historical thought leaders, doctors of the church, linguistics, and philosophy with contemporary topics in the church, while challenging the faith-filled and skeptic alike to dig deep and open your hearts and minds to the message God is sending to you. Don’t be put off by Bishop Barron’s lofty parlance, you will be better off for it in the long run.
Breaking out of the grave
Another example of Bishop Barons tendency to re-interpret scripture. So last week we were supposed to accept his revision of Marks gospel, there really wasn’t a young man in the garden. Now we’re supposed to accept his revision of John’s Gospel there was no supernatural revelation to the women at the tomb.
Ajay 55
Fantastic Easter Homily!
Fantastic Easter homily, by Bishop Barron! Christ is Risen!!
🔥 this weeks homily is by far one of Bishop Barron’s most passionate and thought provoking for me. The nuance of the transition he skillfully and knowingly shines light on the restriction we place on belief into the deepest emotion of love—- trust, Commands me to reevaluate how I’ve looked upon the crucifix. Powerful.
Great Sermons
These are fire sermons and that focus on Christ and salvation history.
Will Coupe
Bishop Barron’s Sermons
Why was this episode not labeled “Don’t be Afraid to Ask?” It’s confusing to have two different names for the same sermon. One in the email and the other here. Could you please make them the same?
A weekly blessing!
Bishop Barron always has insightful spiritual advice from the Sunday readings
Modern day St. Augustine
Bishop Barron’s extensive knowledge and interests come through in his podcasts. He helps you understand the what and why of what Catholics believe that allows you to live your faith each day. He makes me think of what it was like to have St. Augustine as your parish priest or bishop. Importantly, his humility and struggles with his own faith comes through in his podcasts.
Biblical Exegesis from the grant Catholic tradition
Listening to the homily from Bishop Robert Barron is one of my faith highlights each week. I greatly appreciate how he devotes such time and attention to harmonize the scriptural readings from Mass each week and especially focuses on explaining the significance of the Old Testament readings and their anticipation for Christ and how they are fulfilled in the New Testament readings. His Word on Fire ministry was extremely influential in my reversion to Catholicism in 2020 after spending the last 20 years as a Protestant and in my wife and family joining the Church this year as well. Thank you, Bishop Robert Barron and may God continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly.
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All of a sudden there’s music at the beginning and end of bishop’s sermons. Please, don’t do this.
Long Intros
Great podcast, Barron is awesome! However, with all Word On Fire media the intro is waaaaayyy too long. Needs to be short and sweet.
I have listened to Bishop Barron for many years. I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the Bible, but more importantly with his compassion to all people.
Bishop Barron’s sermons are great
I highly recommend Bishop Barron’s sermons to all Christians and non-believers. They are well-reasoned, biblical, and offer practical spiritual guidance. He is one of my favorite preachers (and I’m not even Catholic :-). God Bless you, Bishop.
Standard Father Unit
PC Catholicism
Good speaker, intelligent man, however, does not dare speak of abortion being a mortal sin, why? The people perish for lack of knowledge.
I love this podcast and YouTube channel ❤️
Thank you Bishop Barron for your awesome work!!! I really appreciate your cerebral approach to religion!
Thanks be to GOD
Thank you Bishop Barron for the the wisdom and intellect. Always clear and concise on the WORD and it allows me to reflect and self-correct my thoughts and actions. I'm always under construction. Progress, not perfection. God Bless you and the WOF Team.
Influential in my conversion to Catholicism
I have been listening to Bishop Barron for many years now, going back to when I knew him as "Father Barron" when I was station in Illinois for the end of my Navy enlistment. I married a "cradle-Catholic" and I was raised Lutheran. We'd have many discussions about faith through all our years dating, being engaged, and then first few years of marriage. I had sort of fallen away from Lutheranism prior to my enlistment, but strongly felt it wasn't Christianity that was the problem, but that something was missing from my denomination though I couldn't specify what "it" was. Bishop Barron speaks in a way that is articulate, engaging, and intelligent-sounding in a way that makes you feel reassured he knows what he's talking about. After many years of listening to his homilies, I eventually caved in and enrolled in RCIA where I sought answers to more of my hard-hitting questions about not just faith, but also "why the Catholic Faith?" Thank you Bishop Barron. I hope to meet you some day, just to thank you. I cannot convuey the extend to which he's positively impacted life.
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Life changing
I have been sitting on this podcast for a year and finally started listening a couple months agoZ I can’t stop! It’s changed my whole view on so many things and in other ways enhanced things I already had an inclination about. Thank you Bishop Barron and his wonderful staff! I pray more souks find their podcast!
Zeppie 2009
Catholicism LITE !!
A joy for this Protestant
Bishop Barron is a wonderful scholar and shepherd. He’s one of the first names I give to Protestant friends (I’m Anglican myself) who want to know more about Catholicism. He brilliantly models the multi-layered approach to biblical interpretation that is the norm in scholarly circles and seminaries, but at a popular level that is warm and accessible. Praise God for him.
Not for Traditional or Practicing Catholics
Sadly the Bishop thinks his job is not to speak clearly on Catholic teaching. He is more worried about his social media and video ‘career’ than speaking clearly on Catholic teaching. He even thinks it is the job of the laity to defend Catholic Churches and teaching. His attacks on the Latin Mass and those who support it are the worst.
Great theological and literary analysis
Wonderful homily. Truly enlightening
Insightful, Engaging, Intellectual, Heartfelt
I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school through twelfth grade, but this level of intelligent engagement was missing from my religious training. That and we had an absolutely miserable, rude, mean parish priest. Things could have been different if I’d had something like this. But I have it now and I’m supremely grateful! What a gift to the world these podcasts are. Bishop Barron is exceptional.
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A Weekly Dose of Insight
Thoughtfully opens up the word
A Wonderful Blessing
Bishop Barron explains Holy Scripture beautifully and simply. This podcast is a great aid to our faith. Thank you.
R. Nonn
Look forward to this each week!
So thankful for Bishop Barron’s passion, and insight! I have learned so much from him!
Brilliant Interpretation of Scripture
Bishop Barron gives such a brilliant presentation of Scripture. In my opinion, in this episode, he summarizes what true Christianity is. THANK YOU Bishop Barron!
P Chic
Fantastic Sermons
Each of these sermons is a gold nugget of insight into the weekly readings before Catholic Mass. Bishop Robert Barron is very insightful. This helps me get ready for mass each week, and I feel I get more out of the liturgy with this as a supplement.
Brilliant! Just the best!
Listening to Fr Robert Barron’s talks, etc., has awakened, renewed, and refreshed all my spiritual and physical senses. Beautiful!
catherine renee
Please continue masses !!!
Please continue the daily and Sunday masses on your daily refection,
Covid-19 is a Blessing
If not for the Stay a Home Order during COVID-19 I would have not found Bishop Barron thru virtual mass. I studied in a Catholic school from 5th Grade to college. Even with this background, I never really understood a lot about my faith. It was just going through the motion because this is the religion my parents gave me. I go to church on Sundays & Holy Days simply as obligations. I was physically present but my mind would wonder somewhere especially during the homily. A lot of times I find it boring . Most priests didn’t have the charisma, eloquence & knowledge that Bishop Barron possess. Bishop Barron helped me understand and deepen my faith with his daily masses & videos. He is so inspiring! I look forward to listening to his sermons. He is the Holy Spirit God the Father & God the Son sent me! I feel closer to God now more than ever! And I want Him to be the center of my life. Praise the Lord for Bishop Barron.
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Word on Fire service
The mass came alive for our family, and I agree with other reviews, no other services came close to bringing spiritual nourishment during these difficult and desperate times. Thank you for your ministry and for being a light in darkness. It is apparent that just preaching the true Gospel is all that matters. My young adult children actually asked to watch WOF every Sunday, which sparked great conversation! I look forward to following your on-line material and sharing it with others. God’s blessings continue to be on you and to God be the glory!
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Janet Menz
Thank you
I was so saddened to learn there were no more daily masses streamed. Thank you both for your wisdom, love and hope filled daily messages. I know many who were uplifted daily by these. Peace be with you!
Streaming Mass
I will so miss your daily mass & homily. No other streaming Mass has given me so much hope & understanding of The Word. Blessings on you and your ministry.
Thank You Bishop Barron
I’m so grateful for your daily Masses from Word on Fire. I’ve heard those gospels thousands of times but never really understood them like when you explained them. I’m Catholic & always thought the Eucharist was the spiritual body of Christ & the wine became the spiritual blood of Him (His grace) until you explained that it was His physical body). I’m looking forward to learning more about the Mass & what the priest does & why. Unfortunately we aren’t taught this & our priests don’t teach. Thank you again for teaching us about our faith. Too bad there’s no more daily Word on Fire have Masses in California but I live in NY & we’re still in Phase 1 (6/1) so we don’t have Mass here yet. I’ll have to search around the web for a daily Mass. 6/4: Can’t find a daily Mass online WITHOUT organ music! Resorting to watching Word on Fire Mass reruns on YouTube. Please pray for us in NY-we won’t have Mass or any sacraments until Phase 4- probably a month from now. By that time we’ll kill each other...wait a minute...we’re already doing that. God help us!
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An Uninformed Catholic
Thank you Bishop Barron
Dear Bishop, Thank you so very much for your daily Masses. I didn’t realize you were not going to stream any more. Your sermons always gave me something to ponder, something new in a way I had not considered. I have gone to Mass at my church but it does make me nervous as I am in my seventies, with diabetes and I am still trying to stay home, except for Mass where I sit in a corner away from others. Yes we all wear masks. But for the last couple of days I have been trying to watch you too. It has been comforting to catch a number of Masses during the day and hear different sermons.My church is streaming one Mass a day. But three days are in Spanish, which I do not understand. I am grateful to you. May God bless you always!Thank you! Carol Witkowski St Louis Catholic Church Pinecrest FL 33156
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Virtual Mass
What a blessing these have been to my day. The Homily’s are so easy to follow and understand. I have shared how awesome Word on Fire is with many friends. I also have listened to some wonderful podcast by Bishop Barren. The Living Presence, is amazing! Thank You Bishop Barren and Word In Fire. Christy
Christy 004
Tears of Gratitude
We live in a rural CO town without daily Mass. Your daily Mass was such a gift during this time of quarantine. I care for two of our grandchildren (whose mom has left the church) and would watch Mass on my phone while they were playing on the floor. So many times I had to pause the Mass and explain to the 3 year old what you were talking about. In looking back we had some great talks about faith. Even the one year old would immediately say, “Jesus” when the Mass would start and he would see the cross. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate to describe the gift. Bless you, the other priest (Steve?) and your Word on Fire Ministry. I continually pray for your protection. The world needs you and your team.
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Colorado Disciple
Daily Mass
Thank you for the Daily Mass Bishop Barron. It saddens me that we will not be able to worship in this form, especially folks like me who are home bound. Truly hope you would reconsider and resume the Daily Mass for us. Your homilies have been a great insight and taught me a lot. God bless you always in your ministry. Myra D’Silva
A married couple from Canton Ohio
To all who served us with the Mass these many week a heartfelt thanks and appreciation for seeing us through with such inspirational sermons!! The young men who served as reader and server such zeal and integrity in how they served We will continue to hold you in our hearts through prayer Gratefully Your brother and sister in Jesus and Mary
jesusmy reedemerlives
Don’t send us away hungry!
Dear Bishop Barron, Please continue to share your insight into scripture leading us to a deeper devotion & understanding of the Holy Trinity & Faith. Your homily on The Ascension revealing Jesus sharing an earthly and heavenly realm lifted the veil. Fr. Stephen’s reverence for the Eucharist and his homilies as well, have been food for the soul. If you could continue to ignite and feed us if only on weekdays, we would be nourished to go forth in these difficult times. There are over 400,000 on this mountainside waiting for your words, please don’t send us away hungry! Mary & Henry Towson, MD
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4+1 mama
With grateful heart !
It is with a heavy but grateful heart that I write this.. heavy because there will be no further masses streamed from Bishop Barron’s chapel after today.. grateful because it is the foremost emotion that I feel each time I listened to his homilies. I don’t think there is any other person as gifted as Bishop Barron in making the gospel as illuminating as he does, relating the Old Testament with the New Testament, in a conversational style that makes it easy to grasp. I know that I will be tuned in to the podcasts of past sermons from now on . Thank you Bishop Barron!
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Spreading the Good News
I was able to share your daily Mass with friends and family who are not Catholic during Covid. For some of them it was the first time they had seen the Mass. They all remarked on your positive and clear teaching in the homilies. The Easter homily itself was life-changing! Thank you for this most precious gift that Word on Fire gave us. I look forward to your podcast.
Lady Southcorner
Thank you!!
Living in the Chicagoland area, I am familiar with and have heard Bishop Barron on several occasions and through his many series. Bishop Barron is a magnificent preacher/educator. Before we were able to connect with our parish’s daily Masses, and often after, I was blessed to discover Bishop Barron’s. Saddened tho I am to have this end, I am happy for Los Angeles that Masses are being resumed and hope our diocese will do likewise soon. Thank you, Bishop Barron, and Word on Fire for being therefor us. I am very happy to know I can still here your wonderful homilies through your podcast. I loved, and shared, Friday, May 30’s homily on our lives not being our own. God bless you and your ministry always!! Gratefully, Emmy Lou O’Connor
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Thank you!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with all of us. Your daily mass was a great help getting us through this virus daily, I know I will love listening to your podcast daily.
Significant source of catholic wisdom and understanding
The word on fire show has been a significant factor in my faith formation. Bishop Barron and team are very helpful. Informed. Insightful. Thoughtful. And thorough. I have learned very much from listening to Bishop Barron for many years. One of our current treasures in the church. Thank you for what you do.
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