Birthing Blissfully with Ibiene Warmann
Birthing Blissfully with Ibiene Warmann
Ibiene Warmann
Want to kick the fear out of pregnancy and childbirth, and experience uncommon joy and contentment instead? Listen for practical tips on how you can leverage your faith and find the right information to get the positive birth experience you desire.
#013 - How I Went From Being Afraid to Feeling Confident about Childbirth
On this episode of the Birthing Blissfully podcast, Ibiene shares a roadmap of how she went from being afraid of childbirth to feeling confident about it. This is an episode full of practical tips that can help other women who still feel apprehensive about childbirth to make the transition as well.
Dec 1, 2019
11 min
#012 - 4 Lesser Known Hindrances to a Blissful Birth
On this short and punchy episode of the Birthing Blissfully podcast, Ibiene talks about four factors that are frequently overlooked in childbirth, but which have a significant impact on your well-being throughout the process. Understanding these factors could very well be the reason why you avoid a traumatic experience. You’ll be surprised what they are!
Nov 24, 2019
8 min
#011 - A Foray into the World of Home Birthing
Have you ever considered having a home birth? On this episode, we chat to Orjiugo Hourihan of ‘Oh Babies Love’, a two-time home-birthing mother about the reality of giving birth in the comfort of your own home, and some reasons why an expectant mother might choose to go down that road.
Nov 17, 2019
27 min
#010 - 3 Keys to Making Great Decisions in Childbirth: A Case Study
In a perfect world, all pregnancies would go without a hitch, and there would be no need for weighty decisions to ever be made.  But in reality, expectant mothers are often faced with important decisions, and on this episode, we explore some keys to making those big decisions without feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
Nov 10, 2019
16 min
#009 - The Food Factor
We all know that good eating habits are important, but do you really know what you ought to eat while pregnant? On this episode of The Birthing Blissfully Podcast, we have a special guest share some really good tips with us about nutrition in pregnancy.
Feb 3, 2019
19 min
#008 - Take the Limits Off
If you could picture the perfect birth experience, what would it look like? What if it was possible for you to have that? On this episode of The Birthing Blissfully Podcast, we're giving ourselves the permission to dream big and believe for the very best when we give birth.
Jan 20, 2019
16 min
#007 - What Have You Done For You Lately?
Are you guilty of looking out for everyone else, and doing nothing to look out for yourself? One of the best gifts you can give your unborn child, is a mother who is in a great place to receive them physically, emotionally and otherwise. Doing whatever it takes to get to that point is worth the investment, and on this episode of the Birthing Blissfully Podcast, we take a look at one thing that can help you along the way.
Dec 9, 2018
17 min
#006 - How to Plan for Birth Like a Pro
Can a birth plan really make a difference to your experience of childbirth? On this episode of the Birthing Blissfully podcast, we take a look at a savvy approach to getting your birth plan to work for you.
Dec 2, 2018
18 min
#005 - The Hebrew Birth (Myth or Nah?)
What does it mean to 'give birth like a Hebrew woman'? Why would anybody even want to do that? Is the concept a pregnancy and childbirth myth, or is it a reality? Explore all this and more on this episode of the Birthing Blissfully podcast.
Nov 25, 2018
15 min
#004 - This Ain't the Movies
We all love a good movie, but just how much of what we see in the movies can we expect to experience in a real life childbirth scenario? Get some help with managing your expectations on this episode of the Birthing Blissfully podcast.
Nov 18, 2018
15 min
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