BiPolar Coaster
BiPolar Coaster
Wanna hear the thoughts of a Pakistani conspiracy theorist who didn't think he would ever be anything &never thought he would live that long because he was too stupid/ignorant which was heightened by getting famous Stern show &then when the wokeness occurred of being a token minority, was kicked to the curve and he has been blacklisted ever since? Well this is the podcast for you. Whatever I say on this podcast are irrational thoughts, & I don't have all the facts and mainly theories. It is a comedy/conspiracy podcast. Since I am facing potential threats, any voicemails left will b
A Mega Compilation of My Uneventful Mania Weekend
April06th-J Cole vs Kendrick-Copeland promo response to CM Punk-AEW Dynamite, TNA and Smackdown recap and some other weekend shows I caught- April07th personal mental illness rant and how much manipulation I have dealt with-online shills boasting about being connected-More J Cole pushback from trans community-thoughts on WWE HOF, ROH Super Card of Honor and NXT Stand and Deliver and WM Night 1 and the Rock going off wokeness and cancel culture-April08th-rants about shills online-J Cole apologizing-TYT going more right wing-Trump discourse-Palestine Israel discourse-bird flu discourse-Earthquakes and Eclipses and fake right wing in fighting-April 09th-More political movements that are pushing the world to the right-more promoted gender war discourse-Donda school lawsuit-the latest on Diddy saga-some other wrestling discourse from the weekend like the AEW releases fall out and AEW wanting to air All In footage and CM Punk takes shots at Ospreay- Mark Henry vs IYO-thoughts on Bray Wyatt documentary-Roman Reigns’ AE special and DSOTR on Harley Race and Miz vs Bryan Rivals-WM Night 2 recap and AEW Collision
Apr 9
8 hr 29 min
NO CM Punk Shills Allowed-Depressed In the World edition
April02nd-mental health cleansing-Latest on Vince McMahon scandal-CM Punk discourse over his interview on the MMA hour-AEW Releases-Becky on Rhea shaking her ass-Bulldog AE special and Ed Leslie DSOTR and other wrestling discourse-MAGA person behind punching women in the face-fake political sports entertainment feuds-Humiliation rituals-Easter on Trans Visibility Day-Trump discourse-Richard Dawkins phoney atheist exposed-Palestine Israel discourse-April03rd- TYT going more right wing-Joe Rogan peddling right wing talking points-More Diddy discourse-50 cent accused and other discourse about Punk TYT and Ronda Rousey calling out Drew Gulak and more fake in fighting and then brief recaps of last week’s AEW shows TNA Smackdown and this week’s Raw
Apr 3
7 hr 37 min
So Behind and Im Still Not Caught Up
March26-going to AEW-Baltimore bridge collapses-Kendrick vs Drake-Diddy Raided discourse-Candace Owens vs Ben Shapiro-Palestine Isarael-TYT continues to pivot right wing-squatters discourse-DEI discourse-Ronna McDaniel hired by MSNBC MARCH27th Other political discourse-Moscow attack Putin adding LGBTQ to terrorist list- celeb and social media discourse and trying to understand Doordash discourse Ronda Rousey calling out Vince-Becky Lynch comments on Vince-Recent episode of Raw being gassed up-wrestling conspiracies being planted-other wrestling discourse-Thoughts on Terry Gordy ep of DSOTR and DDP on A&E March 28th-Recaps of last week’s Raw NXT Smackdown TNA AEW and this week’s Raw and NXT
Mar 28
8 hr 14 min
March18-mental illness rant-Recaps of AEW Dynamite Collision and Rampage-Smackdown and TNA-March19th-Mentally ill cogs not having a happy ending-Talking about Scott Hall doc-Buff Bagwell Dark Side of the Ring-Bill Hicks Alex Jones theory-TYT making more right wing pivots to defend Trump to own the libs who also like him-Don Lemon vs Elon-Wealthy couple orchestrating retail theft-more anti LGBTQ discourse-Palestine/Israel-RFK Jr and Aaron Rodgers-more right wing favored bills-Banning of Tiktok-Budden interviewing Candace Owens-More celebrity discourse-wrestling discourse like the fake concern over safety etc
Mar 19
3 hr 46 min
Even I get Bored Going Over Obvious Shit Discourse
March12th-Tate Brothers arrested-Palestine Israel discourse-Right wing discourse-More TYT right wing pivots-Some Super Tuesday thoughts and other political discourse-SOTU discourse-Celeb discourse -March13th-More celeb discourse like the Oscars etc and then other stuff but March14th-Recaps of RAW and NXT
Mar 13
5 hr 12 min
Talking about local drama of ppl from my life who are trying to threaten me-a lot of wrestling discourse-and recaps of last weeks show of WWE Raw NXT Smackdown TNA AEW Dynamite Collision and Rampage on NJPW Cup
Mar 11
3 hr 24 min
Last Night I Didn’t Even Get Answer
March05th-Diddy accusations and discourse-Palestine/Israel discourse-More TYT right wing pivots-More Trump marketing as anti establishment-Tucker claiming he was almost assassinated-Iranian spy-George Galloway being embraced by the post left-celeb discourse on social media like Terry Crews claims- Kai Cenat storylines-Candace Owens on porn and feuding with Rosenberg for being on Budden’s podcast-Katt Williams on Joe Rogan-Dylon from Da Band claiming Chappelle ruined his career and March06th last week of TNA wrestling brief recap
Mar 6
5 hr 22 min
Thank You Sting
March 3rd- AEW Dynamite Rampage and Collision recap-March04th-New Music RIP Richard Lewis Ole Anderson and Virgil-Story of Howard Finkel being bullied-Orton A E special-How I believe WWE adds to ppl’s issues-Maxxine Dupri booed-Ryback accusations against Cena-Heyman HOF and controversy-Rock’s promos and other discourse before I recap last week’s Raw NXT and Smackdown and AEW Revolution
Mar 4
4 hr 57 min
Bad Faith Actors
Feb26th-US soldier sets himself on fire to protest genocide and other Palestine Israel discourse-Shane Gillis on SNL-Libs of Tiktok discourse-TYT going further to the right-Trump discourse-Not knowing what an IVF-CPAC going extra fascist-Charlie Kirk wants corporately sponsored executions -celeb discourse storylines-Don Rawlings vs Corey Holcomb-Chris Brown discourse-right wing comedians claim to be dangerous-More stories of abuse from past employees-John Cena on Howard Stern-Ice Cube’s son becoming a wrestling online discourse character-AEW hires woman writer who was named in racial discrimination lawsuit-Val Venis becoming unhinged over trans issues etc and Feb27th-Recaps of WWE Chamber and AEW Collision and thoughts on NJPW and TNA
Feb 27
7 hr 7 min
Just Barely Catching Up
Talking about new music then recaps of Raw NXT AEW Dynamite TNA’s go home show and then Smackdown and AEW Rampage
Feb 24
2 hr 13 min
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