Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast
Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast
Biodynamics Now!
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Fascinating Crash Course in Biodynamics
I found this podcast while holding the intention of seeking a crash course In Biodynamic Agriculture that would fill in my knowledge gaps to prepare me for the annual North American conference. This podcast delivered!! I enjoyed the initial episodes that I listened to, but the lectures by Glen Atkinson were a fascinating crash course in Biodynamics and Steiner in general. Taking in several hours of Glen’s lectures taught me more about Biodynamic & Steiner than I’ve been able to understand in 20+ years of being in Waldorf Educational environments as a busy mother of 6 without much time for attending study groups or late night reading. Deeply appreciate the rich material offered within this podcast!
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More sharing optioned needed
Many Gems
Many fascinating interviews on a wide range of life-enhancing and world-enhancing subjects. The interviews with Dr. Blueme (Vitamin K2) and with Dr. Nasha Winters have enhanced my life and health in a most profound way. Thank you!
Diana from Oregon
Listen with a mind wide open!
These are podcasts that explore a wide range of spiritual relationships in the world of farming and nutrition. From the sublime to the pedantic, from crazy to profound, these interviews with some leading lights of thought and spirit will challenge and enlighten listeners who engage them with a hearty good will.
Always interesting!
I sure have enjoyed these Biodynamics Now podcasts that are always interesting and thought provoking. Great listening on the road.
a frequent listener
Raving lunacy, along with sometimes rational thought.
Really ought to read some articles or listen to some podcasts explaining the false dichotomy of having to choose between the left and the right sides of the same belligerent state behemoth. I recommend choosing to pursue freedom for everyone- look into voluntarism.
Obiwan Kentucky
Nothing useful here.
The Michael Phillips interview was a chore to get through. He has so much real science to offer. This podcast as does biodynamics seems to have a tough time comprehending.
Steven Buhner
Hearing Stevens words are lways helpful, Alan was able to ask great questions and give insightful input.
r lawton
Love. This. Podcast.
So much valuable information from the perspective of growers, activists, specialists and researchers who slowly but surely are moving forward our understanding of the interrelatedness of our world and how to heal our bodies and our environment. A one stop shop of a podcast.
Alan Balliet does a fantastic job with this podcast. All great interviews. Information you just can't get anywhere else. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the new round of episodes.
Gowing in NJ
Great conversation
BD Now! guests are so varied with their life experiences and knowledge, and I very much enjoy the variety. I even appreciate that some guests know little of Steiner and this gives an open perspective to the world of nutrition and plants. Often I feel I'm sitting in the living room of two visiting farmers who are having a chat about life and crops and ideals. Thank you for keeping the conversation alive!
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BD in the City
What a wonderful podcast!
I feel very fortunate to have found this gem. Everyone can learn something from these podcasts. Keep up the great work!
Yogini of Oz
Real in your face podcast
I must admit I was depressed a few times listening to some of these podcasts. But I got over it and I think this is one of the best podcasts out there on sustainable agriculture. It isn't your bubblegum podcast. It's real people with real stories who are not afraid to say what is on their minds. Their might be some bashing and a air of machoism in some regards but I think its because the people here are sick of the BS. I'm not a farmer but I'd like to be, or at least grow my food sustainable. I loved the episode with Mark Shepherd. I like hearing from the people on the front lines and not all pie in the sky podcasts all the time.
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In-depth interviews with amazing experts
Biodynamics Now! is one of my two all-time favorite podcasts. The people invited to the show are experts in their field and they have fascinating information to share. And Allen gives them the time and space to do so. Unlike other rushed and sound-bite driven shows, at Biodynamics Now!, the conversation allows the invited experts to go deep into fascinating details, and lead you there carefully. And no matter if experts are from the field of nutrition or agriculture - the points they make are allowed to connect to a wholistic world view. Truly good.
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So Much Needed
I've just recently found this podcast and am completely enjoying getting to know the top thought leaders in the field of holistic nutrition. So informative! Keep the great podcasts coming!!
My new favorite podcast!!!
I just discovered this podcast, and I have been listening non-stop! I am a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so found it via your interview with Peg Schafer and Jean Giblette…but I am also a very enthusiastic hobbyist gardener, home cook and nutritional advocate. Every podcast I have listened to has been so informative and on topics very close to my heart! Thank you for doing what you do!!! Can't wait for more. :)
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Incredibly important information!
I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but this is the first one that I've ever felt compelled to review. It's not very polished, but this podcast is full of excellent information that needs to reach as many people as possible. The guests are diverse and renowned in their fields. The content is meaningful and thought provoking -- it moves past the tired topics of 'green living' and tackles the critical issues of creating a system that provides real, nourishing food and regenerating land at a time when our conventional mantras are betraying us and souring the planet. It's not just about responsible agriculture, it's about invigorating ourselves into coming together and building a new community that we can be proud of. Plus, Allan seems like a great guy. I find the lip smacking endearing (not really...).
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Great to hear about the importance of ALan Chadwick and his immense contribution to spiritual agriculture and biodynamics.
Flavio Thoth
Stop smacking
Great content and enthusiasm, BUT, the host must stop smacking and take a drink of water. It's difficult to listen to despite the relevant topics.
Valuable information - great guests!
5 stars for the content, and the guest roster is top notch. Sorry to say the production needs some help. Guests sound fine, but the host is loud and echoing and there is all kinds of background noise. To the host: Keep some water (or kefir or kombucha or whatever) nearby to wet your whistle. All those gross mouth sounds are distracting from your very important content.
Keep them coming! Buuuuuut!
Great info but you got to stop smacking in the mic my friend!!!
Great podcast!
Very informative and cutting edge! Keep it coming!!!
great content
Listening to Sally Fallon was awesome. But seems as though the host is not prepared. Nevertheless, good content.
You should still listen, despite hearing this mentioned.
So what were the motives behind mentioning Joel's position being a sexist? No need to alienate listeners. You didn't even allow him to respond.
Great Podcasts, Looking forward to more!
Thanks so much for spreading this information, I look forward to future podcasts from BDNow!
Tai Tomato
Thank goodness for people like Allan Balliet and Joel Salatin!
If more people would listen to this, we could change the food system in America that is currently controlled by big business. Spread the word!
GF Farmer