Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast
Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast
Biodynamics Now!
BD Now! Special Episode 03.3 How the Medical Lectures Inform the Agriculture Lectures
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Jan 17, 2018 at 6:55 pm.
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Show notes

This is part 3 of the third program with biodynamic agriculture educator, Glen Atkinson. The topic is How Steiner's Medical Lectures inform his Agriculture Lectures. If you are not familiar with Rudolf Steiner and biodynamics or have no motivation as a biodynamic practitioner to gain deep insights into the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, then there is no reason to listen to this particular lecture series. This is a very heady program. As you will hear, Glen leaves me behind in the first 10 minutes of each segment. This is no reflection on Glen as a teacher. It's the topic, which for me, who, for example, is still traumatized by high school chemistry class, is hard to wrap the mind around ( or is it open the mind to? ) Any, if you are going to slog forward, Glen has provided some PowerPoint style graphics for this topic. They are at the show notes at He has also provided a copy of his paper on Equisetum, which is referenced in the lecture. It will give you a good idea of the concepts in this lecture in practice. The paper is also at the show notes for this episode at Remember, if listening to this podcast brings up any questions, you can ask those questions in the "reply" section of the show notes of this episode. Glen will be directly answering your questions posted there. If you're planning on going this deeply into a biodynamic practice, you owe it to yourself and, frankly, others who will read your question and Glen's response, to take advantage of this opportunity. As always, if you appreciate what we are trying to accomplish with these podcasts on producing food of the highest nutritional quality, please leave a positive comment at the end of the show notes AND PLEASE rate us with maximum stars at iTunes or which ever podcast distributer you use.