Larry Goldman
Each week, we'll review the top TV shows, which shows are getting better, which sows are getting worse, and which shows are up and coming.
Binge10 - Ted Lasso, We Hunt Together
Check out the reviews for last week's premiers of We Hunt Together, Ted Lasso, Teenage Bounty Hunters, and Mapleworth Murders.  Plus the top 10 series and binges you should be watching.
Aug 16, 2020
11 min
Binge10 - Frayed, Mayor of Rush Street, and the Go Gog
Find out what premiered last week like Frayed or Hitmen and if it is worth watching.  Also find out new documentaries to watch next week like Super Cubers and Mayor of Rush Street
Aug 8, 2020
15 min
Binge10 - Umbrella Academy, Maxx, How to Sell Drugs
Find out if you should be watching Umbrella Academy, Maxx, How To Sell Drugs OnLine (Fast),  or the 30 Rock Covid special.
Aug 2, 2020
9 min
Binge10 - Die Hart and Brave New World
Hear reviews of last week's best premiers like Die Hart with Kevin Hart and Brave New World on the Peacock Channel.  Here recommendations to watch next week like the Alienist.
Jul 25, 2020
11 min
Binge10 - Alienist, Cursed, and Absentia
Find out if the new season of Absentia and Cursed are any good and should you watch Deadwind, I May Destroy You, or Capture next week.
Jul 18, 2020
15 min
Binge10 - Hannah, Stateless, Doom Patrol
Hear reviews of the new shows that debuted last week like 7500, Stateless, Palm Springs, and Doom Patrol.  Also hear about shows you have to see that are premiering this week like Absentia.
Jul 11, 2020
16 min
Binge10 - Hanna and Home Game
Hear reviews of Hanna, Home Game, and the Warrior Nun, plus, what is the top shows you should be watching this week.  Hear about Perry Mason, the Politican, and Dark
Jul 5, 2020
9 min
Binge10 - Politician, Dark, Perry Mason
Find out what we think of the new shows and new seasons like the Politician, Dark, Perry Mason and some older binges like Catch22.  Don't miss Dads by Bryce Dallas Howard on AppleTV+
Jun 30, 2020
15 min
Binge10 - Don't, Season Finale of Quiz
Get reviews of Ryan Reynold's new game show Don't as well Curon, I may Destroy You, The Woods, and Marcella.
Jun 14, 2020
16 min
Binge10 - Quiz, Dirty John
Tune in this week to get reviews of Dirty John, Quiz, The Last American Crimes and Too Funny to Fail as well as get recommendations for the next week, the week of June 7.
Jun 7, 2020
11 min
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