The Zane Lowe Interview Series
The Zane Lowe Interview Series
Apple Music
One thing that today's biggest artists have in common: They all speak with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about their lives and the stories behind their songs. Hear why he is the interviewer the biggest stars open up to in these candid, in-depth conversations, now available in full on Apple Podcasts.
Miley Cyrus
Miley opens up about Plastic Hearts, perfectionism, and personal growth.
Nov 26
1 hr 21 min
Shawn Mendes
Shares inspiration for fourth studio album
Nov 19
47 min
Rock legends have a conversation about their 17th studio album
Nov 12
43 min
Kylie Minogue
The legendary artist details the making of her highly anticipated album
Nov 5
48 min
Sam Smith
How authenticity and creative risks helped shaped highly anticipated album
Oct 29
50 min
Rick Rubin
The super-producer joins Zane to talk Tom Petty, fond memories of working on Wildflowers, plus share stories of collaborating with Ringo Starr, Carl Wilson, The Strokes, and more
Oct 23
53 min
Bruce Springsteen
The artist on his career and the highly anticipated album, Letter To You.
Oct 22
1 hr 3 min
Thom Yorke
The singer delves into his career and third solo album, ANIMA.
Oct 1
39 min
Marilyn Manson
“I bet people could probably say, ‘I’ve never seen Manson in a good mood once in my life.’ Except here right now.” In this in-depth interview, Marilyn Manson tells Zane Lowe all about the making and meaning of his 11th album, WE ARE CHAOS. The pair discuss his collaboration with Shooter Jennings, 2020 not quite going as expected, and the influence of grief and his relationship with mental health.
Sep 24
56 min
Alicia Keys
In a far-reaching interview with Zane, Alicia Keys discusses the ways in which her childhood and the things she had to overcome led to the clarity of her latest album ALICIA, her first in four years. She offers a deep dive into the mindset behind and the making of the music, which is some of her most expansive and collaborative to date. “There’s something so crazy about what I bring and then what you bring. It’s going to be completely different, and there’s something about the merging of energy that’s fascinating to me,” she says. “Now I feel like that’s another alchemy that’s created that I love the process of—that process of being open and receiving what’s meant to come from each person and creating something out of nothing is always incredible.” The conversation, much like the album, is as vulnerable as it is refreshing.
Sep 17
57 min
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