Biggest Small Things
Biggest Small Things
Renee Manning
032: Turn Your Health Around, One Small Thing at a Time with Suzanne Carpenter
37 minutes Posted May 14, 2020 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes

“You would die for your kids, but would you change for them?”  That was a question once posed to Suzanne Carpenter, founder of CarpenterOne80, a company that focuses on equipping people with the tools they need to help them lose weight while living a lifestyle they love. That one question helped Suzanne acknowledge that she had a life-long eating disorder. Wanting to provide the best possible example to her daughters, she decided to confront the problem. 

On today’s show, I’m speaking with Suzanne about making peace with food, and how she turned her journey into a business to help others do the same.  Suzanne became a certified nutritionist, and through Carpenter One80’s three distinct nutrition programs, she helps her clients learn their triggers, understand the basics of nutritional information, develop a maintainable lifestyle, and make their peace with food.  


Show Highlights 

  • Rectify your relationship with food and make peace with it.
  • Know your triggers, allow others to know them, and help you through them.
  • Fiber is good for your overall health.  It’s good for your gut and gives you a full feeling
  • Carbohydrates can build up in your system, too many can spill over to create fat.
  • In the absence of excess carbs, your body will burn fat for fuel
  • When looking at food labels: Carbs minus fiber = net carbs.  


“When you can understand just what foods to put in your body and why there becomes this beautiful balance, biology takes over, and the system sorts itself out.”  Suzanne Carpenter


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