Biggest Small Things
Biggest Small Things
Renee Manning
031: You Become What You Eat -- Tips to Picking the Best Supplements and Maximizing Your Nutrition with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen
34 minutes Posted Apr 30, 2020 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes

How can I be the most healthy? This question comes up often in conversations with friends, family, and clients. In my quest to answer this question and more, I am beginning a four-part series on nutrition. I am kicking things off with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. 

Dr. Stephanie was finishing her degree, working, studying for certification boards, preparing to buy a private practice, and planning a wedding. She began to feel the stresses of life and work weighing on her health. Unable to find a diagnosable problem, she relied on her training, did a deep dive into her health, and found she had several hormonal imbalances. Her year-long experience aided her ability to help other women with similar issues. Today, Dr. Stephanie is a trained chiropractor who owns a private practice that focuses on functional endocrinology, lifestyle modification, and whole food supplementation.

My discussion with Dr. Stephanie has taught me the importance of reading labels and understanding nutrients, and I hope it helps you too.


Show Highlights

  • Functional medicine assesses the body for functionality. It looks at the grey area when there is no concrete medical diagnosis.
  • When possible, buy from Farmers Markets or a CSA. They use fewer pesticides/chemicals, and they allow their crops to ripen longer on the vine.
  • When buying vitamins, read the labels, and avoid synthetic ingredients.
  • If unsure, start with a Multivitamin, fish oil, or Omega 3s.
  • There are a lot of junk supplements/herbs on the market, find someone knowledgeable for help with brands and dosages.


"We've seen research over time that if you take high doses of synthetic vitamins, it depletes other pieces of vitamins and minerals in the body." Dr. Stephanie


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