Biggest Small Things
Biggest Small Things
Renee Manning
029: Doing What You Love (Even When There's a Coronavirus) with Carmen Marshall
51 minutes Posted Apr 2, 2020 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes

Today we are talking about building a life or career around doing what you love. I’m talking with Carmen Marshall, a business mentor and lifestyle coach with 20 years experience. Carmen founded Soul Craft, a company with products and online instruction designed to help you create the modern-spirited lifestyle you’ll love to live.  

Carmen shares with us the story of working a job she didn’t like to save enough money to build her own company. A financial crash that erased much of that hard work made her realize the futility of putting off for tomorrow and the importance of living a life you love. That realization has helped her create and grow her company while living and traveling the world with a little dance thrown in to make her life all that much better.

I enjoyed my talk with Carmen, she helped me see a few new ideas for me to explore, and I hope she will be equally inspiring to you.  


Show Highlights

  • Build your life or career around what you love. That’s how you will find enthusiasm.
  • Loving what you do helps you survive the inevitable ups and downs.
  • Listen to your intuition; it’s your body’s way of telling you the right course of action.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind.
  • Be willing to go against the grain to accomplish your dreams.
  • Schedule time to do things you enjoy.
  • Stress will find a way out, look for productive ways to release it, or it will come out in unexpected ways.


“I always teach my clients: look back before you look forward. Celebrate before you set your goals for the new year.” Carmen Marshall


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