Biggest Small Things
Biggest Small Things
Renee Manning
028: Building a Supportive Environment with Stacie Barber and Dr. Kaitlyn Carroll
55 minutes Posted Mar 19, 2020 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes

This week we are talking about why the power of building a supportive and trusting environment and honoring yourself is essential in today's world. My guests are Dr. Kaitlyn Carroll, a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor, who owns and operates a corrective chiropractic office with her husband. And, Stacie Barber, a transformational life and wellness coach, who also runs a mindful body studio with her husband. 

They each share a story from their life that helped them grow into the wonderful women they are now. Their stories are different, but their lessons are similar: we must be willing to accept and trust ourselves for who we are and allow our struggles to help us grow. I hope we can all learn to honor ourselves a little more. 


Show Highlights

  • Don't hit rock bottom before you reach out for help.
  • Give yourself the same grace and compassion; you offer to others.
  • Fill your life with things that are meaningful to you.  
  • Sometimes you have to trust your instincts, make the significant changes to become who you are meant to be.
  • Why it is vital to build a reliable support group


"The beautiful, spectacular part of being a human being is that we all have intuition guiding us at any moment." Stacie Barber


"The thing I would tell my younger self and anybody else out there starting a business is that it's hard to do it all on your own, but to have resources, you will go a long way." Kaitlyn Carroll



Stacie Barber Coaching

Dr. Kaitlyn Carroll, Corrective Chiropractic

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