Bigger Than Us
Bigger Than Us
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Great podcast!
This is a great podcast that dives deep into important issues while also getting to know the individuals profiled.
Raj is amazing!
Raj is a fantastic host. He not only get into the issues concerning climate change and the innovations that coming, he gets to know the person. That’s what a real host does. Recommend this for anyone who want to learn about the innovation on the energy space.
Great podcast!
Bigger than Us is inspiring and educational. Raj is a great host who is patient with his guests who are innovators with interesting and important work. Recommend for anyone, especially founders, investors and policy makers.
Great podcast
Rare to find such an entertaining and informative podcast like Bigger Than Us. Discovered it last week and loved the interview. Can’t wait to listen to future episodes!
Great Podcast!
This podcast always features great content from a wonderful variety of thought leaders, and Raj hosts the conversation excellently!
Great guests and interesting topics
I find this podcast to be very engaging. Topics are very timely as I am interested in sustainable living. Guests are knowledgeable in their respective area and Raj does a great job of letting them speak without undue interference. I do have hard time keeping up with the frequency of new episodes. But that’s a nice problem to have.
Thoughtful and deep interviews on our climate future
Ran is a great host and interviewer. Asks great questions that take his interviews to unexpected places.
Nathan O. J.
Great content
Personable host, exciting guests, and always interesting topics-I love listening and learning ways people are helping our planet. I always enjoy the opening question as well!
Excellent in Depth Analyses!!
I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the content and thinkers on this podcast.