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CNBC's “Beyond the Valley” brings you all the latest from the vast, dynamic world of tech — outside the Silicon Valley.
China appears to be making strides in cutting-edge chips, despite U.S sanctions
Various U.S. export restrictions and sanctions have hit China's semiconductor industry which was already seen as generations behind other countries. Now Chinese firms appear to be making sanction-defying progress in chips, but there are some big challenges to overcome.
Feb 21
38 min
From Apple's $3,500 Vision Pro to VR - face computers are coming
As Apple joins the likes of Meta and Sony in the VR/AR headset race, Beyond the Valley’s Tom Chitty and Arjun Kharpal join CNBC’s Deputy Tech Editor Todd Haselton to find out what Apple’s new gadget is like to wear and discuss where’s next for this rapidly growing sector.
Feb 7
36 min
How China is dominating the electric car world
China is the world's biggest electric car market with its domestic firms like BYD and battery maker CATL among some of the largest in the world. CNBC's Tom Chitty and Arjun Kharpal look at how the Chinese government has boosted the industry and how Chinese EV makers are looking to conquer the world.
Feb 1
38 min
How Western tech is entering sanctioned Russia and powering its military machine
Russia continues to import large volumes of Western technology critical to its war against Ukraine, even as sanctions show some signs of taking hold. CNBC's Karen Gilchrist has been looking at this story for several months and joins Arjun Kharpal and Tom Chitty to talk about how tech, like microchips, is getting into the hands of Russia.
Jan 25
28 min
Robots to autonomous AI: What Davos told us about the future
CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal spent the week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He talks to Tom Chitty about what the biggest names in tech were talking about on the ground.
Jan 19
39 min
The bitcoin ETF has finally arrived - here's what it means for crypto's future
After staunch opposition, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved a bitcoin ETF. Many have called it a watershed moment for the industry. CNBC's Tom Chitty and Arjun Kharpal delve in to what it means for the future, with views from some of crypto's biggest names.
Jan 12
36 min
Top tech predictions for 2024
Summary: In the final episode of the year Tom and Arjun round up the big stories from 2023 and take a look at what may be the big tech themes in 2024. Our regular hosts are joined by special guests, CNBC's Silvia Amaro and MacKenzie Sigalos.
Dec 13, 2023
38 min
Could an AI 'deepfake' cause a national security crisis?
“Deepfake” is a term used to describe an AI created image, sound or video of a real person. This tech is being used to spread false information by doctoring images or audio of political figures and celebs, and has even spurred a prediction from one investment bank that deepfakes could lead to a national security crisis.
Dec 6, 2023
39 min
AI, crypto and ransoms: How hackers are extorting big firms for millions
Ransomware has become one of the most popular tools used by hackers to extort companies for millions of dollars. And this is getting more advanced with the growth of artificial intelligence. CNBC's Tom Chitty and Arjun Kharpal unearth how these attacks take place and how hackers are getting smarter with AI.
Nov 28, 2023
36 min
The $4.3 billion Binance criminal probe and what it means for the future of cryptocurrencies
Changpeng Zhao or CZ, CEO of Binance, pleaded guilty to criminal charges and stepped down as the company’s CEO as part of a $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. prosecutors. Arjun Kharpal and Tom Chitty talk about their interactions with CZ and Binance, the case, and what this could mean for the price of cryptocurrencies in 2024.
Nov 22, 2023
39 min
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