Beyond The Mask: Innovation & Opportunities For CRNAs
Beyond The Mask: Innovation & Opportunities For CRNAs
Jeremy Stanley
A podcast for the CRNA industry. Discussing the important issues that happen both in, and beyond, the operating room. With Sharon Pearce MSN, CRNA and Jeremy Stanley CFP, AIF.
Ep 102: What Does Gen X, Y, and Me Believe is the Future of Nurse Anesthesia Profession?
While the CRNA profession continues to remain steady and strong, we’re at a critical point in time if things are going to stay that way. What can be done to motivate and engage the younger generations of CRNAs to be active and involved? We put together a panel for the CANA to discuss the future of the profession and its organizations.   Read more and get additional resources here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this show: 2:08 – Today we’re recording for the CANA with some special guests 4:44 – Different generations 6:07 – What will take to move the profession forward? 8:02 – Building on the foundation that’s been laid 10:31 – Will it take a threat to a profession to get CRNAs to become engaged?  16:11 – Why did you feel compelled to join the AANA? 19:16 – Going through the program with children 20:58 – How to move our profession forward?  23:07 – What’s the solution to public awareness problem? 26:49 – How do you feel about the name change to anesthesiologists?  30:22 – Any pushback from physician anesthesiologists? 33:45 – How important is it to have a unified front on this issue? 36:51 – Ways to attract younger generations to the AANA 42:20 – Should business background be more of a priority during training? 45:09 – The role of social media 49:06 – Final thoughts from each of our guests
Nov 12
1 hr
Ep 101: How Ketamine Infusion Therapy is Treating Mental Health
The dynamic field of psychotropic medication has seen groundbreaking results with the introduction of dissociative therapies. This episode hopes to shed light on the use of ketamine for mental health and chronic pain relief and put an emphasis on how CRNAs are uniquely positioned to benefit from its application. Dr. Nicholas Kalynych and Brian Hogan of Sunbelt Wellness Institute will join the show to help us do that.   Read more about the show here:   Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this episode: 2:22 – What we’re talking about today 3:04 – Background on our guests 6:32 – What’s important about this topic right now? 7:21 – This history and uses of ketamine 10:28 – Microdosing   12:52 – Stigma of mental health   14:25 – Ketamine with other anti-depressants 16:19 – What’s the stigma attached to ketamine 18:09 – How their business got involved with this treatment.   21:23 – Insurance not covering this right now    22:36 – How can CRNAs get more involved with this?   24:30 – Why CRNAs are uniquely qualified 27:39 – How did these uses for ketamine come about? 30:24 – The role of a psychiatrist 34:30 – How they help people get started with this. 38:53 – How is COVID impacting supply? 45:03 – Final message on the topic
Nov 5
48 min
Ep 100: Driving Innovation & Technology in Healthcare with Shawna Butler, RN, MBA
We’re celebrating 100 episodes with a fascinating look to the future of health. Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, has been leading the charge towards merging clinical care, technology, and sustainable business models and much of that conversation centers around the true value of nurses. Join us as we learn all about the work and research Butler has been doing, where the industry is headed from a technology standpoint, and what needs to be done to continue moving our profession forward. This show is going to be a celebration and a reflection on an exciting first 100 episodes, and we also have a special message to share with Sharon and Jeremy.   Read more about the show here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this episode: 0:36 – Celebrating 100 episodes with a surprise 6:36 – Sharon & Jeremy look back on 100 episodes 8:38 – Welcoming in our guest today 9:29 – Background on Butler’s health and tech background 12:27 – Money is the root of many issues 14:57 – We don’t quantify nursing 22:24 – What her podcast is all about 30:22 – How to get policy changes to push nurses forward 35:38 – Examples of what nurses are doing now to innovate 41:58 – How is technology changing nursing?  49:07 – Changing the way nurses view the problems we face. 55:11 – How to get nurses the business training to become an entrepreneur 1:02:03 – A 100th episode request for Butler 1:03:33 – What does the future hold for the podcast? 1:07:27 – A final, inspirational message from Butler
Oct 29
1 hr 12 min
Ep 99: Courage to Lead – 2011-12 AANA President Debra Malina, CRNA, MBA, DNSc
Nearly 10 years ago, the NBCRNA introduced the Continued Professional Certification program much to the surprise of many people in the profession. That announcement came just a few days before former AANA president Debra Malina, CRNA, MBA, DNSc, took office, and it led to many difficult discussions and decisions. Join us as we take you back to 2011-12 and into those meetings, and then find out what Malina remembers most about her time leading the organization.   Read more and get additional resources here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this show:  3:00 – Introducing our special guest today 4:57 – Her history in nursing 6:14 – The challenges of her presidency started with NBCRNA and CPC 15:09 – Fallout from the CPC program 16:34 – Another thing they looked at was cutting expenses 21:18 – Helping fund Council on Accreditation 24:53 – Reimbursement advocacy 26:58 – Article written an anesthesiologist in March 2012 31:02 – What happened with removing supervision during her term. 32:42 – Supervision win for Air Force 36:33 – Most important leadership lessons learned 38:53 – Her final message for younger CRNAs
Oct 22
44 min
Ep 98: Why Nurses Make Effective Elected Officials at Every Level of Government
Politics carry a connotation that’s gotten worse in recent years, but that’s why it’s even more important for nurses to be a part of the decision-making process. As we continue lobbying on this podcast for activism and involvement, we brought on a guest that took that leap nearly 15 years ago. NC House Representative Gale Adcock, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, will explain why nurses are so effective in leadership roles and why this topic is so important in 2020.   Read more about the show here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss today:  2:40 – Welcome in our guest, Rep. Gale Adcock. Some background on her 3:43 – Why this topic today is important  5:24 – Ways to get involved without running for office. 6:50 – Don’t be intimidated by your legislators 10:38 – Political Action Committees 19:30 – When she ran for Town Council 24:10 – What helped her win  28:13 – Why don’t more nurses run?  31:40 – What have you liked and disliked about serving? 36:44 – When people get to know you as a person, things change.
Oct 15
44 min
Ep 97: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Economy and CRNA Retirements
Jeremy and Sharon had a chance to speak at the 2020 NCANA/SCANA Virtual Meetings about the impact COVID-19 on CRNAs and their financial security. They’ll provide some eye-opening stats about the economy overall from the past six months and share the direct effect it’s had on CRNAs. But don’t fret, there will also be guidance on what you can be doing to get your financial future in order. Hear that full presentation on this episode.   Read more and get additional resources here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this show:  3:05 – Background on where we’re recording and what we’re talking about. 5:09 – How much will the average CRNA make over their lifetime? 6:44 – The impact of COVID on the economy 9:59 – Consumer spending 13:37 – This is different than 2008. 15:12 – Taxes 19:00 – What is GDP? 20:24 – Healthcare changes 26:19 – CRNA work during the pandemic 33:05 – Worries for people nearing retirement. 36:09 – We’re seeing people look to retire earlier than planned. 39:30 – What can CRNAs do to improve their financial situation? 44:13 – How can I make my portfolio pandemic-proof? 46:55 – Thoughts on the continuing rise in CRNA salaries. 49:32  – What could the government do differently?
Oct 8
55 min
Ep 96: Why CRNAs Need to Understand the Judicial System
When you think about your future as a CRNA, you likely to see court playing any part in it. But as nurses are included more and more in lawsuits, there’s a chance you could end up in front of a judge. The best way to be prepared is by understanding the legal process and your role in a trial. Judge April Wood brings nearly 20 years experience on the bench and will share what she knows on the show today.   Show notes & additional resources:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on the show:  2:43 – Introducing our guest, Judge April Wood. Sharon tells the story of how they got to know each other well. 5:00 – Background on her career 8:30 – What does a judge look for when someone is testifying  9:29 – Know what you’re talking about 12:28 – How should you dress in court? 14:40 – Be aware of judiciary  18:27 – The process of becoming a judge. 22:11 – Current campaigns    24:46 – What is merit selection?  26:47 – How many people voted actually voted on judges last time? 30:53 – Why is Supreme Court a lifetime appointment? 33:15 – What we want to get across to CRNAs 35:08 – How to learn more about Judge Wood 38:31 – Final thoughts from our guest.
Oct 1
42 min
Ep 95: Courage to Lead - 1994-95 AANA President Mary DePaolis Lutzo, CRNA, PhD
Our leadership series continues with a look back to the 1990s with former AANA president  Mary DePaolis Lutzo, CRNA, PhD. That decade featured many heated battles for CRNAs and she was right in the middle of it during that 1994-95 year in office. Today we look back on all the strides the AANA took over that time period, including a transition onto the internet.   Read more and get additional resources here:   Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this show:  3:21 – Sharon welcomes in Mary DePaolis-Lutzo 4:36 – Her background in the profession  8:30 – Her experience when moving to Florida. 11:35 – Fellowship in human sexuality 13:46 – Getting her doctorate. 16:09 – What was going on when she became president  19:08 – The theme for her year 20:23 – She had an amazing Board of Directors 22:32 – Highlights from her year as president. 26:01 – Establishing the AANA archives 28:23 – Changing the regional director structure 30:56 – Utilizing the internet early on 34:37 - Valuable leadership lessons learned 36:02 – The message she has for new CRNAs
Sep 24
45 min
Ep 94: Perioperative Updates for Care of Transgender Patients
As transgender patients become more common for hospitals across the country, procedures and processes continue to be updated to meet their needs. Jose D. Castillo, III, PhD, MS, CRNA, ARNP, has spent a lot of time researching this subject and educating CRNAs. Today, he’ll address some of our questions and provide us with a better understanding of how best to care for transgender patients.   Read more and get additional resources here:    Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss on this show:  2:33 – Introducing our guest today 3:58 – Why this is a timely topic 6:00 – Definitions related to the care of transgender patients  8:20 – Pronoun use and best practices 14:30 – The different stages of transition 17:33 – Perioperative experience Sharon had 19:53 – Anesthesia considerations for transgender patients 24:15 – Common medications with hormone replacement therapy 29:10 – Be aware of your biases and prejudices for every patient you care for. 30:26 – How to get more information from our guest
Sep 17
34 min
Ep 93: CRNA Supervision & Direction – Its History and Relevance Today
The issue of supervision and direction within our industry has come to the forefront during the COVID pandemic, but it’s anything but a new conversation. We’ve asked Sandy Ouellette, CRNA, to give us another history lesson on the subject. It’s something she’s actively been involved with for over multiple decades. Join us as we define supervision and direction, explain how this has evolved over time, and why it’s just as relevant today.   Read more on this topic:      Get the CE certificate here:   What we discuss:  2:36 – Sandy Ouellette joins us in the studio. 4:05 – Why we’re talking about supervision and direction. 5:35 – Why is this topic important in 2020?  8:19 – When this concept began.  10:57 – Changes in 1960s and 1980s 14:16 – Reimbursement for supervision 17:36 – AANA position statement on supervision vs direction 21:11 – Prescriptive authority for nurses 24:32 – Care vs Cure 27:03 – Liability 33:55 – Where are we today on this issue?   38:41 – Best time to be a CRNA 40:52 – COVID’s impact on this   45:05 – States opting out temporarily
Sep 10
53 min
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