Beyond Solitaire
Beyond Solitaire
Liz Davidson
A podcast all about going not just Beyond Solitaire, but beyond the board! Join your host, Liz Davidson, for interviews that touch on gaming history, historical games, and the cultural significance of the games we play.
Episode 14 - Morgane Gouyon-Rety on Hubris
In this episode, Liz interviews Morgane Gouyon-Rety, designer of Pendragon, about her upcoming game, Hubris. Hubris is currently in development, and Morgane talks about her game's evolution and historical underpinnings. Morgane can be reached on Twitter...
Aug 16
36 min
Episode 13 - Morgane Gouyon-Rety on Games Set in the Ancient World
In this episode, Liz interviews Morgane Gouyon-Rety, designer of Pendragon and the upcoming Hubris, about the prevalence of games set in the ancient world that focus on Rome. Morgane suggests several interesting alternative options to pursue. Stay tuned...
Aug 9
31 min
Episode 12 - Matthew Kirschenbaum on Kriegsspiel
In this episode, Liz interviews Prof. Matthew Kirschenbaum about Kriegsspiel, the "original" wargame that had a tremendous impact in its own day and without which many of our own, modern games might not exist. If you want to create your own Kriegsspiel...
Aug 2
34 min
Episode 11 - Tom Russell on Games as Art
This week, Liz interviews Tom Russell from Hollandspiele, and it's so hot it repeatedly upsets his laptop fan. If you're interested in a conversation about games that cover tough topics, and board games as art, you've come to the right place. You can...
Jul 26
41 min
Episode 10 - Doug Glover and Mitch Reed on Military Wargaming
In this episode, Liz interviews Doug Glover (Lead Pursuit Podcast) and Mitch Reed (No Dice No Glory)—both military men and hobbyist wargamers—about the forms wargaming can take in their professional and personal lives. Also, catch ALL of us at Cyber...
Jul 19
1 hr 7 min
Episode 09 - Volko and Andrew Ruhnke on Falling Sky
In this episode, Liz interviews Volko and Andrew Ruhnke about Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar, a COIN game based on Julius Caesar's "The Gallic Wars." All episodes of my podcast are available here:...
Jul 12
38 min
Episode 08 - Mike Kelley and Eric Slauson on Teaching Games
In this episode, Liz has not one, but TWO special guests. Mike Kelley and Eric Slauson are both teachers and game designers, and they have interesting things to say about being a thoughtful and effective teacher of boardgames.All episodes of my podcast...
Jul 5
49 min
Episode 07 - Kirby Whitehead on Wargaming in the Classroom
In this episode, Liz Davidson interviews Kirby Whitehead, her high school history teacher, about how he incorporates gaming—including COIN games—into his teaching.
Jun 28
33 min
Episode 06 - Caitlyn Leong on Professional Wargaming
In this episode, Liz interviews Caitlyn Leong, a master's student in Security Studies at Georgetown University, about the process of becoming a professional wargamer. Caitlyn also has a fantastic article in PAXsims on the topic.
Jun 21
41 min
Episode 05 - Marco Arnaudo on the Future of Wargaming
In Part 2 of their conversation, Liz and Marco (best known as Marco Omnigamer on YouTube) talk about the future of wargaming, its accessibility, and how the gaming hobby in general can continue to grow. N.B.: Marco and I talk about inclusiveness in...
Jun 14
39 min
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