Beyond Being Well: A Post Comedy Podcast
Beyond Being Well: A Post Comedy Podcast
Beyond Being Well: A Post Comedy Podcast
[DISCLAIMER: NOT REAL SCIENCE] Brothers Matthew & Will DiNola play "Dr." Ryan Keegan and life-long learner Sy Sceisinski, respectively, explore what it means to be healthy... and even go beyond that, in this improvised satire inspired by holistic and new-health methods.
Beyond Being Well Ep. 10: Out Of This World w/ Physicist Harvey Lee Bush & Documentarian Jason Arizo
On the 10th episode of BBW, Ryan and Sy try something a bit... unusual. Documentarian Jason Arizo (Tyyon Powell) talks about the fallout of making a film about Harvey Lee Bush (Cody Norris), a controversial Physicist who claims he's worked with "crafts" at Area 52. *This weeks guests are played by the hosts of Generally Speaking with Ty and Cody. Follow them on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, or Soundcloud. For more from Sy and Ryan, be sure to check out when BBW joined their podcast. **BBW Update: Unfortunately, Beyond Being Well has changed distributors and new episodes will no longer be added to Soundcloud. For new episodes, be sure to subscribe on Spotify, Apple, or our new YouTube channel. 
Jun 22, 2020
22 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 9: Corporate Shamanism & Spiritual Units w/ Dove White
Episode 9 of Beyond Being Well has a sharper political angle than previous episodes, as it satirizes cultural appropriation and the phenomenon of corporate wellness. Special guest Dove White is a “corporate shaman” who exploits a religious practice common among Native American groups in order to make miserable employees calmly submit to corporate hierarchy. He illustrates the manner in which “workplaces have become ever more oppressive,” as Miya Tokumitsu writes, “intensely tracking workers’ bodies, demanding longer hours, and weakening workers’ bargaining rights while also instituting wellness and mentoring programs on an ever greater scale.” In addition to police brutality, the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests have drawn attention to other problems in different industries, such as lack of representation and staggering wage disparities between Black employees and their White colleagues. These problems are what Dove White and other proponents of corporate wellness try to undermine, by diverting attention away from collective struggle and instead towards superficial self-care. While this episode isn’t a straightforward critique, we hope it gives you a reason to laugh at neoliberalism and corporate culture. Also, BBW wants to again take this time to emphasize that we stand with Black Lives Matter and we support defunding the police in favor of investing in communities. Keep donating and redistributing wealth!
Jun 9, 2020
21 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 8: Alternative Farming, Neo-Slaughtering, & Penguins w/ Dr. Laramie F. Goode
Ryan and Sy connect with Dr. Laramie F. Goode, a free-range farmer who Ryan just purchased a full cow from. She speaks on her alternative farming practices and what she's doing to save penguins from Global Warming.
May 26, 2020
23 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 7: Essential Oils w/ Clement Rhine of AllOils
How can we use essential oils on a daily basis? If there are essential oils, are there non-essential oils? Does the distillation process remove toxicity? Clement Rhine of essential oil company AllOils visits BBW to answer these questions.
May 19, 2020
23 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 6: "Jeremy" w/ Dr. Roderick Tungsten
Dr. Roderick Tungsten talks to Sy and Ry about his new Artificial Intelligence project J.M.E., aka "Jeremy." Sy has some news about his tea venture...
May 12, 2020
21 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 5: Sleep With Me w/ Maggie Greenwald
Professor Maggie Greenwald visits the pod to explain what we already know: that sleep is key; Sy attempts to get his reoccurring dream analyzed; and Ryan has some unfortunate, personal health news...
May 5, 2020
22 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 4: Health Symposium Recap (Omega-3s, True-Carnivore, Silver & EMFs)
After Sy informs Ryan of his want for more health and wellness "experiences," Ryan takes Sy 'cross country to a little town called New York City...
Apr 28, 2020
16 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 3: Animal Therapy-Experiments w/ Christopher Nolan
Ryan returns from his animal immersion in Africa, bringing along Christopher Nolan, Animologist (NOT the Director of the film "Inception"), who describes his recent experiments with mice, termites, and falcons, plus how he and Ryan met.
Apr 21, 2020
20 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 2: Cyrotherapy w/ Willem Graaf
Ryan returns from his Cryotherapy retreat in Scandinavia, bringing along his guide, Willem Graaf, an "Iceman" who teaches us the basics of "cryo."
Apr 10, 2020
16 min
Beyond Being Well Ep. 1: Bufo & Blue Zones
Meet your hosts... and begin your health journey with a few health lessons.
Apr 3, 2020
15 min